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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum agl ur S17
The Ultimate Android Super #17
Super #17 is the current main lead for Extreme AGL. His Passive Skill negates damage received by 40%, and with every attack received it adds an additional +30% to all attacks (up to 120%), making him one of the tankiest and hardest hitters on Extreme AGL.
Card 1017120 thumb
True Power of a God Zamasu
Zamasu is the new primary leader for Realm of Gods and is also another Extreme Class leader similar to Glacial Prestige Frieza (1st Form) and he is an excellent card in this team that can also act as the primary leader of this category. His passive gives himself an unconditional +100% ATK boost while also reducing incoming damage by 40%. And when your HP falls below 70%, he can heal for 7%, befitting the traits of an immortal god. After 3 turns he fuses with Goku Black into Fusion Zamasu where besides retaining the 40% damage reduction, he gets +2 Ki for himself and his ATK boost is raised to a further +120% while his healing restriction is increased to 80% and heals 10% HP everytime he appears. But what makes him stood out is his Active Skill where he performs the Light of Divine Justice to mutate further into his Grotesque Form. In this state, his damage reduction is decreased to 20% but he gives himself +4 Ki and his ATK boost in drastically risen to an insane +280% which allow him to hit really, really hard. And to put the cherry on top, he disables enemy guard so even TEQ enemies won't stand a chance against might of the supreme god. He links greatly in this team as he shares Fear and Faith, Nightmare, Big Bad Bosses, Dismal Future and Fierce Battle and he especially link really well the AGL Rose Black as they share 3-5 links with each other.
Card_1016400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape) is the leader for "Artificial Life Forms", and quite good for being the first LR (Giant Ape) unit. He lowers ATK on both Super Attacks (including DEF on his 18+ Ki). Baby gets 3 Ki and 100% ATK & DEF to start with, an additional 3 Ki and 50% ATK if you're up against a "Pure Saiyans" Category enemy, and a further additional 3 Ki and 50% ATK against a "Hybrid Saiyans" Category enemy, making Baby valuable in certain modes where you'll be facing off against both types of foes. He has a high chance to become a Giant Ape when HP is 40% or below, and to support a lack of available links in that form (his most notable here being Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses and Shattering the Limit), he gains Ki +1 when Ki is raised by Ki Spheres, making him clearly the most self-sustainable Giant Ape so far.
Card 1015370 thumb
Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Coora
AGL Meta Cooler is the category lead for the Wicked Bloodline and is an astounding card for Extreme AGL. His passive skill gives him +80% ATK & DEF and everytime he gets attacked, he gets a further +10% ATK boost up to 70% and since they are calculated separately, his ATK boost goes as far as to +206%. He also recovers 7% HP when the turn ends which means that even if you have full HP at the start of the turn, you can still benefit from it after receiving enemy attacks. As a bonus, when his HP is 50% or below, he unveils his true core form and for at least two turns, you have a free shot at damaging the enemy. His links are okay in this team, featuring Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare and Fierce Battle but unfortunately, his two Ki links, Transform, and Strongest Clan in Space requires the help of specific units for Ki.
Thumb 1013570
Explosive Evolution Turles
Turles is the main lead for the Movie Bosses category, as well as doubling as an Extreme Lead matching Rose Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé). His passive skill boosts him and all allies ATK by 40% and gives +3 Ki. He also lowers Super type enemies ATK by 15%, making him a decent debuffer. However, when his HP is 80% or below, he has a 25% chance to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Might, and transform for 3 turns. When he is powered up, his passive skill gives him great, unconditional boosts to his ATK and DEF, and greatly lowers the DEF of Super type enemies, not to mention he heals 15% of your HP as well. He also has Thirst for Conquest, Brutal Beatdown, Fierce Battle, and Big Bad Bosses, making for a superb unit.
Card_1010160_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta is the LR god lead for AGL types. His passive increases his ATK by 150% when performing Super Attack. This makes him the hardest hitter on Extreme AGL. He can also AoE at 18 Ki making him valuable for the WT. However, his link set is lacking, consisting of Shattering the Limit and Over in a Flash. He is reliant on Rosé's passive for Ki and rarely gets his 18 Ki super. He is also very rare.
Card 1014510 thumb-Z
Unusual Evolution Broly (Wrathful)
This Broly is the first summonable unit to receive an EZA as soon as it released, and due to his EZA he became even more of a monster than he already would have been. His passive post EZA gives him Ki +1 at the start of each turn, alongside an unconditional ATK & DEF +70%. Similarly to the Battlefield exclusive SSJ2 Goku (Angel) and Majin Vegeta, he gets DEF +20% per attack (up to +80%) and +20% ATK per hit received (up to +80%), since these boosts are calculated separately they result in a total increase of ATK & DEF +206% allowing Broly to do gigantic amounts of damage, as well as receive hits very well. His typing further helps his passive as AGL units get additionals with their free dupe paths, allowing him to stack his DEF slightly more consistently and helps with his SA mechanics also. His linkset is good featuring Fierce Battle and Shocking Speed as well as Prepared for Battle with some of the Saiyans.
Thum 1009350
Rose Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is an Extreme Lead. Black has a great passive that lets him hit hard with a 100% ATK boost as well as being a good support unit with +3 Ki to Extreme types. Black also possesses a very versatile link set, having links such as Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare, Fierce Battle and Fear and Faith.
Card 1017220 thumb
Earth-Piercing Light Frieza (Final Form)
AGL Final Form Frieza is another Namek Saga Final Form Frieza released and is a great card to have here. His passive gives himself an unconditional +80% ATK & DEF boost and he also gets an additional boost depending on the number of enemies on the field. With only one enemy, he gets an additional +70% ATK boost as well as a high chance of stunning the enemy but with multiple enemies, he gets an additional +5 Ki as well as +50% ATK & DEF and when combined with his Super Attack affecting all enemies, it makes him a great card to have on World Tournament or Super Battle Road. His Super Attack also has a medium chance to seal each enemies which means that Extreme AGL finally has a sealer for the team. He links decently here, sharing Shocking Speed, Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle.
Thumb 1013340 Resolute Execution Coora (Final Form)
With his new rebirth, Final Form Cooler becomes a decent unit on Extreme AGL. His passive gives AGL Types ATK & DEF +40% which is great for support and he also has a high chance to launch 2 additional attacks. Not only that, but with each attack he performs, he can also raise his ATK by 5% (up to 50%) which can stack with his 40% ATK & DEF to help him dish out good damage. His leader skill is also pretty good, lowering STR enemies ATK & DEF -40% which can be useful for Super Battle Road if you lack a better leader. He also links well with Brutal Beatdown, Nightmare, Big Bad Bosses and Shattering the Limit.
Card 1016760 thumb
Swirling Dark Magic Darkness Towa
Towa is an absolutely incredible Support unit and her awakening further solidified it. She provides +3 Ki and a +30% ATK and DEF boosts to Extreme Types. Once per battle, when your HP falls below 30%, she can regenerate all your HP and give an extra ATK & DEF +50% to all Extreme allies, allowing her to support the team even more with a total of Ki +3 ATK & DEF +80%. She shares Shattering the Limit and Thirst for Conquest with a couple of very strong units. All in all, she is an incredible card and is one of the best Extreme support unit in the game.
Thum Rildo Agl Leader
Heavy-Hitting Tactics Hyper Meta-Rilldo
Rilldo is the Extreme AGL 50% leader. His passive gives +3 ki to AGL types and +40% ATK and DEF to Extreme AGL Types. This makes him the most powerful support Extreme AGL has to offer, and he also links very well thanks to Shocking Speed, GT, and Thirst for Conquest.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1013680Leader Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape)
Already a solid unit, Great Ape Turles got quite a hefty upgrade upon Dokkan Awakening. His previously solid link set was reinforced with Fierce Battle, and through his link set, he gives Explosive Evolution Turles a maximum of 80% ATK, and 2 Ki. He also boosts his ATK by 90% and gets +3 Ki when his Ki hits nine, making him rather strong, and he can stun. His place is A Tier is unexpected, but well deserved.
AGL PRELR Baby Thumb
Tuffle Power Evolved Super Baby 1
Super Baby 1 is the TUR counterpart of LR Baby Vegeta. His passive gives him a +2 Ki and +80% ATK & DEF and when he encounters either a Pure Saiyans and/or Hybrid Saiyans category enemy, he gets an additional +2 Ki and +40% ATK which allows him to get a further boost when you fight against these enemies. Furthermore, he also activates 5 out the 7 links LR Baby has for a total of +6 Ki, +15% ATK and a 5% HP recovery but unfortunately he doesn't have Big Bad Bosses so to activate it, you must another partner with this link.
Dark vegeta thumb
Seal of the Demon Realm Black Masked Saiyan
Black Masked Saiyan is a powerful unit exclusive and a great addition to Extreme AGL. His passive gives him ATK & DEF +90% when ki is 6 or more, an additional +30% ATK & DEF at 8+ ki, and an extra +2 ki at 10+ ki. This gives him a maximum boost of Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +120% whenever he has 10+ ki. All these boosts combined with his immense damage make him a very hard hitter. His SA can lower enemies ATK & DEF which can be pretty useful, although he does have a pretty low 12 ki multiplier of 130%. However, like Ultimate Gohan, all these boosts only activate during his attack turn, meaning any hits recieved before his attack will not be sponged by his DEF buff, and you'll take the full force of the attack. His linkset is also not great but there are some saiyans present on this team that can activate Prepared for Battle.
Card_1008800_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Limitless Energy Androids #17 & #18
The Androids are very good unit. Their leader skill gives out 4 ki to all units. They have a great link set, with links such as Shocking Speed and Fear and Faith. They gain +15000 ATK upon launching their SA, which is flawed as it's a flat-out boost. Despite this flaw, they still hit hard and work really well in their respective team.
Card 1016730 thumbLeader The Ultimate Evil and Hatred Baby Janemba
Baby Janemba is one of the original SDBH characters and now that he has a new awakening he has become quite a bit more usable. His passive still heals a 10% of your total HP but now gives him +80% ATK and DEF instead of his very low flat boost as an SSR. He also gains a new trait in the form of being able to dodge (50% chance) enemies attacks similarly to other Janemba units. He really shines in his links, which are Shocking Speed, Shattering the Limit Fear and Faith and Thirst for Conquest. His Super Attack massively lowers enemy's DEF.
Card 1016200 thumb Duplicated Ability Duplicate Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS)
This new Copy Vegeta is a really good and versatile unit, easily one of the best F2P units. His passive will give him an instant 60% ATK and DEF buff, but gains an extra 90% ATK and DEF over the course of three turns, equalling a 150% buff to both stats, a boost that is pretty rare to come by for F2P standards. He also can be a decent debuffer if he facing any Vegeta's Family Category enemies, as he lowers the ATK and DEF by 30% for any of them. Along with that, the debuff can be greater on enemies through his SA, which lowers ATK and DEF by 20%, causing supreme damage. His links are pretty decent, having Infighter, Prepared for Battle, Shattering the Limit and Shocking Speed. His only real flaw is what most other F2P units have, below average stats, which overall puts him in A Tier. But still, Copy Vegeta is a great unit, especially for F2P standards.
Thumb 1011460Leader Grisly Destruction Android #18 (Future)
Android #18 is a buddy for the Androids and with her new dokkan awakening she is a much better unit. She changes PHY orbs to AGL orbs as well as give herself a 70% ATK and DEF Boost. However if you drop below 70% she changes INT orbs into PHY orbs (a reference to her brother #17 since he is a PHY unit), meaning she can change two types of orbs, her linkset no longer features Fear and Faith but she can now link with Fierce Battle for damage. Her super also raises her DEF by +30% for 3 turns so she can take hits decently as well.
Tyrant of the Otherworld Perfect Cell (Angel)
Cell is a unit that doesn't get nearly as much attention as his other dead friends. His passive gives him +15% ATK per ki orb obtained, so he will average +97.5% ATK each turn. He also links very well thanks to Nightmare, Shocking Speed, and Big Bad Bosses.
Thum agl ur boj Tyrannical Maelstrom Full Power Boujack
From Bad to Good, Boujack is an example of a good rebirth. His purpose is to be a hard hitter with a 90% ATK Boost. His main ki link is Shattering the Limit. He also has good attack links like Big Bad Bosses and Thirst for Conquest. As a hard hitter, he'll fit quite well in an optimal Extreme AGL.
Card 1017370 thumb Unstoppable Evolution Ahms (3rd Form)
Third Form Ahms is an interesting unit in Extreme AGL. His passive gives him ATK & DEF +50% at the start of turn and he provides Extreme Class allies with Ki +2 and DEF +30% and +30% ATK for Artificial Life Forms allies, meaning he himself gets a total boost of Ki +2, ATK & DEF +80% which is quite nice and also helps some very strong units like Super 17, Metal Coora and LR Super Baby 2. His super attack lowers both ATK & DEF which is pretty useful and his linkset ain't bad either featuring Big Bad Bosses, Fear and Faith, Metamorphosis and Shattering the Limit
Thumb Burter AGL TUR
Pride of the Fastest One Burter
Burter is a good unit for this team. His passive gives him a high chance to dodge attacks when placed in the first position allowing him to negate damage to the team. He also gains an extra 10% ATK for each orb making him a somewhat strong nuker. In addition to this his super raises his own defense making him a nice tank for the team. His linkset his pretty decent, sharing Shattering the Limit and Shocking Speed.
Thum agl ur A17
Ruled by Bloodlust Android #17
Android #17 is a great support unit for Extreme AGL. He gives +2 Ki and ATK & DEF +25% for AGL and INT. He links really well with Super #17, with links such as Nightmare and Fierce Battle. He can greatly lower DEF, though that doesn't really mean much in the current meta.
Card 1011500 thumb Pinnacle of Chaos Omega Shenron
Omega Shenron is a great support and an excellent card despite his status as a Dokkan Awakened SR. His passive gives +2 ki and +25% ATK to AGL and TEQ allies, which is about average for good supports. On top of that however is an amazing linkset containing Big Bad Bosses, Shocking Speed, Fear and Faith, GT, and Fierce Battle. He will guarantee super attacks for most allies.
Thum 1010190 Razor-Sharp Thouser
Thouser is a Extreme AGL support unit. His main strength is his passive, supplying +2 Ki and +20% ATK and DEF for AGL and TEQ types. While his links aren't too stellar, he does have Shocking Speed to link decently with his allies. However, Extreme AGL has a multitude of better support units.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1005000 1-Z Uncontrollable Instinct Buu (Kid)
If there is a candidate for the worst EZA of the year, then this Kid Buu takes the cake. His passive, which is an outdated +12% HP recovery has been somewhat upgraded into +14% heal and +14% ATK & +7% DEF for each Ki Sphere obtained. While that's not a bad passive, he is unfortunately still plagued by having no Ki links, a bad Ki multiplier, and low base stats even after getting his EZA which not only meant that he will struggle to even launch a Super but he won't hit hard even after getting lots of Ki Spheres.
Card 1015680 thumb AGL
Terrifying Metal Body Metal Coora
This Metal Coora is a farmable unit obtained from the Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors story event. He originated as an SR now dokkan awakenable with the revamp of the story event. His passive gives him ATK & DEF +15% per Wicked Bloodline category allies in the team up to +80%, while Extreme AGL has plenty of units in this category, including the dokkan festival Metal Coora, only a couple are good and alot of the time he will end up with +30% or +45% which is still decent. He also provides Ki +2 for all allies if HP is 50% or above which helps both him and his team super easier. His best links are Brutal Beatdown and Thirst for Conquest, although he can linked with his dokkan festival counterpart to activate some of his rarer links.
Thumb A17 GT ssr agl
Fused Techniques Hell Fighter #17
Hell Fighter #17 is a farmable unit from the Dragon Ball GT: Ultimate Android Saga. Hell Fighter #17's passive gives him a high chance (50%) to dodge incoming attacks and super attacks, making him a valuable asset for SBR along with his ability to lower ATK, however his dodge is still inconsistent and he doesn't have anything else to compensate if you get hit nor he can hit hard especially with an extreme multiplier. His linkset is great and is one of the best linking partners for The Ultimate Android Super #17 sharing Android Assault, Shocking Speed, Fear and Faith, Nightmare and GT.
Card 1014250 thumb
Perfect Assassination Hit
The new AGL Hit comes from the 22nd World Tournament for Global, and this card is good, but not exactly excellent. Hit's SA has a medium chance to stun the enemy, which right off the bat is not too shabby. And his other way of stunning is through his passive, which also gives him a chance to stun if he is the 1st attacker in the turn. He also gets 60% ATK and DEF, making him deal and tank hits fairly well. His links are not the greatest, consisting of Infighter and Shocking Speed as his best ones. Overall, Hit is good if you want a stunner, but otherwise, he's an average unit with no exceptional qualities.
Thumb agleGF Proof of Resurrection Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza is the AGL Nuke Lead. Frieza is a great tank that has too many problems. While he is capable of reducing damage received by 90%, this only works when HP is 50% or more, if the HP falls below that, he is completely defenseless. He also suffers from lack of proper links, except Fierce Battle, and has a low 12 Ki multiplier. Great for starters, but is unlikely in an optimal team.
URAGLGreatApeVegetaThumb Power for the Death-Match Vegeta (Giant Ape)
Great Ape Vegeta is a pretty weak rebirth. His passives skill gives him +70% ATK and DEF when his HP is 80% or below. This isn't bad at all, but the restriction can be hard to maintain, and Vegeta's only good links are Big Bad Bosses and Shattering the Limit. He can turn into a great ape twice, so that's nice, but overall Vegeta is pretty weak.
SSRAGLAngelFriezaThumb Shady Business Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)
Frieza is a farmable unit from True Evil Resurrected from Hell. Frieza doesn't offer much but he can fit very well as a filler with a passive that grants him Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +50% for 7 turns, it should make him strong during its effect however its likely to run out in longer events. His links aren't very good for his team but he is self sufficient and can lower ATK with his super attack allowing him to tank to an extent.
SSRAGLJanemba Raging Wickedness Super Janemba
This Janemba should certainly not be underrated. He has incredible links for a SR Dokkan (Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare, Shocking Speed, Fear and Faith) and changes PHY to AGL orbs while giving him self a 20% ATK boost in the process. His bigger problems are his underwhelming stats and 125% SA multiplier. He also lowers DEF, but that's not an especially relevant ability in the current meta.
Card 1015320 thumb
Merciless Buckshot Cyclopian Guard
These Cyclopian Guards are a farmable card obtainable from the revamped Metal Coora story event. They are an unexpected unit to get an SSR card and they got a pretty strong card even for F2P standards. Their passive gives all allies DEF +50% unconditionally and for 7 turns they reduce received damage by 40%, their SA further raises their DEF for 1 turn making this card a fairly solid wall and allow other units to tank very well too. Their linkset is actually not bad at all sharing Nightmare, Fear and Faith and Brutal Beatdown. One of their biggest downsides is their below average stats that get further ampered by a B rank potential system, otherwise an okay unit.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum ssr zangya Merciless Swift Strike Zangya
Zangya received a pretty big upgrade from her SR form, now recovering 10% HP at the start of turn through her passive she can help your team last longer. She also has the added benefit of lowering ATK with her super attack, however it only does extreme damage and she has a low ki multiplier. Her links aren't great but she does have Shocking Speed to help her team.
Thum 1009110 Almighty Cleave Coora
The first freely obtainable Fierce Battle unit in the game, Coora is... underwhelming. His passive gives him +7500 ATK and DEF unconditionally, which means little under a 120% lead. He also lacks good ki links, but he does have attack links such as Nightmare and Thirst for Conquest.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1006020 Corroding Menace Super Baby 1
Super Baby 1 is a farmable unit from Dragon Ball GT: Baby Saga. His passive skill gives him ATK and DEF +5000 at the start of turn, which is very little, however he does have a decent Ki multiplier of 135%, a supreme super attack and great links like GT, Nightmare, Thirst for Conquest and Shattering the Limit.
Thum 1006650 Born for Battle Vegeta (Kid)
Kid Vegeta is a farmable super strike unit. Kid Vegeta is a good damage dealer getting +50% ATK when launching a super attack, he also gets a +20% ATK boost when SA level is 15 making him an even harder hitter. Unfortunately he is brought down by his awful links.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1005680 1 Noble Prince Vegeta
Vegeta is a farmable super strike unit. This Vegeta is a bad unit overall, his passive grants him +40% ATK when Ki is 6 or more so its normally active, however the boost is small and he has low stats so the damage is not much even with his SA at max level (which adds a bonus +20% ATK), it also activates before the super attack making him an inferior Kid Vegeta while having the same problem with links.
Thum 1004400 1 Evolved Form Cell (Perfect Form)
Cell is a farmable unit from The Horrific Cell Games dokkan event. His passive decreases enemies' ATK by -12%. While this has its uses, it's a very small amount and he isn't powerful enough to compensate it. His only good link is Big Bad Bosses.
Thum 2000790 1 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza
This Frieza dokkan awakens from Embodiment of Evil Frieza (1st Form). His passive decreases enemies' ATK by -12%, he has a farmable super attack but he has an extreme modifier, so he won't be doing much damage. His best link is Revival.
Thum 2000840 1 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza (AGL-2)
This Frieza dokkan awakens from The Nightmare Returns Frieza (Final Form). His passive has a high chance to reduce enemies' DEF by -50% this seems really good on paper but most dokkan events have damage reduction skills instead of high DEF, he has a farmable super but an extreme modifier prevents him from hitting hard. His best link is Revival.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1012420 thumb Phantom Majin Sealed Within Tapion (Hirudegarn) (C Tier)
Tapion is a Super AGL unit but can function decently on Extreme AGL with his transformation. To start off, Tapion reduces damage received by 50% making him pretty defensive and then when his HP is under 50% he'll transform into Hirudegarn, becoming an Extreme AGL unit so he will gain all the stats from Super 17. Keep in mind though that Hirudegarn only happens once in a battle and only lasts 2-3 turns, still after the transformation is over, now when Tapion is under 50% health, he will gain +150% ATK and +50% DEF. Also expect him to barely link with anyone, his only good link skill being Fierce Battle.
Thum 1006380 Dominance over the Atmosphere Oceanus Shenron (D Tier)
Oceanus Shenron is arguably the best R in the game. She can seal Super Attacks, and links well with the rest of the team with Shocking Speed.
Devilman Devilish Deception Devilman (D Tier)
Devilman is a unit that while only having low stats due to him being an SR, is amazing thanks to his passive. His passive has a 1% chance to give deadly power to his Super Attack resulting in a 1-hit KO. While this is low, it can be great, especially for beginners to defeat dokkan events quickly. Sadly, his bad links, low chance of launching the deadly super attack and low max SSR stats put him at a low spot on the list. Very useful for cheesing EZA if you're lucky as well.
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