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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1011170 thumb
Mythic Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Broly
The Extreme TEQ Lead, Broly is an incredibly hard hitter. His passive gives him an unconditional 100% ATK boost, while he also gains 12% ATK per ki orb obtained. He has a 150% multiplier on his super, greatly lowers DEF with his super and has good links like Prepared for Battle, Nightmare and Fierce Battle, meaning he has very good synergy with his team. Only downside is the DEF reduction of 10% per ki orb on his passive.
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1016870 thumbLR icon thumbE.TEQ icon thumb
Nightmarish Impact Super Saiyan Broly
Broly's power is MAXIMUM! Seriously, he has the strength to prove it. On all of his Super Attacks, Broly lowers DEF in some capacity. He gets 90% ATK & DEF when performing a Super Attack, along with an additional 50% ATK should it be an Ultra Super Attack Broly is launching. When facing 2 or more enemies, Broly will launch an additional Super Attack. Once in Legendary form, Broly's previous abilities skyrocket to 100% ATK & DEF when Super Attacking plus an additional 88% ATK when Ultra Super Attacking. When facing a single enemy, Broly will launch an additional attack with a 30% chance of becoming a Super Attack. And he will retain his guaranteed additional Super Attack against two enemies or more. Broly's Active Skill is equally terrifying, maximizing his Ki Meter and giving him a 48% ATK buff which may seem miniscule, but due to its calculation (similar to LR Pan (GT) (Honey)), it proves to be a monstrous boost, perfect for a monstrous fighter like Broly. He can link with his Super Saiyan 3 counterpart to activate Super Saiyan, Berserker, Prepared for Battle, The Saiyan Lineage and Fierce Battle.
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1011140 thumbLR icon thumbE.TEQ icon thumb

Merciless Condemnation Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) & Zamasu
The LR TEQ Lead, Goku Black & Zamasu are very good units offensively and defensively. Their passive allows them to recover 15% HP each turn and also gain +30% ATK when attacked, which can go up to 120%. Their Super Attack raises their DEF for either 3 or 6 turns, letting them take hits better. Their link set helps them to link well with Extreme TEQ, including Prepared for Battle, Nightmare and Fierce Battle. Like LR Broly, he can link with his UR form. He can also link very well with TEQ Fusion Zamasu.
Card 1009790 thumb-Z Wrath of the Absolute God Fusion Zamasu
Fusion Zamasu has always been a hard hitter, and he maintains this with added usability. His Extreme-Z-Awakened passive now gives him a titanic 140% ATK boost, and he keeps his ATK -10% for Super Class. However, he now debuffs Super Class enemies too, by ATK & DEF -20%. On top of that, he now also gives Extreme Class Realm of Gods allies DEF +50%. This is great, as he is intended to be linked up with LR Goku Black & Zamasu on this team, meaning they get this DEF boost. It also gives him some DEF, allowing him to take some hits. He has a great link set that helps him link to other Extreme units, with Fear and Faith and Nightmare along with Fierce Battle. Overall, a great EZA!
Card 1007390 thumb-Z
Fire of Vengeance Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza is already a great card as well as a mighty tank and his EZA upgrades him even further into an even bigger tank while also dishing out an insane amount of damage. His ATK boost which previously only worked when his HP is 50% or above is now boosted into an unconditional +80% ATK boost while his damage reduction has been improved from 70% to 80%. However what makes him even better is that when your HP falls below 50%, he still has a lesser 50% damage reduction while also getting a further +50% ATK boost up to +130% which not only means that he can still tank decently but hit really hard. While he unfortunately lacks Big Bad Bosses in this team, he still has Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle to link with the team while also sharing 3-4 links with TEQ Transforming Frieza for a total of +30% ATK and 2-4 Ki through linking.
Thumb 1014820
Glacial Prestige Frieza (1st Form)
First Form Frieza is the first among the units who transform each turn is not just an excellent card but also a viable (or rather, more preferable) alternative lead for Extreme TEQ. At his base First Form, he gets an +80% ATK and DEF boost along with a 11% HP recovery which gives his team great sustainability while dealing decent damage to the enemy which is helped by the fact that his Super Attack infinitely raise his ATK and DEF. Overtime, as he transforms he gains more ATK boost and healing but losing his DEF boost until he reach his Golden transformation which gives him a +120% ATK boost and a 15% HP recovery and as a bonus, he gets a guaranteed Super Attack and a critical hit on the enemy during his first turn only along with a great chance to stun them while supering allowing him to finish off any enemies who are still alive. His links remain consistent throughout the form, while his common attack links like Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses, Universe's Most Malevolent and Fierce Battle remain throughout the form, his Fear and Faith Ki link unfortunately changed to Shocking Speed upon reaching Third form which is unfortunately detrimental as he only shares it with Nuova Shenron and Golden Frieza. Although if you happen to have his best linking partner, Cooler, on the team then Strongest Clan in Space will still provide a good amount of Ki. In his first three forms, him and Cooler share all but one link giving them +2 Ki, +70% ATK, and 5% HP recovery. And after his Final Form the only link they lose is the 5% HP recovery, still gaining +2 Ki and +70% ATK.
Card 1015670 thumb Assassin's Ultimate Technique Hit
Hit is an astonishing unit and the first ever dual category leader in the game. His passive is very versatile allowing him to lower an enemy's ATK by -20% and DEF by -80% for 2 turns as well as giving him a high chance to stun with his Super Attack, this combined with the medium chance on his Super Attack effect equals a 58% total chance to stun. While providing alot of utility, he is also extremely powerful since he also gets ATK +120% when launching a Super Attack and gets an additional +80% ATK if the enemy is stunned and grants him type effectiveness against any type, similarly to Super Gogeta. His linkset features some really good links like Fierce Battle and Shocking Speed but that is about it, he can struggle for ki sometimes but supports can easily fix that. All in all Hit is one of the best additions to this team at the moment.
Thum 1004650 1-Z
Surpassing All Perfect Cell
Cell's new EZA has made an already good unit into a monster worthy of being in S Tier. Now his passive gives him 15% ATK & DEF per Ki Sphere obtained which is quite strong and also gives him Ki +1 per Rainbow Ki obtained. This has made him much more self sufficient and will almost ensure that he gets a super attack. His super attack now does immense damage and heals 10% HP which is good for survivability. Along with that, his stats have been greatly improved and his links are still great with his best links being Revival, Fierce Battle, and Big Bad Bosses.
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1017350 thumbLR icon thumbE.TEQ icon thumb
Life Form of Hate and Ruin Cell (1st Form)
Cell's 1st Form finally gets the attention it deserves after a long wait. Similarly to the last couple Prime Battle LR's this 1st Form Cell is nothing to look away from, it's a great unit even if it only has a flat boost passive. His passive consists of ATK & DEF +20000 at the start of turn and with each super attack launched he gains Ki +1 (up to Ki +6). Sadly he doesn't have built in additionals to help further his ki quicker, but he doesn't really needed has this Cell feature quite a few ki links, like Shocking Speed, Shattering the Limit and Attack of the Clones which he shares with TEQ Perfect Cell. From his passive he can also get an additonal +20000 ATK when ki is 18 or more and if the enemy had its ATK lowered he will always perform a critical hit. While his 12-17 ki super recovers a massive 15% Hp, his +18 ki does lower both ATK & DEF and a few units in this team also lower ATK meaning as long as the enemy doesn't have a resistance to lowering ATK there are good chances this Cell will be outputing mad damage with each +18 ki super. Sadly for attack links there is not much to work with since Big Bad Bosses, Messenger from the Future and Legendary Power are his 3 attack links and two of them are small flat boosts.
Card 1018300 thumb
The Golden Strongest Form Golden Cooler
Golden Cooler from Dragon Ball Heroes is a quite a decent unit to have on Extreme TEQ. His passive gives himself +100% ATK & DEF boost while also giving an additional +2 Ki as well as +20% ATK & DEF. He also has another bonus where if there are 2 other Dragon Ball Heroes Category allies, he gets an additional +30% ATK & DEF as well as launching an additional attack with a medium for a Super Attack but unfortunately, he is literally the only Extreme TEQ Heroes unit in the game so this passive is useless here. His links are alright in this team, sharing Strongest Clan in Space, Universe's Most Malevolent, Metamorphosis and Shattering the Limit although his other links rely on more obscure units to trigger it.
Card 1010200 thumb
Obsession with Perfection Cell (2nd Form)
Semi-Perfect Cell is the Extreme TEQ 50% lead and a very powerful Support unit for Extreme TEQ. He gives Ki +3 to TEQ Type and also ATK & DEF +40% to Extreme TEQ. Thanks to passive, Ki isn't an issue for Cell. He can also be used as an Extreme TEQ Lead.
Thumb cell tournament
Confidence through Transcendent Power Cell (Perfect Form)
Perfect Form Cell is JP's World Tournament nº 24 reward. Overall Cell is a very great unit and definitely one of the best from the World Tournament. His passive gives all Extreme allies ki +2 and ATK & DEF +30% and reduces by 50% the DEF of Super Class enemies. He can also greatly raise his ATK for 1 turn with his Super and you can farm his Super Attack. His best trait is his ability to link very well with the other Cell's available in the team, activating some of their more exclusive links like Ultimate Lifeform and Messenger from the Future. He also links decently with the other villains with Big Bad Bosses and Nightmare.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1011130 thumb
Distorted Justice Goku Black & Zamasu
The pre-dokkaned version of LR SSJR Goku Black & Zamasu is their LR version's best buddy. With a similar passive (albeit not as strong), a farmable super attack, and a near identical link set, they're highly useful for healing and hitting hard.
Thum 1009910-Z
Scorching Duel Nuova Shenron
Nuova Shenron's EZA might now be as stupendous here as in his only category but it still breathes new life into this unit. His passive now gives him +90% ATK & DEF and +3 ki, which helps as his only good ki links for this team are Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit. He also provides all Shadow Dragon Saga units ATK & DEF +30%, sadly he is the only unit in this team that belongs to this category, however it means that he gets the equivalent of Ki +3, ATK & DEF +120% which is very nice. He also gets +50% ATK added to his SA modifier when launching consecutive super attacks. He still works best as a floater since he shares no attack links with anyone but still a very powerful unit.
Tragedy Born From Power Fusion Android #13
Android #13 is a farmable unit from the Quest stages. Featuring stats that are on the same level as his summonable EZA counterparts, this F2P unit is one of the best in the game and for this team he is no exception. His upgraded passive grants him +80% ATK & DEF and +4 ki when his ki is 8 or more, he can also get an additional ATK & DEF +30% if there are 3 or more Androids category allies in the team, with the addition of LR 1st Form Cell this becomes easy to achieve since there are quite a few strong Androids units that. His linkset includes Fear and Faith, Nightmare, Metamorphosis, and Shattering the Limit.
Thum 1009100
Heinous Attack Cooler (Final Form)
Cooler is a very strong unit, and one of Extreme TEQ's hardest hitters. His passive gives him +90% ATK unconditionally, and he has a 20% chance to stun with a super attack. He lacks good ki links, but he has many good ATK links such as Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses, and Fierce Battle. He can be paired with Glacial Prestige Frieza (1st Form) for +70% ATK, +2 Ki, and 5% HP recovery from links throughout Frieza's transformations.
Thum 1010290
Dark Intentions Masked Saiyan

Masked Saiyan used to be the top leader for all types. His passive gives him +50000 ATK and +20000 DEF when facing 2 or less enemies, and he lowers ATK and DEF with his super attack. This lets him hit hard and take hits most of the time, and he also boasts a great linkset including Prepared for Battle, Fierce Battle, The Saiyan Lineage and even Berserker. If only we know who he is...

TURTEQSuperBuuThumb Destruction Descending Buu (Super)
Once considered one of the worst pullable SSR's in the game, Super Buu has improved a lot. His passive regenerates 30% of damage dealt as HP, and with a farmable super attack, he can heal a lot! He also links well with Fear and Faith, Metamorphosis, and Fierce Battle. This card is a walking senzu bean.
Card 1014170 thumb
Casual Refreshment Android #18
Android #18 is a low-cost unit first featured on the Valentine's Day banner that has now received a dokkan awakening that improved her alot. Her passive now boosting her ATK and DEF by +14% per ki orb obtained and an extra +1% per Peppy Gals ally in the team, totalling at a potential 21% ATK & DEF per ki sphere obtained, unfortunately she and Towa are the only Peppy Gals in this team therefore you will never reach 21% ATK & DEF in Extreme TEQ, meaning at best she will have either 15% or 16% which is still very good. Her strong power and good defensive capabilities have also been enhanced by higher stats while retaining her +30% ATK & DEF boost for 6 turns on her SA effect, she will link with Shattering the Limit but that's about it for links. Overall a good dokkan awakening that brings this unit up to par with some of the harder hitters in this team, if given enough orbs.
URTEQBioBrolyThumb The Return of The Demon Bio-Broly
Bio Broly is a farmable unit from Super Warrior Slam! Victory Will Be Mine! story event. His passive increases his DEF by +100% but lowers his ATK by -50% when facing only 1 enemy, and increases his ATK by 100% while lowering his DEF by -50% when facing 2 or more enemies. Keep the event in mind when using Broly as a tank or damage dealer. Bio Broly also links incredibly well, with Super Saiyan, The Saiyan Lineage, Berserker, Revival, Nightmare, and Shattering the Limit.
Card 1016950 thumb Brutal Vengeance Cyborg Tao
This new Cyborg Tao is quite an unexpectedly good unit. Starting it off, his super attack has a medium chance to stun, which while is losing interest in the meta, can still be pretty useful. But his passive is where this unexpectedness comes through, since he gets a 100% ATK and DEF buff when performing a super attack, and gains an extra 20% ATK and DEF per attacked recieved, to a max of 80%. This overall gives him a max buff of 180% ATK and DEF, making him quite a fearsome force on both offensive and defensive fronts. However, his big caviat that keeps him from the S Tier is his links and stats, as both of those are quite detrimental to Tao. His links do include Brutal Beatdown and Revival, so he has some alright links with some units, but with those negatives do keep him from an optimal spot. Nonetheless, a great unit with suprisingly good capabilities.
Hell Conquering Ambition Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)
Frieza is a unit whose passive boosts his ATK by +90% when launching a super attack, and he has a 20% chance to stun with a super attack. He links decently with Nightmare and Shocking Speed, making him a balanced hitter for Extreme TEQ. On the Japanese version he becomes a much better unit that boosts his ATK by +100% and DEF by +80% when launching a super attack and can raise his ATK when supering, making him a much better choice for Extreme TEQ in JP.
Thum 1008130 Raging Dash Majin Buu (South Supreme Kai)
Often nicknamed "Buff Buu," Buu is a very versatile hitter. His passive gives him +70% ATK and +2 ki when at 99% HP or below, supplementing his lack of ki links. What makes Buff Buu stand out are his incredible ATK links, including Berserker, Big Bad Bosses, and Fierce Battle.
Thum 1007170 Power Born of Ambition Super #17
Super #17 isn't particularly strong, but his linkset and passive provide damage and ki to the rest of the team. His passive changes all STR ki orbs to TEQ ki orbs, and also boosts his ATK by +20%. He is a great support for Broly but he won't hit hard, since he has an extreme modifier. To top it off, he links well with Fear and Faith, Nightmare, Big Bad Bosses, and Fierce Battle.
Card 1015680 thumb TEQ
Terrifying Metal Body Metal Cooler
This Metal Cooler is a farmable unit obtained from the Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors story event. He originated as an SR now dokkan awakenable with the revamp of the story event. His passive gives him ATK & DEF +15% per Wicked Bloodline category allies in the team up to +80%, Extreme TEQ does feature some pretty powerful units in that particular category and he can reach normally +45% or +60%, which makes him pretty decent. His passive also reduces -20% ATK of the attacked enemy for 2 turns which can be useful in multiple scenarios. His linkset is pretty decent especially when linked with the available Frieza's or TEQ Final Form Cooler.
Thum 1007970
Fearful World Domination Demon King Piccolo
Piccolo is acquired via DB summons from the World Tournament. His passive gives +25% ATK and +3 ki to all Extreme type allies (keep this in mind if you want to run a hybrid team). He also links for damage with Thirst for Conquest and Nightmare, and provides ki thanks to his passive and Shattering the Limit. On a team with few supports, Piccolo is an excellent choice.
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1013100 thumbLR icon thumbE.TEQ icon thumb
Ginyu Force Reborn Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force)
The Ginyu Force is an LR acquired after getting a rainbow star on the TUR's Ginyu Force members and is the leader for the Ginyu Force category. They are a pretty strong support unit for Extreme TEQ teams, providing high damage output along with their great +30% ATK & DEF buff, they give all Ginyu Force members an additional +20% ATK & DEF, which helps a lot in their category but in this team it will be hard to activate. Their links are completely awful but their strength and support makes up for it.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1005110 Gushing Evil Powers Lord Slug
Slug, who used to be an unreleased card for the Hero Extermination Event, is currently the main lead for the "Namekians" Category. His Super Attack causes supreme damage and lowers the enemy's DEF, and he links very well with Nightmare, Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses and Brutal Beatdown. Slug gains an additional 50% boost to his ATK and DEF through his passive, and recovers 30% HP when HP hits 30% or below. Overall, though he can't transcend the UR limit, he is a very nice unit.
Card 1013070 thumb
Brutal Bind Guldo
Guldo is a farmable unit from the Ginyu Force Special Training (TEQ) event. His passive reduces the attacked enemy ATK and DEF by 20% for 2 turns, his SA has a medium chance to stun, he his the most underwhelming of the Ginyu Force members but he is still a good addition since he has his own potential system meaning you can save orbs and easily rainbow him and can potentially make him a very strong debuffer. His links aren't great but he still has Brutal Beatdown and Shattering the Limit.
Thum 1001580 1 Horror from Hell Frieza (Final Form)
The undokkaned version of The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza (TEQ-1), this Frieza is miles above his awakened form. Though his passive skill is weaker, he still has a 145% ki multiplier, and unlike his dokkaned version, has an actually common link in the form of Shocking Speed, giving him some merit and usability as filler.
URTEQTurlesThumb Absolute Suppression Turles
Turles is a TUR available via GSSR summons from the World Tournament. His passive gives him +60% ATK and DEF and +3 ki for 7 turns, and he has a 50% chance to stun with a super attack. He's useful for earlier rounds, but his passive will run out on longer events. He links very well with Prepared for Battle, Big Bad Bosses, Nightmare, and Shattering the Limit.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1004930 Oppressive Tyrant Boujack
Boujack is a purchasable unit available in the Baba Shop for 300 gems. His passive increases his ATK by +50% when launching a super attack, though he does have an extreme modifier. Thankfully, he has some good links to make up for it, including Revival, Thirst for Conquest, and Big Bad Bosses.
Thum 2000820 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza
This Golden Frieza dokkan awakens from Horror from Hell Frieza (Final Form). His passive increases his ATK by +40% unconditionally, and he links decently with Revival. He's good filler if you need it.
Card 1008700 thumb Perfected Evil Janembu
Janembu is a limited unit available on the Dragon Ball Fusions banner. His passive lowers the attacked enemy's ATK by -30% for the rest of the turn, which can be useful in a pinch. He has an okay linkset that includes Shocking Speed and Berserker, but otherwise he does not stand out.
Thum 1008830 The Elusive Beast Cell (1st Form)
Cell is nothing special, but he is a good filler unit. His passive regenerates 30% of damage dealt as HP, and thanks to a farmable super attack, he can heal a fair amount. He has Big Bad Bosses to link and is a good partner for Surpassing All Perfect Cell. He lacks good ki links though.
MajinVegetaDokkan Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta is an All-Target Super Attack unit that is mostly used during the World Tournament. His passive increases his ATK by +50% unconditionally, and he has a 15% chance to stun each enemy with a super attack. Unfortunately, Vegeta is brought down by poor links aside from Super Saiyan, and Shattering the Limit, and an extreme modifier on his super attack.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1009070 Ruthless Assassin Mercenary Tao
Tao is a limited unit from the Arale Crossover banner. His passive has a high chance to increase his ATK by +100%, which is pretty often, but weak considering the stipulation. He also has no good links whatsoever.
Thum 1005550 1 Reclaim the Summit Super Saiyan Vegeta
One of the first two SSR's, Vegeta has not aged well. His passive gives him +2500 ATK and +3 ki when at 80% HP or below, which is not good but thankfully easy to maintain. At the very least he has good links, such as Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle, and Shattering the Limit.
Thum 1006300 Viciousness Released SS Gohan Possessed (GT)
Gohan is a farmable unit from the Dragon Ball GT: Baby Saga Finale story event. His passive gives +30% DEF and +3 ki to all TEQ type allies. Unfortunately he does not supply extra ATK, but the DEF and ki is useful as well. He has poor ki links, but he does have Super Saiyan and Thirst for Conquest.
Thum 1004960 1 Sinister Scientist Towa
Towa is a unit in desperate need of a dokkan awakening. Her passive grants +2 ki to all allies, which can be useful in some scenarios. She also links decently thanks to Fear and Faith, but an extreme modifier prevents her from dealing much damage.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1004410 1 Murderous Designs Buu (Super)
Super Buu is very old, and weak as a result. His passive gives him +2 ki when at 50% HP or above, which has its uses but gives no merit in battle. And though he has a farmable super attack, he has an extreme modifier on his super attack, so he still can't hit very hard.
SSRTEQFrieza Joy of Destruction Frieza (1st Form)
Frieza is a limited unit distributed during the Summit of the Universe login event. His passive boosts his ATK by +10000 once only. It's a pretty small bonus, and he has no good ki links to guarantee he launches a super attack either. Thankfully he has Big Bad Bosses and Thirst for Conquest, but that's it.
Thum 2000820 The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza
This Golden Frieza dokkan awakens from Savage Speed Frieza (3rd Form). He is similar to Towa, as his passive gives +2 ki to TEQ and STR types, but his only good link is Revival, which is not that great.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1017420 thumb Indomitable Fighting Spirit Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (A Tier)
TEQ Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta is an incredibly unique card in that he is one of the very few units (the other being Tapion (Hirudegarn)) in the game to change his type upon transforming. His untransformed state as a Super TEQ gives himself +100% ATK & DEF while getting an additional ATK & DEF boost of up to +60% depending on your remaining HP (the lower your HP, the lower your ATK and the higher your DEF boost). Furthermore, after he collects at least 3 Ki Spheres, then gets a further +30% ATK & DEF boost when attacking, up to +238% boost each while his Suoer Attack greatly raises his DEF for 1 turn for further tanking. Then, at the start of 3rd turn when facing 1 enemy while their HP is 80% or above, Vegeta will transforms into Majin Vegeta, turning him into an Extreme TEQ unit where his passive boost now gives himself +120% ATK & DEF along with an additional boost of up to +77% ATK & DEF. And to put the cherry on top, he now gets the Gogeta effect of having his attacks effective against all types as well as guarding against all types when he collects at least 3 and 6 Ki Spheres respectively while his Super Attack gets a high chance of stunning the enemy, giving him an all-round versatility of hard hitter and tank. However, due to starting as a Super Class unit, he receives zero leader skill boosts from Semi-Perfect Cell, forcing to run other leaders that benefits both classes such as TEQ Golden Frieza or LR Broly. His links are okay here as he shares Super Saiyan, Fierce Battle and Prepared for Battle as his common links but the latter gets replaced with Over in a Flash upon turning into Majin Vegeta which is completely inferior in every way with only his OG TEQ version to share it with.
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