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Extreme AGL

EAGL icon
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S Tier

Card 1007180 thumb-Z
Leader icon
The Ultimate Android Super 17
Tier List Plus- Reduces damage received with further damage reductions with each attack received
- There are a good amount of Target: Goku allies supported in this team
- Able to build a nice attack boost
- Provides himself with Ki with each attack received
- He has some nice links
Tier List Minus- His tanking capabilities would be more formidable if he had a defense boost at start of turn
- He needs to be attacked in order to deal some damage
Card 1009350 thumb-Z
Sub Leader Icon
Rose Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
Tier List Plus- Starts off with a great ATK boost and gives his allies Ki and ATK
- He has excellent links
- He can build up to a hefty defense boost
Tier List Minus- He will initially be a bit squishy since he has to build his defense boost with received attacks
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1016400 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb

Leader icon
Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
Tier List Plus- He starts off with good boosts
- He gains further traction against "Pure Saiyans"/"Hybrid Saiyans"
- His giant ape provides brief invulnerability and comes with a Ki passive to help in consistency
Tier List Minus- His giant ape only occurs below 40% HP
- Though the two aforementioned categories are common, it's unlikely he'll get his full passive and in the seldom cases where he doesn't face either, he doesn't get any benefits
Card 1017120 thumb
Leader icon
True Power of a God Zamasu
Tier List Plus- His first two forms give him a good ATK boost, can recover HP, and reduce damage
- His final form gains a massive ATK boost which will devastate the enemy
- He has some good links, especially his fused forms
Tier List Minus- His mutated form trades the massive skyrocket in ATK for being squishy
Card 1015370 thumb
Sub Leader Icon
Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Cooler
Tier List Plus- Starts off with decent boosts
- He gets stronger with received attacks and recovers HP at the end of the turn
- His core provides brief invulnerability
Tier List Minus- The core can only be used once per fight and is on an HP restriction
Card 1018270 thumb
Foe Elimination Circuit Android 13
Tier List Plus- Starts the match with great boosts
- His attacks are always guaranteed to land
- Transformed, he can get stronger with "Target: Goku" allies
- He has excellent links
- He serves as the best partner for Super #17
Tier List Minus- His transformation requires the use of at least two other Android characters on the team
Card 1014510 thumb-Z
Leader icon
Unusual Evolution Broly (Wrathful)
Tier List Plus- Starts off the match with modest ATK & DEF boosts
- Over time, he becomes consistent with Super attacks due to ki gain and can build up to 206% in both ATK & DEF
Tier List Minus- A team that isn't solely compromised of Saiyans makes his link set a small issue at times but his ki gain per turn alleviates this issue a bit
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1018590 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb JP
The Evil Sorcerer and The King of the Demon Realm Babidi & Dabura
Tier List Plus- They start off the match with nice boosts
- They gain some interesting and nice buffs when the enemy is struck with some sort of debuff and they themselves can inflict some of these debuffs
Tier List Minus- There is literally only one unit in the team capable of using their support
- Though their buffs have some strength, they are conditional and sometimes, not feasibly possible with certain bosses
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1010160 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb

Sub Leader Icon
Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta
Tier List Plus- He gains a powerful boost upon launching a Super Attack
- His 18 Ki is an AoE, a useful trait for events like World Tournament or SBR
Tier List Minus- He has no defense, making him susceptible to heavy damage
- His links aren't the best suited on a team that isn't solely composed of Saiyans
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1019400 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb

Leader icon
Rampaging Vicious Saiyans Nappa/Vegeta
Tier List Plus- Nappa starts off with modest buffs and has an active skill which allows him to evade enemy attacks
- Vegeta offers more powerful boosts and is able to be type effective at the full 24 Ki
- Vegeta also provides a nice 50% heal upon the switch in
Tier List Minus- They offer interesting gimmicks but they are rather strange; Nappa's active will reduce his damage by 50%, the active skill requirements for the switch with Vegeta require a dip in HP and achieving 24 Ki is not always manageable
- Links are certainly an issue with this unit

A Tier

Card 1016730 thumb
Sub Leader Icon
The Ultimate Evil and Hatred Baby Janemba
Tier List Plus- Recovers HP and has nice boosts to ATK & DEF
- Able to evade enemy attacks
- He has some good links
Tier List Minus- A well-rounded unit overall but his boosts aren't as strong as some of the units on S tier
Card 1008740 thumb-Z
Proof of Resurrection Golden Frieza
Tier List Plus- His tanking is practically unrivaled with a restriction that isn't too harsh
- He does give himself some ki and a nice ATK boost with enough gathered orbs
Tier List Minus- Should HP actually fall below the threshold, his tanking completely dies
- Getting 4 ki spheres doesn't sound hard on paper, but bad ki setups will occasionally prove annoying
Card 1017220 thumb
Leader icon
Earth-Piercing Light Frieza (Final Form)
Tier List Plus- His super attack is an AoE
- Regardless of how many enemies he faces, he gains some nice boosts to help him
- He possesses the ability to seal and stun
Tier List Minus- His most helpful boost is apparent only when facing more than one enemy
Card 1017570 thumb
Dispersion of Evil Cell Jr.
Tier List Plus- They start off with nice boosts to ATK & DEF
- They can further build their ATK with "Artificial Life Forms" allies, of which Extreme AGL does have some nice options available
Tier List Minus- Part of their passive requires the use of a Perfect Cell unit, but the only options available on Extreme AGL aren't very strong
- Without Artificial Life Forms allies, their strength is not as apparent
Thum 1009110
Almighty Cleave Cooler
Tier List Plus- He starts off with nice boosts and is able to stack his DEF
- Debuffs enemies upon facing "Goku's Family" units and provides ki to allies
- Built-in chance for an additional attack
Tier List Minus- His links don't have the most synergy
- His conditions based on facing a specific category will not always be met
Dark vegeta thumb
Sub Leader Icon
Seal of the Demon Realm Black Masked Saiyan
Tier List Plus- Gains nice boosts under restrictions which are not too bad
- Self-sufficient with Super Attacks at 10 Ki
Tier List Minus- Synergy is a bit of an issue given the links
Thumb 1013680
Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape)
Tier List Plus- Able to launch Super Attacks at 9 Ki and gains a nice ATK boost alongside it
- Giant Ape form can provide temporary invulnerability and can activate twice
Tier List Minus- He has no defense boost which can make him a liability on events where enemies deal significant damage
Card 1017840 thumb
Absolute Defiance Android 18
Tier List Plus- Starts off with nice boosts and built-in crit and evasion
- Paired with 17, these boosts magnify
Tier List Minus- Currently, Extreme AGL only has one usable 17 to help her fulfill part of her passive
- Her links are not particularly helpful
Thum 1005000 1
Sub Leader Icon
Uncontrollable Instinct Buu (Kid)
Tier List Plus- Recovers a beefy amount of HP every time he enters the battle
- Gains some boosts with ki spheres obtained
Tier List Minus- His ATK & DEF capabilities are completely on how many orbs he manages to gather
- As per the custom with Kid Buu units, ki links are a sin
Card 1018700 thumb
Creeping Conspiracy Yamu & Spopovich
Tier List Plus- They recover HP with Super Attacks and start off with modest boosts
- With time, they become very self-sufficient, hit harder and build a nice amount of defense
Tier List Minus- If not for their passive, they would have difficulty firing supers due to their atrocious link set
- Since they require some time to build up, they are not the best suited for events like SBR where high offense and defense are wanted from the get-go

B Tier

Card 1018950 thumb
Daring Planetary Invasion Vegeta (Kid) & Raditz (Kid)
Tier List Plus- Begins the match with decent boosts
- Gains some nice traction when accompanied by "Pure Saiyans" and "Joined Forces" allies in the same rotation
Tier List Minus- Without members from either of the respective categories, they aren't very impressive
- They can have a difficult time trying to synergize with non-Saiyan members
Card 1016200 thumb
Duplicated Ability Duplicate Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS)
Tier List Plus- Begins the match with modest boosts
- Able to build further ATK & DEF and debuff enemies at the presence of a "Vegeta's Family" enemy
Tier List Minus- When not facing a Vegeta's Family enemy, this unit doesn't have much traction
- It will take some time to build the full extent of his passive should the opportunity arise
Card 1016720 thumb
Saiyan Assault! Vegeta (Dokkan Butoden)
Tier List Plus- Has decent boosts to both ATK & DEF
- He has his own orbs, allowing for easy potential to maximize his strengths
Tier List Minus- His links are not very well suited to the team
- His boosts aren't exceptional enough to really propel him further along the list
Card 1017370 thumb
Unstoppable Evolution Ahms (3rd Form)
Tier List Plus- Offers allies Ki and DEF
- Has decent boosts himself
- Gives "Artificial Life Forms" allies an ATK boost
Tier List Minus- The issue with a category-related boost on a mono team is that not everyone will benefit from it
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1008800 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb
Limitless Energy Androids 17 & 18
Tier List Plus- With their stats, they can still output a modest amount of damage
- They have some nice links
Tier List Minus- They have no defense and their flat ATK boost hasn't aged too well, which greatly limits them
Card 1015680 thumb AGL
Terrifying Metal Body Metal Cooler (AGL)
Tier List Plus- Gains a nice amount of traction with other "Wicked Bloodline" allies
- Offers allies Ki when above the HP threshold
Tier List Minus- The unit is completely dependent on units from the aforementioned category to be effective
- Ki support is lost at low HP levels
Card 1014250 thumb
Perfect Assassination Hit
Tier List Plus- Has a decent chance to stun the enemy
- Gains decent boosts with a Super Attack
Tier List Minus- Part of his stun chance requires him to be the first person in a slot and since he needs to super for his defense to activate, enemies attacking before him can potentially screw him over
- Shocking Speed is his only practical link
Power for the Death-Match Vegeta (Giant Ape)
Tier List Plus- Gains decent boosts with the HP requirement
- The giant ape transformation offers temporary invulnerability and can activate twice
Tier List Minus- The HP requirement needs him to be below a certain %, which is rather annoying
- His links aren't the best
Card 1013050 thumb
Pride of the Fastest One Burter
Tier List Plus- Gains ATK per ki sphere
- Raises DEF on super to somewhat help him with taking hits and able to evade under a condition
- Having his own orbs allows for easy potential, bolstering his strengths
Tier List Minus- His evasion is locked to attacking under the first slot and since he lacks a normal defense boost, he can get hit fairly hard
- His links are really only built for the "Ginyu Force" team
Tyrant of the Otherworld Perfect Cell (Angel)
Tier List Plus- Gains a decent amount of ATK per ki sphere and on JP, he also gathers a small bit of defense with both his passive and super attack
- He has some usable links
Tier List Minus- He has no defense viability on Global and is still a bit lackluster in JP
- His offense is completely dependent on orbs gathered
Card 1017870 thumb
A Scene Before the Game Cell (Perfect Form)
Tier List Plus- His boosts are fairly straightforward
Tier List Minus- Ultimately, he's not exceptional in any particular place
- He really only has two usable links

C Tier

Thum agl ur boj
Tyrannical Maelstrom Full Power Boujack
Tier List Plus- Has a nice ATK boost
Tier List Minus- His links are a bit clunky
- No defense boost makes him squishy
Shady Business Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)
Tier List Plus- Gains okay boosts for a limited time
Tier List Minus- After the turn restriction ends, he becomes deadweight
Card 1015320 thumb
Merciless Buckshot Cyclopian Guard
Tier List Plus- Gives allies a nice DEF boost
- Reduces received damage for a few turns
Tier List Minus- Their tanking abilities drop off considerably after the reduction wears off
- Offensively, they are not impressive in the slightest
Thum 1006020
Corroding Menace Super Baby 1
Tier List Plus- His boosts are unconditional
Tier List Minus- Though his boosts require no effort from the player, they have not aged well at all and will worsen with stronger leaders
Thum 1006650
Born for Battle Vegeta (Kid)
Tier List Plus- Able to output modest damage with supers
Tier List Minus- No defense coupled with the low stat makes him squishy
- Even with SA15, his damage isn't enough to really justify using him
- His synergy is certainly a struggle
Thum ssr zangya
Merciless Swift Strike Zangya
Tier List Plus- Recovers HP every time she enters the field
Tier List Minus- Aside from her HP recovery, she offers no other utility to the team
- Her only practical link is Shocking Speed
Raging Wickedness Super Janemba
Tier List Plus- He has a nice link set and changes orbs
Tier List Minus- His damage boost might as well not exist, he lacks defense, and if orb changing is really a necessity, Future 18 has better boosts
Thum 1005680 1
Noble Prince Vegeta
Tier List Plus- His passive is at least on a simple restriction
Tier List Minus- Even with SA 15, his huge multiplier limits his damage output
- No defense to boot and his links are not very good
Thum 1004400 1
Evolved Form Cell (Perfect Form)
Tier List Plus- Reduces enemy ATK
Tier List Minus- His damage and defense are pitiful
- Since some bosses are immune to ATK lowering, his utility is further diminished
Card 2000850 thumb
The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza (AGL-1)
Tier List Plus- Reduces enemy ATK
Tier List Minus- He has the same flaws as Evolved Form Perfect Cell
Card 2000830 thumb
The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza (AGL-2)
Tier List Plus- Able to reduce enemy defense by a good amount
Tier List Minus- Unfortunately, DEF reduction isn't noticeable on some events where enemies tend to have % reductions rather than high DEF
- His damage and defense are non-existent

Support Units

S Tier

Card 1015240 thumb
Leader icon
Fierce Focused Attack Hyper Meta-Rilldo
Tier List Plus- Currently the team's most powerful support and best leader
- Able to output damage and take hits with enough orbs gathered, which shouldn't be of issue thanks to his orb-changing
Tier List Minus- His links don't synergize the best but considering he provides such powerful boosts, this isn't really an issue
Thumb 1013570
Explosive Evolution Turles
Tier List Plus- He offers a good deal of ki and a strong ATK boost to allies
- Reduces super-class enemy ATK in his base and cuts their DEF by a heavy amount when boosted
- His boost recovers HP and gives him a strong ATK & DEF boost
Tier List Minus- His boost is powerful but it comes at the cost of his utility as a support
- His support doesn't offer DEF

A Tier

Card 1016760 thumb
Sub Leader Icon
Swirling Dark Magic Darkness Towa
Tier List Plus- Offers Ki, ATK & DEF
- Offers a very powerful boost and a complete heal upon falling below 30% HP
Tier List Minus- The heal and secondary boost activate only once
- Her links aren't superb by any means
Thumb 1013340
Resolute Execution Cooler (Final Form)
Tier List Plus- Offers a nice ATK & DEF boost to allies
- Able to launch additional attacks and builds ATK with each one performed up to a max of 50%
Tier List Minus- He doesn't offer ki with his support
- His additional attacks cannot be super attacks unfortunately
Card 1011500 thumb
Pinnacle of Chaos Omega Shenron
Tier List Plus- Offers Ki and ATK
- Has some nice links to offer
Tier List Minus- His support doesn't offer defense and is not as potent as others
Thum agl ur A17
Ruled by Bloodlust Android 17
Tier List Plus- Offers Ki, ATK & DEF
Tier List Minus- Similar to Omega, the boosts are not as strong as some of the other supports

B Tier

Thum 1010190
Razor-Sharp Thouser
Tier List Plus- Offers Ki, ATK & DEF
Tier List Minus- His boosts are the lowest out of the supports available for E. AGL
- His only usable link is Shocking Speed

Honorable Mentions

Card 1012420 thumb
Hero's Secret Tapion (Hirudegarn)
Tier List Plus- Reduces damage received by a nice amount
- Gains a nice ATK boost and some DEF upon meeting the HP requirement
Tier List Minus- Tapion himself is a Super-type which means under certain leads like Super 17 or Hyper Rilldo, he gets weaker or no boosts at all. It's only in his Hirudegarn transformation that he gets buffed under Extreme AGL
- His HP requirement is rather asinine

4 April 2020First release
15 June 2020Updated positions and new units
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