• Are you able to do anything about it?

    Cakebuu lets people Like Note still roam(Even thou they are attempting to post child porn in such and stealing people’s art)

    He makes up things

    He is a terrible admin overall for many other reason

    I’d understand if you don’t want to talk about it but Cakebuu won’t change his ways or be a decent human being.

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    • We have no relation or authority in the fate wiki, so there's nothing we can do. If its really getting out of hand, sending a message to FANDOM would be the best course of action.

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    • Well, we aren't in any way related towards the fakewiki anymore. The fakewiki "co-existed" with us until cake got permanently banned.

      My advise would be to sent a message to Emptylord and discuss the case with him.

      It is possible to demote a bureaucrat with a community vote but since cake is also the Founder so I'm not sure if this will do.

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    • That super saiyan 2 note is something else. He threatened to kill me, sent me a picture of a naked, obese note with a see through swimsuit (still traumatized to this day) and other disturbing images, and other terrifying things that are way too strong for this family friendly place. And cakebuu said absolutely NOTHING about that. Meanwhile, he banned me for editing notes homepage as revenge. And all of that was 10 months ago and note STILL runs around the wiki to this day, with no one able to stop him

      [Mod Edit] No inappropriate words, not even censored.

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    • All I can say is: Contact fandom

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    • Okay thank you

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    • A FANDOM user
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