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Card 1017120 thumb
True Power of the Gods Zamasu
Zamasu is the new primary leader for Realm of Gods and is also another Extreme Class leader similar to Glacial Prestige Frieza (1st Form) and he is an excellent card to lead the villains. Any Extreme units under Realm of Gods will benefit hugely from his first leader skill. His passive gives himself an unconditional +100% ATK boost while also reducing incoming damage by 40%. And when your HP falls below 70%, he can heal for 7%, befitting the traits of an immortal god. After 3 turns he fuses with Goku Black into Fusion Zamasu where besides retaining the 40% damage reduction, he gets +2 Ki for himself and his ATK boost is raised to a further +120% while his healing restriction is increased to 80% and heals 10% HP everytime he appears. But what makes him stood out is his Active Skill where he performs the Light of Divine Justice to mutate further into his Grotesque Form. In this state, his damage reduction is decreased to 20% and he lowers Super Class allies ATK by 10% but he gives himself +4 Ki and his ATK boost in drastically risen to an insane +280% which allow him to hit really, REALLY hard. And to put the cherry on top, he disables enemy guard so even TEQ enemies won't stand a chance against might of the supreme god. His links are great here, featuring Fear and Faith, Dismal Future & Fierce Battle and upon fusing, he also gains Nightmare and Big Bad Bosses to link with the other villains in the team. Kneel before your ruler, mortals! KNEEL!
Thumb 1014820
Glacial Prestige Frieza (1st Form)
First Form Frieza is the new 120% Extreme lead that unlike STR Rose, doesn't require a rainbow type is an excellent leader for the villains team. At his base First Form, he gets an +80% ATK and DEF boost along with a 11% HP recovery which gives his team great sustainability while dealing decent damage to the enemy which is helped by the fact that his Super Attack infinitely raise his ATK and DEF. Overtime, as he transforms he gains more ATK boost and healing but losing his DEF boost until he reach his Golden transformation which gives him a +120% ATK boost and a 15% HP recovery and as a bonus, he gets a guaranteed Super Attack and a critical hit on the enemy during his first turn only along with a great chance to stun them while supering allowing him to finish off any enemies who are still alive. Of course, the downside to this is that you need at least 10 turns before his unveils his last transformation at which point that game is probably decided already. His links remain consistent throughout the form, while his common attack links like Brutal Beatdown, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle remain throughout the form, his Fear and Faith Ki link later changed to Shocking Speed upon reaching Third form which still allows him to link well regardless.
Thumb Rose TUR STR
Furious Punishment Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
STR Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is the rainbow Extreme leader; with his Leader Skill granting 3 Ki and a 120% stat boost if the team consists of all five Extreme types. His Passive Skill gives him a 120% ATK boost at the start of the turn, as well as providing his Extreme allies with an additional 3 Ki and 50% DEF boost. Goku Black possesses a very versatile link set, having links such as Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare, Fierce Battle, Prepared for Battle and Fear and Faith.
Card_1016870_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Nightmarish Impact Super Saiyan Broly
Broly's power is MAXIMUM! Seriously, he has the strength to prove it. You can't run him alongside Endless Evolution of the Warrior Race Super Saiyan Broly due to the two units sharing the same name, but he still packs a gigantic punch. On all of his Super Attacks, Broly lowers DEF in some capacity. He gets 90% ATK & DEF when performing a Super Attack, along with an additional 50% ATK should it be an Ultra Super Attack Broly is launching. When facing 2 or more enemies, Broly will launch an additional Super Attack. Once in Legendary form, Broly's previous abilities skyrocket to 100% ATK & DEF when Super Attacking plus an additional 88% ATK when Ultra Super Attacking. When facing a single enemy, Broly will launch an additional attack with a 30% chance of becoming a Super Attack. And he will retain his guaranteed additional Super Attack against two enemies or more. Broly's Active Skill is equally terrifying, maximizing his Ki Meter and giving him a 48% ATK buff which may seem miniscule, but due to its calculation (similar to LR Pan (GT) (Honey)), it proves to be a monstrous boost, perfect for a monstrous fighter like Broly. He shares the exact same Link Skills as Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, making the two units perfect partners of destruction!
Card_1011140_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Merciless Condemnation Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) & Zamasu
The LR TEQ Lead, Goku Black & Zamasu are an insanely good pair, both offensively and defensively. Their passive allows them to recover 15% HP each turn and also gain +30% ATK when attacked, which can go up to +120%. Thanks to their LR stats, they'll hit incredibly hard, while also defending and healing really well. Their Super Attack raises their DEF for either 3 or 6 turns, letting them take hits better. Their link set includes Prepared for Battle, Fear and Faith, Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare and Fierce Battle. Like LR Broly, they can link with their UR form.
Card_1015570_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Last-Ditch Attack Frieza (Full Power))
STR Full Power Frieza is the LR leader for both Full Power & Extreme STR and is an insanely good card to have on this team. His passive is dependent on how much HP you have; the lower your HP, the bigger his boost will be. He starts at a +2 Ki & +80% ATK & DEF boost and as your HP falls, he gets more Ki and ATK boosts to himself, culminating at a maximum boost of +9 Ki and +150% ATK when your HP is 30% or below and under this threshold, his attacks are also guaranteed to be critical hits, allowing him to hit really hard. Furthermore, just like LR Gohan (Youth), all his Super Attack deals mega-colossal damage so even a 12-17 Ki super enables him to hit hard although he sacrifices 8% of your HP in doing so. He has good links in this team as he shares Prodigies, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle with the team while also sharing Strongest Clan in Space and Universe's Most Malevolent with the other Friezas. On the flipside though, being at a low HP threshold puts you in a really dangerous spot as one Super Attack on a weak target could mean your untimely death.
Card_1018030_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The Androids' Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16
The Android trios are the LR leader for both the Androids Category & Extreme PHY and these cards are really good to have on this team. Their initial passive as #17 and #18 gives them +1 Ki as well as +78% ATK & DEF boost. Furthermore, they also have a medium chance to evade enemy attacks if your HP is 66% or more and their Super Attack lowers enemy's ATK & DEF. Furthermore, they also give +3 Ki and +40% ATK to all other Androids unit which includes all the other Cell units. They also have an Exchange Active Skill where when your HP is 66% or less with 2 other Androids in your team, you get the opportunity for Android #16 to take over the fight but this requires you to run the Android units to trigger condition although they can also activate it immediately if they're fighting against their fellow nemesis Cell. As Android #16, his passive boost has been improved to an insane +6 Ki and +200% ATK & DEF while also getting a high chance for a critical hit as well as launching a guaranteed Super Attack if he fights an enemy from the Androids/Cell Saga including the afromented Cell. However, this will only last 3 turns before the Android duo tags in again and take over for the remainder of the fight so it's recommended to only do so if you're sure that you can secure a victory before that. Their links aren't really that good here as they lack the Big Bad Bosses shared by many units here due to not being the main villain of the saga but they do share Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle with the rest of the team. However, #16 swaps Shocking Speed for the completely inferior Tough as Nails but fortunately, his self-Ki can make up for such downside.
Card 1016000 thumb Endless Evolution of the Warrior Race Super Saiyan Broly
Super Saiyan Broly is the primary leader of both the Movie Bosses and Full Power category and is an amazing card. His passive gives him +6 Ki, +130% ATK & +100% DEF and his Super Attack affects all enemies which makes him an absolute godsend for World Tournaments and Super Battle Road but he is no slouch elsewhere despite the supreme modifier on his SA. After 4 turns, he transforms into his Full Power Super Saiyan form where he now gets +8 Ki, +188% ATK boost and his supreme modifier now upgrades into immense which allow to him to hit incredibly hard and gives him a guaranteed additional attack with a high (50%) chance to be a super attack. While he himself doesn't struggle for Ki at all, he shares Shocking Speed, Prepared for Battle and Fierce Battle to link with the rest of his team.
INT Janemba EZA Netherworld Demon Super Janemba
Janemba's main purpose was as a tank because his guard is always active, but that now changes with his EZA. He remains an amazing tank and keeps his guard active all the time but now his previous ATK & DEF +5000 as become +70% to ATK & DEF. Not just that but after receiving a hit he will get a medium chance to dodge attacks for 1 turn and get an additional +40% ATK, since the two attack buffs multiplicate into each other it gives him a total of 138% ATK. He has the exact same linkset as his STR counterpart, which boasts a lot of stellar links such as Fierce Battle, Brutal Beatdown, Fear and Faith, Big Bad Bosses and Shocking Speed and Nightmare. This linkset couple with incredibly high stats means he will not only receive hits very well but he will hit like truck under any circumstance.
Card_1017900_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The True Value of Perfect Form Cell (Perfect Form)
Cell (Perfect Form) is the main category leader for "Androids-Cell Saga" and he is an excellent card to have on this team. His passive gives him initial +80% ATK & DEF boost while giving himself an additional DEF boost up to +80% depending on your HP remaining, the greater your HP, the greater the boost. Furthermore, he also gains an additional +1 Ki and +20% ATK per existing enemy which makes him a great matchup against Super Battle Road. Furthermore, when your HP falls below 30%, he can evolve even further into Super Perfect Form where in this new state, he gives himself +4 Ki and +120% ATK & DEF. Additionally, he gets up to +60% ATK boost if he collects at least 8 Ki Spheres as well as +40% DEF boost if he collects at least 6 Ki Spheres and since they're calculated separately, therefore the boost can go as high as +252% and +208% respectively. And lastly, at the start of the next turn after transforming when there is only 1 enemy, Perfect Cell can use his Solar Kamehameha Active Skill to inflict massive ultimate damage to enemy, allowing to finish off any surviving enemy. His links unfortunately are his biggest downsides. Lacking the crucial Shocking Speed in favor of Kamehameha, Cell only has Gentleman (later replaced with Revival upon transforming which is fortunately a lot more common) and Ultimate Lifeform as his Ki links although he does retain Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle as common links on this team.
Card_1010440_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Broly is the LR god leader for STR Type units. His Passive Skill increases his ATK by +80000 but lowers his DEF by -20000 when performing a Super Attack, which is launched twice. Needless to say, Broly is an incredible damage dealer. Unfortunately he suffers defensively, and his only good links are Fierce Battle and Prepared for Battle, but Broly finds a strong partner in Nightmarish Impact Super Saiyan Broly (who shares every Link Skill with this Broly), and is strong enough on his own to make up for it.
Card 1015370 thumb Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Coora
AGL Meta Cooler is the category lead for the Wicked Bloodline and is an astounding card for this team. His passive skill gives him +80% ATK & DEF and everytime he gets attacked, he gets a further +10% ATK boost up to 70% and since they are calculated separately, his ATK boost goes as far as to +206%. He also recovers 7% HP when the turn ends after getting attacked which means that even if you have full HP at the start of the turn, you can still benefit from it after receiving enemy attacks. As a bonus, when his HP is 50% or below, he unveils his true core form and for 1 turn, you have a free shot at damaging the enemy. His links are great in this team, featuring Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare, Fierce Battle, and Strongest Clan in Space.
Card 1007460 thumb-Z Eternal Horror Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Once an utterly outdated Dokkan Fest unit, Broly's Extreme Z-Awakening brought him up from the dumpster and now becomes a much better unit. His formerly outdated passive has now been upgraded into a +80% ATK & DEF boost as well as +4 Ki when his Ki is 8 or more while retaining the ability to launch another guaranteed Super Attack while also getting +2% critical rate (up to 40%) for each attack performed. Furthermore, his Super Attack also infinitely raises his ATK & DEF and when coupled with his guaranteed double Super Attacks, it allows him to hit really hard which is further supplanted by having Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle and Fierce Battle which allows him to link really well with Endless Evolution of the Warrior Race Super Saiyan Broly or Nightmarish Impact Super Saiyan Broly. However, while he did became more powerful, his Super Attack modifier still remains Supreme and while it's better than SA 10 immense, it's still considered a big letdown given that all other non-AOE Dokkan Fest units use immense modifiers, furthermore he has rather low stats for EZA, only barely reaching 10k attack due to the crappy way his stats are leveled. Despite this, Broly remains among the better EZAs in the game.
Card_1016400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
LR Baby is the category lead for Artificial Life Forms as well as the LR lead for Extreme AGL and he is a great card for Extreme. His passive ability gives him an unconditional +3 Ki and +100% ATK & DEF and when he encounters either a Pure Saiyans or Hybrid Saiyans enemy, he gets an additional +3 Ki and +50% ATK each up to +6 Ki and +100% ATK when encountering both which makes him particularly effective on Super Battle Road as most of the enemies you encounter are among those types while his Super Attack also lowers the enemies ATK. Furthermore, when your HP falls below 40%, he has a high (50%) chance to turn into a Golden Great Ape form where as a Golden Oozaru, he gets +1 Ki for each Ki sphere obtained which gives him a bit of self-sustainability and allows him to hit them really hard. His linkset is quite decent, having GT and Shattering the Limit for Ki along Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses for damage and Metamorphosis for healing.
Card_1014940_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The Deadly Cell Games Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr.
LR Cell is an excellent addition to this team to the villains team. His passive unconditionally gives a +90% ATK and DEF boost and he also gains an additional +1 Ki and +10% ATK for each enemy on the field so he gets a guaranteed +100% ATK in total if he fights at least one enemy. His Super Attack regenerates health for your team for further sustainability and affects all enemies which makes him a godsend for World Tournaments and Super Battle Road while his Ultra Super Attack greatly raises his attack for one turn which allow him to hit exceptionally hard. He links really well with his team with Shocking Speed, Big Bad Bosses, and Fierce Battle and can link particularly well with other Cells on this list. All this combined makes Cell a great choice for the team.
Card_1012160_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Galaxy-Threatening Invasion Full Power Boujack (Galactic Warrior)
This card is a very powerful and unexpected unit to appear as an LR. He gets ATK & DEF +80% at the start of turn, plus an additional +70% to ATK. The higher your HP, the higher the boost. And the lower the HP, the higher the boost to his DEF, which can also go up to +70%. Unfortunately, his best Ki links are Revival and Shattering the Limit, but he does have Big Bad Bosses and Thirst for Conquest, and Extreme teams don't usually struggle for Ki. Overall, an unexpected incredible card, thanks to his LR stats and passive skill.
Card 1007390 thumb-Z Fire of Vengeance Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza is already a great card as well as a mighty tank and his EZA upgrades him even further into an even bigger tank while also dishing out an insane amount of damage. His ATK boost which previously only worked when his HP is 50% or above is now boosted into an unconditional +80% ATK boost while his damage reduction has been improved from 70% to 80%. However what makes him even better is that when your HP falls below 50%, he still has a lesser 50% damage reduction while also getting a further +50% ATK boost up to +130% which not only means that he can still tank decently but hit really hard. While he unfortunately lacks Big Bad Bosses in this team, he still has Shocking Speed, Revival & Fierce Battle for linking as well as Strongest Clan in Space &f Universe's Most Malevolent, to link with the other Frieza clans.
Card 1008090 thumb-Z Countdown to Despair Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)
Once a unit that has lost relevance in the meta, Buuhan's Extreme Z-Awakening has breathe a new life for the strongest Majin in all of Dragon Ball Z especially on this category. His nuking passive has been upgraded into a +17% ATK boost as well as +10% DEF boost and 10k HP recovery for each Ki Sphere obtained. Furthermore, when he successfully K.Oes an enemy, he gets a further 15% HP recovery which gives hims great sustainability for the team. His upgraded Super Attack will now always greatly lower the enemy's ATK & DEF which could allow other units to tank better against them. His links are great for the team as he shares Big Bad Bosses, The Wall Standing Tall, Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle.
Thumb GFA UR int Emperor's True Splendor Golden Frieza (Angel)
Golden Frieza (Angel) is the category leader for Revived Warriors. With his semi-farmable Super attack and his +150% ATK boost, he's one of the hardest hitters in the game. He also lowers all Super enemies/allies' ATK by -15% and gets +50% DEF, making him valuable as a tank, too. His only fallback is his main ki link which is Revival, but Frieza compensates enough for it.
Thum TURomegashenronPHY Crashing Maelstrom Omega Shenron
Omega Shenron is the Shadow Dragon Saga category leader and fits very well into Extreme teams. His passive grants him an unconditional +120% ATK boost and a guaranteed additional attack which has a chance to be a Super Attack. He also lowers enemies' ATK and DEF by -20%. Overall, a great unit and one of the hardest hitters. His best links are Big Bad Bosses, Shocking Speed, Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle.
Card_1010160_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta is the LR god lead for AGL types. His passive increases his ATK by 150% when performing Super Attack. This makes him the hardest hitter on Extreme AGL. He can also AoE at 18 Ki making him valuable for the WT. However, his link set is lacking. With only Shattering the Limit and Over in a Flash, he is reliant on ki support's passive for Ki and rarely gets his 18 Ki super (anyway his 12 ki super is stronger).
Card 1014510 thumb-Z Unusual Evolution Broly (Wrathful)
This Broly is the first summonable unit to receive an EZA as soon as it released, and due to his EZA he became even more of a monster than he already would have been. His passive post EZA gives him Ki +1 at the start of each turn, alongside an unconditional ATK & DEF +70%. Similarly to the Battlefield exclusive SSJ2 Goku (Angel) and Majin Vegeta, he gets DEF +20% per SA launched (up to +80%) and +20% ATK per hit received (up to +80%), since these boosts are calculated separately they result in a total increase of ATK & DEF +206% allowing Broly to do gigantic amounts of damage, as well as receive hits very well. His typing further helps his passive as AGL units get additionals with their free dupe paths, allowing him to stack his DEF slightly more consistently and helps with his SA mechanics also. His linkset is really good featuring Fierce Battle, Shocking Speed and Prepared for Battle.
Thumb 1013570
Explosive Evolution Turles
Turles is an excellent support for all types and is also the Movie Bosses Category Leader. His passive gives all allies Ki +3 and ATK +40%, making him one of the best supports in the whole game. In addition, Turles reduces Super Type enemy's ATK by 15% which is very useful for events like Super Battle Road. Also, when his HP is under 80%, he has a 25% chance to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Might and power up. While this only lasts for 3 turns, it allows Turles to heal your team for 45% in total and have the chance to deal massive damage thanks to his 130% ATK boost and Super Type enemies -80% DEF. Coupled with all this, both his supers have chances to stun. To top it all off, he has a great assortment of links including Prepared for Battle, Big Bad Bosses, Thirst for Conquest, Fierce Battle, Brutal Beatdown and Saiyan Warrior Race. Destroyer of the Universe is the only link that might not activate but when linked with the Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape), he gains an additional 80% ATK boost.
Thum 1003310 1-Z Heartless Destruction Buu (Kid)
Kid Buu's only job is to support other units and with the new EZA awakening, he now does an excellent job at it. When above 80% HP, he provides a +2 Ki and +50% boost to the ATK and DEF of all allies. But the biggest improvement is that he now provides a lesser but still great boost to his allies when his HP falls below 80% which his +30% ATK and DEF to all allies and his Super Attack now deals immense damage which allows him to hit for decent damage. While his lack of ki links continues to hold him back, this Kid Buu has improved into among the best support for the team.
Card 1016760 thumb Swirling Dark Magic Darkness Towa
Towa is an absolutely incredible Support unit. She provides +3 Ki and a +30% ATK and DEF boosts to Extreme Types. Once per battle, when your HP falls below 30%, she can regenerate all your HP and give an extra ATK +50% to all Extreme allies, allowing her to support the team even more with a total of ATK +80%. The only thing that’s wrong with her is her links, however, being a support unit, she isn’t really meant to link. All in all, she is an incredible card and is easily one of the best Extreme support unit in the game.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1017300 thumb Creation of a New History Sealas
Among all the new batches of Dragon Ball Heroes units to be released in to the game, Sealas is easily the best among all of them. His passive gives him +100% ATK & DEF boost when performing a Super Attack. Furthermore, he also gives +1 Ki and +20% ATK boost to both Time Travelers and Artificial Life Forms although Sealas himself will only get the first boost since he isn't the latter category himself. Furthermore after 5 turns he fuses with Ahms to turn himself into Sealas (Fused) where he gives himself +3 Ki as well as +60% ATK & DEF boost and an additional +120% ATK & DEF when performing a super attack. Since these two boosts are calculated separately, this results in Sealas having an absolutely colossal +252% ATK & DEF when performing a super attack. When this massive ATK & DEF boost is backed by his immense multiplier, an above average Ki multiplier and really high stats for a general SSR unit, he can hit unbelievably hard and tank exceptionally well. His links are also really good here as he shares Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses, Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit which makes him the ideal partner for Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape) and Galaxy-Threatening Invasion Full Power Boujack (Galactic Warrior) due to sharing up to three links with each other.
Card 1008850 thumb-Z Dark Menace Goku Black Japan server
While originally, the Global version of Goku Black is superior to his JP version in every way, his Extreme Z-Awakening turns him into a far better card. While he unfortunately lacks the Global's +3 Ki support to Extreme Class allies, his passive nuking ability has been drastically upgraded into a percentage +15% ATK & DEF boost on par with EZA TEQ Cell. In addition, he also gets +1 Ki (up to 5) for each attack received which allows him land consistent Super Attacks on the next turn after and the latter now greatly lowers the enemy's ATK and DEF. As an added bonus, if he encounters a Goku's Family enemy, he can randomly change one Ki Sphere into Rainbow spheres and his nuking passive has been upgraded to +20% ATK & DEF which could make him a great Goku killer especially against his very difficult Legendary Battle. His links are decent on this team, featuring Fear and Faith, Prepared for Battle, Nightmare, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle.
Thum 1009090 Open The Gates of Hell Coora (Final Form)
Coora is currently the main leader for Extreme PHY teams. He possesses a powerful passive that grants him a massive +100% boost to both his attack and defense, while also earning him an additional attack which has a chance to be Super Attack. With links like Shocking Speed, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle, he may struggle for ki. This, however, does not stop Coora from being an incredibly powerful unit on Extreme teams.
Thumb 1014390 Catastrophic Rage Frieza (Final Form)
For a non-Dokkan Festival unit, STR Final Form Frieza is nothing short of amazing in the team. His passive gives him an +80% ATK and DEF boost and if he gets attacked, he also gets another +100% ATK and since they are calculated separately, his boost goes as high up to 260% although he can only get it if he is the first attacker in a turn since he needs to be attacked first. His links are straight up excellent in the team, featuring Strongest Clan in Space and Universe's Most Malevolent with the other Frieza's race along with Prodigies, Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses, Shocking Speed, and Fierce Battle.
Card 1015670 thumb Assassin's Ultimate Technique Hit
Hit is the dual category lead for both Universe 6 & Universe Survival Saga and while he himself is an excellent card, ironically he actually suffers as an Extreme unit. His passive allows him to lower an enemy's ATK by -20% and DEF by -80% for 2 turns as well as giving him a high chance to stun with his Super Attack, this combined with the medium chance on his Super Attack effect equals a 58% total chance to stun. While providing a lot of utility, he is also extremely powerful since he also gets ATK +120% when launching a Super Attack and gets an additional +80% ATK if the enemy is stunned (which can be granted by a couple of units here) and grants him type effectiveness against any type, similarly to Super Gogeta. However, the biggest reason he is brought down is due to his links; he only has Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle to link with the rest of the team and he doesn't even have any villain based links which means that he won't be as great in a type-based team as he is in a category team.
Thum 1004650 1-Z Surpassing All Perfect Cell
Cell's new EZA has made an already good unit into an even better unit. Now his passive gives him 15% ATK & DEF per Ki Sphere obtained which is quite strong and also gives him Ki +1 per Rainbow Ki obtained. This has made him much more self sufficient and will almost ensure that he gets a super attack. His super attack now does immense damage and heals 10% HP which is good for survivability. Along with that, his stats have been greatly improved and his links are still great with his best links being Revival, Fierce Battle, Kamehameha and Big Bad Bosses.
Thum 1004250 1-Z Emperor's Devotion Frieza (Full Power)
Full Power Frieza was the original mono PHY leader. His passive grants him a +120% attack boost when launching a super attack, and he has an immense modifier on his supers. While otherwise he struggles for ki, when paired up with Coora he links for +2 ki and up to +55% in attack boosts, his most used links are Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare and Fierce Battle. Additionally, he gains above-average stat boosts in the potential system.His new Extreme Z-Awakening gives him the +3 Ki and DEF +30% as the first attacker and he also gets an additional +30% DEF for 3 turns when launching a Super Attack which allows to tank pretty decently but more importantly is that his max SA of 15 and his LR-like stats allow him to easily be one of the hardest hitters of the team. There is only 1 downside to him at that's the fact that he only gains the 3 ki and 30% defense AFTER he's actually attacked which can lead him to his downfall. If he tanks it however, then Big Bad Bosses will activate further enhancing his Damage output early on in the game.
Card_1014470_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

Overwhelming Army Metal Coora Army
This F2P LR Metal Coora Army is a force to be reckoned with and a great addition to Extreme teams. His 18 Ki raises all allies ATK +30% for 1 turn which can help everyone hit harder. His leader skill is the extreme equivalent to LR Vegito Blue. His passive is what makes him extremely strong. The higher his HP is, the more ATK & DEF he'll get (up to 90%). This lets him hit harder and tank greatly thanks to his LR stats, plus villains teams are one of the strongest defensive teams meaning you will rarely get too low on HP. The fact that he also has a 50% chance to launch 2 additional attacks and rare (20%) chances for those to be super attacks means they will be hitting for about 6 million on average at super attack 20 (with all additionals factored in. Along with that, he links greatly with the team, especially with Steely Hatred Metal Coora. These include great links such as Big Bad Bosses, Fear and Faith, Strongest Clan in Space, Shocking Speed, Nightmare and (Auto Regeneration (But only when next to Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Coora). Overall a great LR that is excellent for extreme teams both as a leader or a standalone unit.
Thumb 1014660 Predatory Urge Android #21 (Transformed)
Android #21 is the secondary leader for the Androids category and a very good unit in general. Her passive gives her Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +90% unconditionally along with being able to reduce attacked enemies ATK & DEF by -20%, which is very good and helps the team take hits better and hit slightly harder. Her super attack along causing immense damage can also recover 10% which works in tandem with her debuffing passive. She can also transform (30% chance) into her evil Cell absorbed form after 4 turns if her HP is 50% or above. When transformed her passive becomes Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +130% and able to recover 13% HP everytime she appears. She also gets the added benefit of disabling enemy guard when launching a super attack, which can lower both ATK and DEF, meaning she will hit any type very hard. Her linkset is also very good featuring Big Bad Bosses, Fear and Faith, Metamorphosis and Fierce Battle.
Card 1015470 thumb Epitome of Sublime Beauty Goku Black
Goku Black, the leader for the Time Travelers Category, is indeed magnificent. He greatly raises his DEF after launching his Super Attack, making him a strong tank and compensating for the lack of a defensive buff in his Passive Skill - which grants Black a 40% ATK boost at the start of the turn (up to 120%) and a 5% critical hit chance boost for every attack received (up to 40%). All of Goku Black's Link Skills are extremely useful, both in and out of his transformed state. Before he transforms he has Prepared for Battle, Fear and Faith, Nightmare, Cold Judgment, and Big Bad Bosses. Once 6 turns have passed and HP is 80% or above (an interesting restriction), Goku Black will unleash his Super Saiyan Rosé form, which grants him a 150% ATK boost, 3 Ki for all Extreme Class allies, and a high 50% chance to perform a critical hit. He also loses Cold Judgment and Fear and Faith in exchange for Super Saiyan and Kamehameha. Overall, Black is an absolutely stellar force on any team you put him on.
Card 1015050 thumb Shocking Absorption Ability Buu (Super)
Super Buu is the category lead for Transformation Boost and is an amazing card. His passive ability gives an unconditional +80% ATK and DEF and his Super Attack will lower the enemy's ATK and DEF. After 5 turns depending on how much health you have, he will absorb one of the fighters and transform into either Buuccolo, Buutenks, or Buuhan with higher HP in ascending order. Buucolo at below 50% HP will heal 15% HP, gives himself +100% ATK and DEF while giving his allies +3 Ki and +30% DEF, Buutenks at 50% to 80% HP will heal +8% HP and give himself +120% ATK and +100% DEF while also giving himself another +30% ATK if enemies ATK has been lowered before hand while Buuhan at 80% HP above heals +10% HP gives himself +120% ATK and DEF while his Super Attack greatly raises his ATK and DEF for one turn allowing him to hit and tank exceptionally hard. His links are okay in this category. While he shares Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle, regardless of his forms, upon transforming he loses Brutal Beatdown and Infinite Regeneration and it changes depending on who he transforms to. At Buucolo he gets Demon and Brainiacs while Buutenks, he gets Over in a Flash and Kamehameha but they're unfortunately detrimental as nobody relevant shares the link but at Buuhan, he gets Shocking Speed and Big Bad Bosses which is far more useful in linking with his team. Despite this, Super Buu remains an good choice for the team.
Thum 1009350
Rose Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
AGL Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is the old Extreme Lead, despite that, he is still an amazing unit. He has a great passive that lets him hit hard with a 100% ATK boost as well as being a good support unit with +3 Ki to Extreme types. Black also possesses a very versatile link set, having links such as Nightmare and Fear and Faith. His only downside is he can't be used with the Goku Black above, still if RNG isn't on your side he can still lead an Extreme team very well.
Thum janemba ur str Evil Incursion Super Janemba
Super Janemba is the current main lead for Extreme STR. While he does have a +80% ATK Boost, Janemba's main purpose is to tank, much like his INT counterpart. However, not only is his guard always active, meaning he can take hits from anyone as if he always had type advantage, he also has a good chance to dodge, making him arguably one of the best tanks in the game. His link set includes Nightmare, Big Bad Bosses, Fear and Faith, Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle. Unfortunately with the recent EZA for is INT counterpart he is inferior to him in every regard.
TURINTKidBuuThumb Transcendent Majin Buu (Kid)
Kid Buu is the main leader for Extreme INT teams. His passive grants him an unconditional +100% ATK boost, plus an additional +70% when above 30% HP. To help support this, Buu also regenerates 12% max HP when launching a Super Attack. Kid Buu doesn't have any ki links, but he has a plethora of ATK links. He has Buuhan as a linking buddy, linking with him for up to +65% ATK and +35% DEF. He depends mostly on support units that provide Ki.
URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumb Mythic Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Broly
The Extreme TEQ Lead, Broly is an incredibly hard hitter. His passive gives him an unconditional 100% ATK boost, while he also gains 12% ATK per ki orb obtained. He has a 150% multiplier on his super, greatly lowers DEF with his super and has good links like Prepared for Battle, Nightmare and Fierce Battle, meaning he's a powerful unit, but he might have problems while linking in Extreme teams, but saving orbs for him is the best option anyway due to his passive. Only downside is the DEF reduction of -10% per Ki orb on his passive. With 10 orbs, his DEF would literally be zero.
Thum agl ur S17 The Ultimate Android Super #17
Super #17 is the current main lead for Extreme AGL. Thanks to his passive he can defend really well against any attack, since he reduces damage received by -40%, and at the same time his ATK goes up by +30 with each attack received, for a total of +120%. He has a good link set that includes Fear and Faith, Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle, even though the lack of Big Bad Bosses hurts him a lot.
Wrath of the Absolute God Fusion Zamasu
Fusion Zamasu is an Extreme type Demigod, and thanks to the various units that provide Ki to the team, it wouldn't be a bad idea to run him as leader instead of Goku Black SS Rosé. His passive gives him a +120% ATK boost. He has a good link set that helps him link to other Extreme units, with Big Bad Bosses, Fear and Faith and Nightmare and Fierce Battle, plus he shares Dismal Future with Goku Black.
Thumb cell tournament Confidence through Transcendent Power Cell (Perfect Form)
Perfect Form Cell is JP's World Tournament nº 24 reward and he is easily one of the best support for this category. His passive gives all Extreme allies Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +30% and reduces by 50% the DEF of Super Class enemies. He can also greatly raise his ATK for 1 turn with his Super and you can farm his Super Attack. He links decently with the other villains with Big Bad Bosses and Nightmare.
Thum 1009930
Steely Hatred Metal Coora
Coora may not be the strongest Extreme support, but he is undoubtedly the most versatile. His passive grants +2 ki and +30% ATK to all Extreme allies, which is definitely above-average. Coora's qualities come most from his link skills, though. He has Shocking Speed, Fear and Faith, Thirst for Conquest, Nightmare, and Shattering the Limit.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb zamasu TUR INT Utopia Realized Zamasu
This new INT Zamasu manages to hold his own very well in an Extreme team. He can take hits well, with both a 40% reduction to attacks and a 60% DEF boost, and in turn can dish out pretty good damage with a 60% ATK boost. He has a fairly good link set, including Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle, and is a competent addition to any Extreme team. To top it all off, he regenerates 7% of the teams health whenever he Super Attacks.
Thum 1008850glb Dark Menace Goku Black Global server
Goku Black is the demigod leader for PHY types. His passive skill nets him an extra 3000 ATK with each ki orb obtained, and with super attack 10 he lowers the target's ATK and DEF. He links very well with both Fear and Faith, Prepared for Battle and Big Bad Bosses, and has a farmable super attack. Additionally, on the Global version, he grants a +3 ki boost to Extreme type allies, and has overall greater stats. His passive ATK boost ranges from about +15% ATK per orb under AGL Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black to +9% ATK under the upgraded STR version, meaning his flat nuking passive falls off quickly.
Thum 1008710 Hopeless Minus Energy Omega Shenron
Omega Shenron is the STR type god leader. His passive lowers the ATK of all enemies by -30%, and also boosts his own ATK by +80%. This essentially allows everyone on the same turn rotation as Shenron to become a mini-tank. Coupled with Fierce Battle, Fear and Faith and Shocking Speed, Shenron is an excellent addition to any Extreme team.
Thumb 1013710 Evil Namekian Lord Slug (Giant Form)
Slug is a unit that has been highly anticipated, and he is actually quite a hard hitter. He gives himself an unconditional ATK and DEF boost of 80%, and then gets an additional ATK +50% after being attacked for 5 turns, similar to LR Beerus. This allows him to hit hard and tank pretty well, and he can even turn Giant up to two times for some invincibility. He even links very well with Nightmare, Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses, and Shattering the Limit. Overall, he's a really strong unit that rightfully deserves the A Tier spot.
Thumb 1013680 Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape)
The new rebirth for Giant Ape Turles has made a dead unit into one that is great in many ways. He fires off an early super attack and 9 Ki thanks to his passive and on top of that gains a 90% ATK boost which helps with his damage output. His super also has a medium chance to stun the enemy and he has a rare chance to turn into a Great Ape. This rare chance is good because you're less likely to mess up rotations with Great Ape nowhere to be seen. The place where he truly shines is next to Explosive Evolution Turles giving both of them an 80% ATK boost adding to make a grand total of 170% ATK boost for this Turles which is really good. His links aren't all great but the best ones and most optimal ones are Big Bad Bosses, Thirst for Conquest, Prepared for Battle and Fierce Battle. Not too shabby for a Giant Ape.
Card 1016080 thumb Troublesome Father and Son Paragus & Broly
Paragus & Broly have great use and are stellar support units. They lower ATK upon Super Attacking, Their Passive Skill gives Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +40% to all "Pure Saiyans" and "Joined Forces" allies in the team. It might not seem useful at first, but there are plenty of strong Extreme units like Broly and LR Cell who could greatly benefit from a boost like that. In a Pure Saiyan-to-Saiyan fight, these guys excel even more, gaining a 130% ATK boost when facing off against one of their own race. Their most reliable attacking links are Brutal Beatdown and Fierce Battle, and they have The Saiyan Lineage and Prepared for Battle for ki (and Hardened Grudge if EZA Broly happens to be around).
Card_1009380_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)
Frieza is a farmable LR unit from the Summit of the Universe event. His passive gives him +13000 ATK and +5000 DEF unconditionally, and coupled with his incredibly high stats, he can hit very hard. His 18 ki super attack lowers ATK, though it may be difficult to acquire since his main ki link is Fear and Faith. Otherwise, Frieza links and performs well with Big Bad Bosses.
Thum 1003800 1-Z Super Warrior of Destruction Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
While he undeniably becomes a better unit after Extreme Z-Awakening, this Broly unfortunately falls behind in usability in comparison to the other Broly cards. His passive provides a +80% ATK & DEF boost when attacking while his Super Attack deals supreme damage to all enemies while raising his ATK for 3 turns. While that's a decent passive, he is completely brought down by his lack Prepared for Battle with only Hardened Grudge and The Saiyan Lineage as his Ki links and furthermore, he completely outclassed by all the other summonable Broly cards, in particularly Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (even with a flat modifier) and Eternal Horror Legendary Super Saiyan Broly whom the former shares the same name and typing with.
Thum 1010290
Dark Intentions Masked Saiyan
Masked Saiyan is the top leader for all types. His passive gives him +50000 ATK and +20000 DEF when facing 2 or less enemies, and he lowers ATK with his super attack. This lets him hit hard and take hits most of the time, and he also boasts a fine link set including Prepared for Battle and Fierce Battle. If only we knew who he is...
Thumb cell strUR Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell is the STR demigod leader. Cell has a passive that will grant him +100% ATK, unconditionally. Cell can also launch super attacks with only 10 ki, and he will gain boosts to his ATK and DEF with each super attack. Along with Shocking Speed and Big Bad Bosses for linking purposes, Cell becomes a well-rounded unit, and a very hard hitter for Extreme.
Thum 1005800 Hell-Forged Warrior Hell Fighter 17
Hell Fighter #17 is a very strong and versatile hitter for Villains teams. His passive gives him +2 ki and +90% ATK when facing only 1 enemy, and he has a 20% chance to stun with a super attack. On top of this, he links extremely well thanks to Nightmare, Shocking Speed, Fear and Faith, Brutal Beatdown and Fierce Battle.
Card_1008800_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Limitless Energy Androids #17 & #18
The Androids are very good unit. They have a great link set, with links such as Shocking Speed, Nightmare and Fear and Faith. They gain +15000 ATK upon launching their SA, which is flawed as it's a flat-out boost. Despite this flaw, they still hit hard and work really well in their respective team.
URPHYBuutenks Love of the Throne Majin Buu (Gotenks)
Buutenks is a strong unit that, combines offense and defense. His passive gives him +100% ATK and lowers the DEF of Super type enemies by -50%. Like this he can deal tons of damage, and he provides defense by sealing supers with his super attack. On top of this he links pretty well with Over in a Flash, Nightmare, Metamorphosis and Fierce Battle. Did i mention he has a farmable super attack level?
Thumb 1011450 Ruthless Pressure Android #17 (Future)
Android #17 used to be just another orb changer, however his new dokkan awakening made him a much stronger offensive unit along with his orb changing passive. His passive changes all TEQ ki orbs into PHY ki orbs, and supplies himself with an additional +70% ATK and DEF boost, when below 70% HP he also changes STR orbs into AGL orbs. His linkset is great featuring Nightmare, Brutal Beatdown, Fierce Battle and Dismal Future, which helped by +30% ATK when launching a super makes him very powerful offensively. He lacks ki links but it doesn't matter since he can change two orb types. Similarly to #18 he is a major asset for nukers like Extreme Z-Awakened Perfect Cell or SSJ3 Broly.
Thumb 1011460 Ghastly Destruction Android #18 (Future)
Android #18 is a buddy for the Androids and with her new dokkan awakening she is a much better unit. She changes PHY orbs to AGL orbs as well as give herself a 70% ATK and DEF Boost. However if you drop below 70% she changes INT orbs into PHY orbs, meaning she can change two types of orbs, her linkset no longer features Fear and Faith but she can now link with Fierce Battle for damage. Her super also raises her DEF by +30% for 3 turns so she can take hits decently as well. Her dual orb changing passive makes her a great choice for nukers like the new Extreme Z-Awakened Perfect Cell or SSJ3 Broly.
Thum 1007970 Fearful World Domination Demon King Piccolo
Piccolo is acquired via DB summons from the World Tournament. His passive gives +25% ATK and +3 Ki to all Extreme type allies. His best links are Thirst for Conquest, Nightmare and Shattering the Limit. As a support unit, Demon King Piccolo is an excellent choice if you lack better units.
Card_1013100_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Ginyu Force Reborn Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force)
The Ginyu Force is an LR acquired after getting a rainbow star on the TUR's Ginyu Force members and is the leader for the Ginyu Force category. They are a pretty strong support unit for Extreme teams, providing high damage output along with their great +30% ATK & DEF buff, they give all Ginyu Force members an additional +20% ATK & DEF, which helps a lot in their category but in this team it will be hard to activate. Their links are completely awful but their strength and support makes up for it.
Card_1009630_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The Ultimate Fighting Squadron Captain Ginyu (Ginyu Force)
The Ginyu Force has a lot to offer in terms of support. Their passive provides +3 ki and +7777 ATK to all allies, and their 18 ki super attack boosts the DEF of all allies by 30% for the rest of the turn. Along with both Fear and Faith and Shocking Speed, they will often launch their 18 ki super attack, and their allies will often super attack as well.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1006330 Agent of Destruction Syn Shenron
Syn Shenron fits well into Extreme teams because of his linkset. Syn's passive also grants him a +80% ATK increase, while lowering the DEF of all enemies by -30%. However what pushes him above other damage dealers is the fact he activates all but one of of Omega's links resulting in a huge boost of 4 ki and 65% ATK. However, in a team like this, many units share various links with Omega therefore he doesn't necessarily require Syn Shenron to shine but he can still be an ok standalone unit and worthy of a mention.
Thumb Super Baby 33 Rampaging Vengeance Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
Baby 2 is highly underrated and often overlooked but can actually perform decently on a villains team. His passive gives him ATK +100% when above 30% HP which is easy to maintain, he also has a 15% chance of turning into a Golden Giant Ape which makes him immune to damage. His linkset is very nice consisting of Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses, Metamorphosis and Fierce Battle.
Thumb 1008640 Vile and Violent Turles
Turles is probably the oldest rebirth that's still great in the current meta. His passive provides +3 Ki and +20% ATK to all allies when at 50% HP or above, and he also has a 50% chance to stun with each super attack. His only good links are Thirst for Conquest, Prepared for Battle and Big Bad Bosses, overall a very useful support unit.
Thumb Jeice STR TUR Pride of the Force Jeice
Jeice is probably one of the most useful farmable units and one of the great amount of supports for this team. His passive gives Extreme allies ki +2 and ATK +20% and his super attack also raises allies ATK by 20% for 1 turn helping other units hit harder, however his best trait is the fact that his passive also allows him to reveal enemy super attack location, which gives him great utility. His linkset his pretty bad, as he only has Shattering the Limit as a good link, but his main role is to support so it doesn't matter a lot.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Card_1015030_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Awakened Saiyan Blood Super Saiyan Vegeta
The reborn Prince of all Saiyans has unfortunately received the Prince of all shafts. His passive gives him a +15,000 ATK and +20,000 DEF boost and upon getting attacked, he gets an additional +15,000 ATK and can launch 2 additional attacks for 4 turn after being attacked but unfortunately since it's a flat boost after all the other calculations, he won't really benefit from this boost at all. And that's where this card's downside kicks in where his utterly flat modifier boost meant that he won't be able to hit as hard. Not helping this is his terrible Ki links where he loses his Prepared for Battle after Dokkan awakening meaning that you will struggle to even launch a Super Attack. He is an mediocre filler that should be replaced if possible.
Thumb agleGF Proof of Resurrection Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza is the AGL nuke leader, and a very powerful tank. His passive allows him to tank any attack, including Super Attacks, but only when HP is 50% or above before his turn starts. This restriction, and the fact that his best links are Revival and Fierce Battle, don't make him as viable as his TEQ counterpart.

F Tier

Card Reasoning

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
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