• 2nd Warning
    Hello. Due to a recent edit or comment I have stated that you violated some of our rules. Before editing or commenting on the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wikia, please make sure to thoroughly read our rules. The following rules were found to be broken through your recent contributions.

    Reason: Spamming

    Note: Spamming useless questions and useless team help

    Please follow our rules and do not continue to break them.

    This is your 2nd infraction. Having three infractions will lead to a temporary block, preventing you from editing and commenting until the block has expired.

    This message may not be deleted from your message wall. Only staff may remove it.
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    • Stop spamming useless team help for people that ask for help. All you're doing is recommending the same useless cards. You know which. This is your final warning. Next time you're banned for a week. I'm getting sick of this. You've got your second chance, at least use it in stead of being the same annoying person again like last time.

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    • ugh fine

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    • A FANDOM user
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