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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1015210 thumb
Evolution to Match Strength Hit
Hit's Dokkan awakening turned him into not just the best support but also the best unit to lead the team. Like all other supports of his class, Hit provides +3 Ki and +50% ATK & DEF to all Extreme STR Class allies while also changing Ki Spheres to STR and getting a substantial +20% ATK & DEF boosts for each orb collected. Additionally, his Super Attack now infinitely raises his DEF while getting a medium chance of stunning the enemy. His links are okay here, sharing Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit as the most common links on this team though his orb changing makes up for it.
Card 1018190 thumb Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler
STR Cooler is the main category leader for both Transformation Boost & Terrifying Conquerors and is an amazing unit to have here, easily among the best TUR to offer. His passive gives himself +100% ATK & DEF boost and furthermore, he also gives another +2 Ki and +30% ATK & DEF boost for all Transformation Boost allies when facing only one enemy but when encountering multiple enemies, he instead gives +2 Ki and +50% ATK & DEF boost to Terrifying Conquerors allies while his Super Attack lower the enemies ATK & DEF which makes him an incredibly versatile all-round unit. But that's the end of it, at the start of 6th turn when facing one enemy or start of 3rd turn against a Pure Saiyans or Hybrid Saiyans enemy, he gets to use his Active Skill for him to be able to transform into his Final Form where in that state, he gives himself +3 Ki and +180% ATK & DEF boost, can launch an additional attack with a medium chance of it becoming a Super Attack while his Super Attack also infinitely raises his ATK. And to put the cherry on top, he gets a guaranteed critical hit if he is encountering the afromented Pure Saiyans or Hybrid Saiyans Category enemy which easily makes him the best anti-Saiyan unit in the game and he's gonna easily one-shot them. His links shoots him even further up the ranks; while he unfortunately lacks Shocking Speed, he shares Thirst for Conquest, Brutal Beatdown, Big Bad Bosses, Metamorphosis and Fierce Battle along with Strongest Clan in Space and Universe's Most Malevolent with the other Frieza clans.
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1015570 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumb

Last-Ditch Attack Frieza (Full Power)
STR Full Power Frieza is the LR leader for both Full Power & Extreme STR and is an insanely good card to have on this team. His passive is dependent on how much HP you have; the lower your HP, the bigger his boost will be. He starts at a +2 Ki & +80% ATK & DEF boost and as your HP falls, he gets more Ki and ATK boosts to himself, culminating at a maximum boost of +9 Ki and +150% ATK when your HP is 30% or below and under this threshold, his attacks are also guaranteed to be critical hits, allowing him to hit really hard. Furthermore, just like LR Gohan (Youth), all his Super Attack deals mega-colossal damage so even a 12-17 Ki super enables him to hit hard although he sacrifices 8% of your HP in doing so. He has good links in this team as he shares Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle with the team while also sharing Strongest Clan in Space and Universe's Most Malevolent with Catastrophic Rage Frieza (Final Form) and Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler. On the flipside though, being at a low HP threshold puts you in a really dangerous spot as one Super Attack on a weak target could mean your untimely death.
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1010440 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumb

Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Broly is the LR god leader for STR types. His passive launches an additional super attack, and increases his ATK by +80000 but lowers his DEF by -20000 when launching a super attack. Needless to say, Broly is the strongest damage dealer for Extreme STR. Unfortunately his only good links are Fierce Battle and Legendary Power, but Broly is strong enough to make up for it.
Card 1012760 thumb Furious Punishment Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is an incredible addition to Extreme STR. His Super raises all extreme type allies' ATK by +30% for one turn, and his passive allows him to recieve +120% ATK for himself and +50% DEF & +3 Ki for Extreme type allies. On top of that, he lowers Super type enemies' ATK and DEF by -20% and with a powerful 160% ki multiplier he'll hit hard. Goku Black possesses a very versatile link set, having links such as Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare, Fierce Battle, Prepared for Battle and Fear and Faith.
Thum 1008710-Z
Hopeless Minus Energy Omega Shenron
What was once an outdated unit, STR Omega Shenron's EZA massively improved him, turning him into a semi-support and strong utility for the team. While his ATK passive boost remains the same, he now gains an equal amount of DEF boost while also providing an additional +2 Ki and +40% ATK to "Full Power" category allies including himself, up to +120% ATK boost. But what made him even better is that his ATK debuff to his enemies has been increased to -40% which makes him incredibly useful in tanking enemy attacks, easily making him the best unit to bring on the Super Battle Road. His links supplant his role even further as he shares Fear and Faith, Shocking Speed, Big Bad Bosses, Brutal Beatdown and Fierce Battle.
Thumb 1014390
Catastrophic Rage Frieza (Final Form)
This Frieza is an outstanding unit that could have very easily been a DokkanFest unit by itself. With a passive that gives him a monstrous +260% ATK, after being hit, and +80% DEF as well as he greatly raises ATK for when launching his Super Attack. However he does have a disadvantage that limits his attack boost to +80% ATK, and that is his ATK boost is only for that turn and unless he gets attacked on the very first slot he will only have +80% ATK & DEF. His linkset is also very good, sharing Shocking Speed, Fierce Battle, Big Bad Bosses and Thirst for Conquest with most of the team and he links excellently with Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler, sharing 5 links for a total of +2 Ki and +70% through links alone.
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1017320 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumb
Counterattack of the Wicked Family Mecha Frieza & King Cold
Mecha Frieza and King Cold are the 3rd LR Battlefield rewards and they're great F2P cards to have in this category. Their passive gives them a +66% ATK & DEF boost while also getting an additional +20% ATK for each Wicked Bloodline ally (up to 60%) which is easy to accomplish here since many of the top-tier Extreme STR are of the Frieza clan type, which means that he could easily rise to +126% boost. Furthermore, if they encounter a Super Saiyans enemy like their killer LR Trunks, then they get +9 Ki which makes landing Ultra Super Attacks really easy against them. Furthermore their colossal and mega-colossal Super Attacks will also lower their ATK and raise Extreme Class allies ATK by 30% for 2 turns respectively. While they're unfortunately hampered by the lack of Big Bad Bosses, they do have Strongest Clan in Space, Universe's Most Malevolent, Thirst for Conquest & Fear and Faith to link with the rest of the team.
Card 1017300 thumb
Creation of a New History Sealas
Sealas is a very powerful new unit. His passive grants him ATK & DEF +100% when performing a super attack and give "Time Travelers" allies Ki +1 and ATK +20%, as well as Ki +1 and ATK +20% for Artificial Life Forms allies. Units belonging to both categories recieve both buffs, however Sealas is not part of the latter category therefore only reciving Ki +1 and ATK +20%. After 5 turns Sealas will assimilate with Ahms resulting in a massive buff to his already great passive. While he will lose his support type passive, he gets Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +60% at the start of turn and an additional ATK & DEF +120% when launching a super attack. Since both buffs activate at different times it results in a monster +252% ATK & DEF increase. His linkset is also really good featuring Big Bad Bosses, Thirst for Conquest, Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit.
Card 1010870 thumb
Evil Incursion Super Janemba
Super Janemba is original lead for Extreme STR and despite his age, he remains a great unit to have in this team. His passive gives himself +80% ATK boost while also getting a medium chance to evade enemy attacks. But what made him stood out among them is his ability to guard against all attacks which makes him a great tank in this team. His links are amazing, sharing Fear and Faith, Shocking Speed, Nightmare, Big Bad Bosses, Brutal Beatdown and Fierce Battle.
Card 1008820 thumb-Z
Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell
Once an outdated unit outclassed by the other Perfect Cells, his Extreme Z-Awakening drastically improves him into a much better unit in terms of viability. While his ATK boost remains at +100%, he gets +50% DEF boost to himself while also getting an additional +30% ATK & DEF if he collects 6 or more Ki Spheres. Furthermore, when he encounters multiple enemies, he also debuffs them with a -20% ATK & DEF loss which could make him a potential lifesaver on Super Battle Roads. While his 10 and 12 Ki Kaioken mechanic Super Attack remains the same, aside from a higher multiplier, his 11-Ki AOE multiplier has been drastically improved to supreme while also recovering 10% HP. His links are still great in this team, sharing Nightmare, Shocking Speed, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle.
Thumb 1014660 Predatory Urge Android #21 (Transformed)
Android #21 is another leader for the Androids category and a very good unit in general. Her passive gives her Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +90% unconditionally along with being able to reduce attacked enemies ATK & DEF by -20%, which is very good and helps the team take hits better and hit slightly harder. Her super attack along causing immense damage can also recover 10% which works in tandem with her debuffing passive. She can also transform (30% chance) into her evil Cell absorbed form after 4 turns if her HP is 50% or above. When transformed her passive becomes Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +130% and able to recover 13% HP everytime she appears. She also gets the added benefit of disabling enemy guard when launching a super attack, which can lower both ATK and DEF, meaning she will hit any type very hard. Her linkset is also very good featuring Metamorphosis, Big Bad Bosses, Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1015050 thumb
Shocking Absorption Ability Buu (Super)
Super Buu is the category lead for Transformation Boost and is an decent unit to have. His passive ability gives an unconditional +80% ATK and DEF and his Super Attack will lower the enemy's ATK and DEF. After 5 turns depending on how much health you have, he will absorb one of the fighters and transform into either Buucolo, Buutenks, or Buuhan with higher HP in ascending order. Buucollo at below 50% HP will heal 15% HP, gives himself +100% ATK and DEF while giving his allies +3 Ki and +30% DEF, Buutenks at 50% to 80% HP will heal +8% HP and give himself +120% ATK and +100% DEF while also giving himself another +30% ATK if enemies ATK has been lowered before hand and seals on super while Buuhan at 80% HP above heals +10% HP gives himself +120% ATK and DEF while his Super Attack greatly raises his ATK and DEF for one turn allowing him to hit and tank exceptionally hard. His links are okay in this team. While he shares Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle, regardless of his forms, upon transforming he loses Brutal Beatdown and Infinite Regeneration and it changes depending on who he transforms to. At Buucolo he gets Demon (which is completely detrimental as nobody but Buutenks or Demon King Piccolo shares the link) and Brainiacs (which is at least shared by Android #21 and Jeice). At Buutenks, he gets Over in a Flash and Kamehameha but both are just as detrimental as nobody relevant shares the link but at Buuhan, he gets Shocking Speed and Big Bad Bosses which is far more useful in linking with his team.
Card 1016630 thumb
King of the Evil Realm Demon King Piccolo
The new STR King Piccolo is an extremely good unit, easily the best King Piccolo you can find. He is one of two main leaders for the DB Saga Category, and also a sub leader for Extreme STR. His passive gives him an unconditional 100% DEF, already making him an excellent tank, along for five turns along with 3 Ki and a massive 200% ATK buff for five turns, allowing him to hit like a freight train. From the sixth turn onwards, this massive buff does lower to a 120% ATK increase and 2 Ki, but that is still really good for a unit like this. His SA deals supreme damage and greatly lowers enemy ATK, making him a great debuffer too! His links are't great, but does include Fierce Battle and Nightmare, which is good to link with a decent amount of the team anyways. All in all, King Piccolo is a strong unit on both fronts, perfect for Extreme STR.
Card 1015790 thumb
Demonstration of True Strength Frost (Full Power)
Frost was a unit expected for a long time to get an SSR representation and not only he got one but a TUR and ended up being one really strong unit. His passive gives him Ki +3 for 6 turns, which in most cases is long enough, this allows him to super easily covering is lack of good ki links, however he shines via the second part of his passive which gives him ATK +120% and DEF +60% alongside a medium chance to stun when launching a Super Attack. His attack links further help elevate his damage having Fierce Battle, Brutal Beatdown and potetially could activate Universe's Most Malevolent, he also shares Metamorphosis with A21 and Janemba which recovers 5% HP. Overall this unit is very good and a very hard hitter in general, though he can struggle for ki if the 6 turns are over.
Card 1009900 thumb-Z Silent Executioner Majin Buu (Pure Evil)
From zero to hero, Evil Buu is a rebirth dokkaned via Dokkan Battlefield and with his EZA he went from an undesirable unit to a fantastic unit. His old outdated passive has now has been updated into ATK & DEF +90% and lowers all enemies ATK & DEF -20% at the start of turn, if there is a Majin Buu Saga enemy then this guy starts really shining since he launches an additional Super Attack, which raises ATK for 6 turns via SA effect, and gets a high chance of dodging enemy attacks. Since he stacks ATK for 6 turns and he has amazing attack links this guy can reach the same level of damage as many dokkan festival units. His linkset improved vastly for this team due to the addition of more units, offering to the team Nightmare, The Wall Standing Tall, Brutal Beatdown, Majin, and Shattering the Limit for ki.
Card 1015110 thumb
Wrathful Eruption Majin Buu (Good)
Previously a subpar Ki changer, Majin Buu's Dokkan Awakening made him into a much better unit. Now an Attack All unit that has a rare chance to stun each enemy, coupled with his great 150% Super Attack multiplier, Buu is much, much stronger now. His ki-changing passive from INT to STR remains the same, though he gains ATK & DEF +10% per STR Ki Sphere obtained, and his previous ATK +20% buff is now ATK & DEF +50%, making him even stronger. With the addition of Fierce Battle to his linkset, Buu becomes a powerful field nuker. One of the better Dokkan Awakenings to date.
Card 1015900 thumb
Non-Negotiable Resolve Majin Vegeta
Vegeta was already a very strong unit and his dokkan awakening as truly turned him into a beast. His passive skill changes all AGL ki spheres to STR ki spheres and boosts his ATK and DEF by 17% for every ki sphere obtained now. He can get an additional +3% ATK & DEF if there is an enemy belonging to the Goku's Family category, allowing him to get +20% ATK & DEF per ki sphere. With his Super Attack greatly raising his ATK for 1 turn and 150% 12 ki multiplier, he is extremely powerful and self-sufficient. His link set is mediocre, but he does share Super Saiyan and Saiyan Warrior Race with Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.
Hideous Super Saiyan Super Saiyan Broly
Super Saiyan Broly is the pre-dokkaned version of LR Broly. His passive launches an additional super attack, and increases his ATK by +60000 but lowers his DEF by -18000. Despite the loss of DEF, he's a strong hitter and can activate all of LR Broly's links, except Legendary Power.
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1009380 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumb
Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)
Frieza is a farmable LR unit from the Summit of the Universe event. His passive gives him +13000 ATK and +5000 DEF unconditionally, and coupled with his incredibly high stats, he can hit very hard. His 18 ki super attack lowers ATK, though it may be difficult to acquire since his only ki links are Fear and Faith and Strongest Clan in Space. Otherwise, Frieza links and performs well with Big Bad Bosses and even Metamorphosis.
Super mira thumb
Resurgence of Evil Super Mira
Mira provides Extreme STR with some great power. He links well with most of the team, thanks to Berserker, Fear and Faith and Nightmare. Mira greatly raises his defense before launching his Android Kick, which allows him to be somewhat of a tanker. He gets a 100% ATK buff and disables the enemy's guard, and he also hits the attacked enemy with a debuff of 20% to both ATK & DEF for 2 turns.
Thum 1003800 1-Z
Super Warrior of Destruction Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
From F Tier to A Tier, Broly has become WAY more useful due to his Extreme Z-Awakening. His originally lackluster passive that gave him +7000 ATK at the cost of his DEF being reduced to 0 has been replaced with an unconditional +80% ATK and DEF buff, ending the tradition of Broly units with terrible DEF. His Super Attack may have only gotten a supreme modifier, but it gives him a 3 turn ATK buff and is an AoE, making him viable for the World Tournament. He may not boast the best linkset, but he does have Fierce Battle and he can activate the Super Saiyan link with Rosé. All in all, Broly has become a great unit and is a viable substitute for LR Broly if you don't have him.
Thum 1005940 1 Planet of Steel Meta-Rilldo
Rilldo's strengths come in the form of his link skills. He has Fear and Faith, Big Bad Bosses, Thirst for Conquest, Nightmare, GT, and Metamorphosis. His passive grants him +10000 DEF unconditionally, and his super attack lowers ATK, so he has use as a tank. Unfortunately, he does not have Fierce Battle and he can't hit hard, but he is still a safe bet for Extreme STR.
Thum 1009510
God of Defiance Zamasu
Zamasu's main use comes through his passive skill. When at 80% HP or below, Zamasu will regenerate 10% of your max HP and gain a +60% ATK boost. You won't always meet the restriction, but the healing and damage can always be helpful. Zamasu also links pretty well with Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle, and is all around a solid card.
Card 1010480 thumb
Concentrated Power Android 17
Android #17 is another unit that will fit comfortably into any Extreme STR team. His passive changes all AGL ki orbs into rainbow ki orbs, and also raises his ATK by +40%. This will do well to make sure every unit on a turn can get enough ki, and will allow 17 to put out extra damage as well. To top it all off, he links quite well with Fear and Faith and Fierce Battle.
SSRSTRKidBuu Sluggish Battle Form Buu (Kid)
Kid Buu has a lot more going for him than just sick dance moves. His passive boosts his ATK and DEF by 70%, and disables the opponent's guard. What this means is that AGL opponents will not reduce incoming damage dealt by this unit or following units. This makes Buu very helpful to have around for any stage with an AGL type enemy. Unfortunately Buu lacks any ki links, though he does have Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle.
Thum 1008650 Impeccable Emperor Coolieza
Coolieza truly shines as a partner to LR Frieza. He links with him for +4 ki, +30% ATK, and 5% max HP regeneration. However, he also has use on his own, as his passive grants him +70% ATK when launching a super attack. He can also link with other units thanks to Fear and Faith, so he'll function just fine on any Extreme STR team.
1012350 thumb Tide-Turning Power-Up Gokua
Gokua is another STR orb changer. His passive changes all AGL ki orbs into STR ki orbs and gives him +30% ATK, this allows other units to get extra ki and allows him to hit just a bit harder, this is helped by a high Ki multiplier, supreme super that greatly lowers DEF and good links such as Shocking Speed and Nightmare.
Thumb 1013121 Demon King's Vengeance Piccolo Jr. (Giant Form)
Piccolo Jr's Rebirth has definitely made him a much better unit with lots of utility. His passive skill lowers all enemies ATK and DEF by 20%, and gives him a medium chance to stun. When paired with Omega, this allows them to debuff the enemies by 60% ATK and 20% DEF, increasing your team's survivability especially for Super Battle Road. He can also turn into a Great Namek for some free turns of invincibility and damage though it will break your rotations. His links aren't the best, but he shares Big Bad Bosses and very rarely,Shattering the Limit with the team.
Card 1013030 thumb
Pride of the Force Jeice
Jeice is probably one of the most useful farmable units and one of the few supports for this team. His passive gives Extreme allies ki +2 and ATK +20% and his super attack also raises allies ATK by 20% for 1 turn helping other units hit harder, however his best trait is the fact that his passive also allows him to reveal enemy super attack location, which gives him great utility. His linkset is pretty bad, as he only has Shattering the Limit as a good link, but his main role is to support so it doesn't matter a lot.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1010450 Horrific Super Energy Full Power Boujack
Boujack just wants his supreme damage... His passive boosts his ATK by +90% when launching a super attack, which is quite powerful. The bad news is, Boujack has an extreme modifier on his super attack, which numbs his damage by quite a bit. He also has poor links, his only good one being Big Bad Bosses.
Card 1015680 thumb STR
Terrifying Metal Body Metal Cooler
This Metal Cooler is a farmable unit obtained from the Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors story event. He originated as an SR now dokkan awakenable with the revamp of the story event. His passive gives him ATK & DEF +15% per Wicked Bloodline category allies in the team up to +80%, unfortunately this team doesn't have the biggest influence of viable units in this particular category, so he would most likely work with +30% or 45%. Luckily for him the second part of his passive compensates what he would otherwise lack in power with a +15% ATK & DEF to all allies, since supports are so scarce in this particular team he is very welcome. His best links would be Brutal Beatdown and Thirst for Conquest but he has a couple of Frieza's who he can link with to activate Strongest Clan in Space.
Card 1011400 thumb Solitary Warrior Vegeta
Vegeta is the JP exclusive unit from the Looking For Mr. Right! event. Vegeta was the award for JP winning the competition. His passive gives him ki +3 unconditionally and has a great chance of increasing ATK by +77% making him a nice hitter, along with a farmable super attack and supreme modifier. His links aren't great for Extreme STR but he is self sufficient so he won't have much trouble supering.
The 10th Warrior from Universe 7 Golden Frieza (Angel)
Golden Frieza is a farmable unit from Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Saga. His passive grants him ATK and DEF +40%, and can give him an extra Ki +4 and ATK +40% if facing 2 or more enemies, unfortunately this is rare to occur in dokkan events, hindering his damage capabilities, however he can raises his ATK when launching consecutive supers. He has decent links in the form of Nightmare and Revival making him a decent F2P unit.
Thum 1008110 Tactics Evolved Majin Buu (Gotenks)
This Super Buu is the only SSR sealer for Extreme STR, but while sealing is his game, his lack of good ki links make him very inconsistent. His passive boosts his ATK by +12% for each STR ki orb obtained, which can give a small boost, but it won't mean much due to his extreme modifier. He is useful if you really need a sealer.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
URSTRGiantApeRaditzThumb Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape)
Raditz has improved a lot, but he's still nothing special. His passive gives him +12% ATK and DEF per ki orb obtained (averaging +78%), and a 15% chance to turn into a great ape twice. He can act as a pseudo-wall, but he'll do most of his damage in great ape form. Sadly, his only good links are Nightmare and Shattering the Limit.
Card 1004900 thumb Murderous Awakening Android #13
Android #13 is a purchasable unit available in the Baba Shop. His passive reduces damage received by -30% if his ki is 8 or above, which makes him useful as a filler tank. His super attack is farmable, but he has an extreme modifier on his super attack and can't do much damage. He links well with Fear and Faith, so Android 13 is a good choice if you don't have better units.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1005710 1 Intensified Killing Cyborg Tao
Cyborg Tao is a farmable Super Strike unit. His passive has a high chance to grant him +70% ATK, and he has a 25% chance to stun with his super attack. His only decent ki link is Revival, but when at SA15, he will launch his super attack beginning at only 9 ki. He's not great, but has his uses.
Thum 1005930 1 Encompassing Destroyer Hyper Meta-Rilldo
Hyper Meta-Rilldo is a farmable unit from the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga story event. His passive gives him +2 ki and +4000 ATK when facing only 1 enemy. The ki is useful since his only good links are GT and Thirst for Conquest. His super attack also lowers ATK, but due to an extreme multiplier he can’t hit so hard.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
IconSabimenlol Mass-Produced Soldier Saibaiman
Literally a joke. Abysmal stats. Sacrifices HP when performing super attack. Bad passive. They have Shocking Speed, but that's about it.
Thum 2000780 1 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza
This Frieza dokkan awakens from Emperor of Iniquity Frieza (1st Form). His passive increases his ATK by +2000 unconditionally. His super attack is farmable, but he has an extreme modifier on his super attack. All he has left to offer is the Revival link.
Thum 2000780 1 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza
This Frieza dokkan awakens from Despair's Onslaught Frieza (1st Form). His passive has a medium chance to lower the enemy's ATK and DEF by -30% for one turn. It's a strong debuff but it's pretty rare and only lasts one turn. His super attack is farmable, but he has an extreme modifier on his super attack. All he has left to offer is the Revival link.
Thum 2000780 1 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza
This Frieza dokkan awakens from The Nightmare Transformed Frieza (2nd Form). His passive disables the target's guard and lowers their DEF by 50% for the rest of the turn after they are damaged. This seems useful at face value, but lowering defense isn't too helpful, and you would usually have this unit in the third slot anyway since he is so weak and his only good link is Revival.
Thum 1007940 Beloved Girl Fighter Android #18
Android #18 is a purchasable unit available in the Baba Shop. Her passive provides all allies with +2 ki when HP is 50% or above. This can have some use, and the restriction isn't too strict, but 18 has nothing else to offer. She has no good links and has an extreme modifier on her super attack.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
SRSTRHoiThum Shadowy Sorcerer Hoi (B Tier)
Extreme STR is not a team where support units shine a lot... or exist. There's where Hoi comes into play. Despite being an SR, his passive is comparable to higher rarity cards, giving a 20% ATK & DEF bonus to all Extreme Class allies. His Super has a medium chance to stun and an unique animation, so he's very useful and a good addition to any team Extreme Classed team overall. Unfortunately his main problem aside of his rarity are his links, being the only useful Thirst for Conquest.
ESTR icon
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