• Sorry I had to delete your page asking for help with building a team. These should be posted on the Event Help Forum. Here you can create a thread so other players will be able to help you create a team to clear the event you're having trouble with. You can also check the Tactics Pages for other players existing teams depending on the event you need help with.

    Creating a box on

    • Go to Global login page or Japan login page and create an account or log in.
    • Click "menu" and scroll down to "User" and click "Settings".
    • Click "+new" and you'll get a new menu to create and name a box. Don't forget to set it to public and active.
    • Click on "menu" again and click on "Cards" and to make searching for cards easier, click the magnifying glass (sorting by Type, Rarity, etc).
    • Now you can start adding cards to your box by clicking the small lock on each image.
    • After adding all your cards (don't forget to keep them up-to-date) you can go to "Active Box"
    • If you want you can click on "Detailed" and change the LVL, SA LVL and unlocked amount of Hidden Potential.
    • Now you can copy the link to share your box with others.

    Thank you for understanding and good luck on clearing the event. Below is a copy of your request so it's not lost (click expand)

    [[File:Placeholder|video|right|300px]] [[File:Placeholder|right|300px]] 
    I have a question about teambuilding. I have collected some characters and i maxed them out on UR rarity (except for the hidden potential part). I thought i did a good job connecting vadious skills with each other to benefit from their skills as much as possible. But i have a hard time to collect the tokens for dokkan awakening. So i wondered what i am doing wrong and if you guys could help me out.<gallery type="slideshow">
    Screenshot_20190712-132236_Dokkan Battle.jpg
    Screenshot_20190712-132232_Dokkan Battle.jpg
    Screenshot_20190712-132226_Dokkan Battle.jpg
    Screenshot_20190712-132219_Dokkan Battle.jpg
    Screenshot_20190712-132211_Dokkan Battle.jpg
    Screenshot_20190712-132204_Dokkan Battle.jpg
    ==Section heading==
    These are the characters i got. I wondered if you guys could help me out making a better team.
    With kind regards,
    ==Section heading==
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