• Mazdafreak
    Mazdafreak closed this thread because:
    14:17, August 16, 2019

    It isn’t the 4th anniversary anymore we should change logo

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    • shut up, sperg. this is a wiki, not your blog, stop spamming.

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    • Jesus I was giving advice plus it’s not your business so please get out of it your acting very rude

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    • @Actionbastard: True, no need to reply so harshful.

      @ZamasuRosie: The logo has already been changed few days ago. If you're still seeing it then press Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache and it will change to the normal one.

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    • Thx

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    • Dude when I look at other wikis it’s hard to find places and you can’t find any admins but the dokkan wiki is very organized and is full of admins so I’m happy that you guys care about this wiki as much as you do like the Dragonball wiki is messy and dokkan wiki is neat thx for making this wiki for everyone and not leaving anyone else

      Ps this is for all admins it’s just that I’m posting this on Mazdafreak’s page because people keep a close eye on his page

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