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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1012420 thumb
Phantom Majin Sealed Within Tapion (Hirudegarn)
Tapion is the leader for the Giant Form Category Characters and his leader skill not only gives a great stat boost to all Giant Form characters but also grants all units in the category the ability to transform an additional time. His passive reduces damage received by 50% and once your HP is 50% or below, Tapion gains ATK +150% & DEF +50%. On top of that, once per match, when HP is 50% or below, become Hirudegarn which is good but really only useful when under 50% health, still the damage reduction is never the less really helpful. Also, Tapion has a great ki multiplier and an immense damage multiplier on his super attack which will still make him a hard hitter. Unfortunately he has "meh" links, his only real good ones being Transform and Fierce Battle.
Card 1015370 thumb Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Coora
Meta Coora is the super-strong 170% Leader for the "Wicked Bloodline" Category. Upon launching his Lock-On Blast, he lowers the enemy's ATK and DEF. Coora's Passive Skill grants him an 80% ATK & DEF boost, and an additional ATK +10% after receiving an attack, up to 70%. In addition, after receiving an attack at the end of the turn, he will recover 7% HP. When HP hits 50% or below (once only), Metal Coora will unleash the Metal Coora Core, greatly raising his ATK with destructive damage with his Super Attack. He might not have the best Link Skills here, but Transform and Fierce Battle help him synergize a bit. And he shares 4 Link Skills with Lord Slug.
Card_1016400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape) is the leader for "Artificial Life Forms", and quite good for being the first LR (Giant Ape) unit. He lowers ATK on both Super Attacks (including DEF on his 18+ Ki). Baby gets 3 Ki and 100% ATK & DEF to start with, an additional 3 Ki and 50% ATK if you're up against a "Pure Saiyans" Category enemy, and a further additional 3 Ki and 50% ATK against a "Hybrid Saiyans" Category enemy, making Baby valuable in certain modes where you'll be facing off against both types of foes. He has a high chance to become a Giant Ape when HP is 40% or below, and to support a lack of available links in that form (his most notable here being Thirst for Conquest, Big Bad Bosses and Shattering the Limit), he gains Ki +1 when Ki is raised by Ki Spheres, making him clearly the most self-sustainable Giant Ape so far, even when lacking Saiyan Roar or Transform to better link on a "Giant Form" team.
Thumb 1013710
Evil Namekian Lord Slug (Giant Form)
Slug is a unit that has been highly anticipated, and he is actually quite a hard hitter. He gives himself an unconditional ATK and DEF boost of 80%, and then gets an additional ATK +50% for 5 turns after being attacked, similar to LR Beerus. This allows him to hit hard and tank pretty well, and he can even turn Giant up to two times for some invincibility. He even links pretty decently with Transform and Shattering the Limit. Overall, he's a really strong unit that rightfully deserves the S Tier spot. He can also serve as an alternative lead for this team, and a surprisingly good one at that.
URTEQBardock Low-Class, High-Octane Bardock (Giant Ape)
Bardock is an incredible addition to Giant Form Category. He gets a 100% ATK boost when you are above 30% HP, and he may turn into a Great Ape twice. His links are awesome, being Saiyan Roar, Saiyan Pride, The Saiyan Lineage, Shattering the Limit and Transform.
Thumb Super Baby 33 Rampaging Vengeance Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
Baby is a really useful unit. He gets a 100% ATK boost when you are above 30% HP, he may turn into a Golden Great Ape and he lowers ATK with his Super. His main links are GT, Big Bad Bosses, Fierce Battle and Saiyan Roar.
Thumb 1013680


Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape)
Already a solid unit, Great Ape Turles got quite a hefty upgrade upon Dokkan Awakening. His previously solid link set with links like Saiyan Roar, Transform, and Prepared for Battle was reinforced with Fierce Battle. He also boosts his ATK by 90% and gets +3 Ki when his Ki hits nine, making him rather strong, and he can stun. His place is S Tier is unexpected, but well deserved.
Thumb 1013950 Infinite Love Ribrianne (Giant Form)
Ribrianne is a very solid unit. She gets an 80% ATK and DEF boost when she performs a Super Attack, which makes her hit relatively hard and also makes her a decent tank. She also gains an additional 1 Ki per Ki orb, which makes it easier for her to get off her Super Attack. Her SA also increases her ATK for 6 turns, which lets her stack up for some pretty good damage. She can also transform into her giant form up to three times per battle in this category (normally twice). However, her links aren’t all that great with Shattering the Limit being her best.
Card 1013240 thumb Plucky Low-Class Warrior Tora (Giant Ape)
Tora's new awakening has made him into an amazing support unit. His passive now gives Ki +3 and ATK +30% to all allies and depending on how many Giant Form units are present, he will recover 6% HP (up to 18%). On this team he will obviously get the maximum 18%, which makes this team even harder to bring down, coupling this with his great supporting passive makes Tora a very worthy unit of S-tier. He also links well with most units in this category, sharing Saiyan Pride, Saiyan Roar, Transform and Shattering the Limit.
Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33 Inklings of Ultimate Power Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT) (Golden Giant Ape)
SS3 Great Ape Goku is one of the nuke leaders. His passive gives all allies a +33% ATK boost, making him one of the best support units for the category. He also can turn into a Golden Great Ape. His best links are Saiyan Roar, Fierce Battle and GT.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1013260 thumb Feverish Battlefield Borgos (Giant Ape)
Borgos was a nuker in desperate need of a rebirth, now that he has one he has improved a lot. His passive skill now gives him +12% ATK & DEF for every Ki orb obtained and for every Giant Form ally on the team he gets an extra +1% (capping at +3%) to his nuking passive giving him a total boost of 15% ATK & DEF per ki sphere with 2 more allies, since he himself counts as one. He also has The Saiyan Lineage, Shattering the Limit, Saiyan Roar and Transform to link with and a 25% chance to turn into a great ape twice for 2-3 turns of free damage and invincibility.
URSTRFashaThumb Tenacious Battlefield Diva Fasha (Giant Ape)
Fasha is a pretty good unit. Her passive changes INT ki orbs into STR ki orbs which can help Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape) get some big ATK and DEF numbers and make him guarantee a super everytime. Her passive also boosts her ATK and DEF by +30%, she also raises allies ATK by +20% when supering. Fasha as a standalone unit is not S-Tier, rather, her linking with Low-Class, High-Octane Bardock (Giant Ape) is crucial. She gives him an additional 40% ATK and +5 Ki, guaranteeing the hardest hitter a sizeable boost and a super. She links very well with her Giant Ape partners with Saiyan Pride, Saiyan Roar, Transform, and Shattering the Limit.
URSTRGiantApeRaditzThumb Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape)
This Raditz has improved a lot, and here, he is needed. His passive gives him +12% ATK and DEF per ki orb obtained (averaging +78%), and a 15% chance to turn into a great ape twice. He can act as a pseudo-wall. However, his links make him shine in this team, sharing Shattering the Limit, The Saiyan Lineage, Brutal Beatdown, Saiyan Roar and Transform.
Thumb phy ssr bergomo Limitless Power Bergamo (Giant Form)
Bergamo is a unit from the Tournament of Power, his passive gives himself +20% ATK every time he's attacked, with a maximum of 120%, and when your HP is 80% or below he has a chance to go Giant. Every time he supers he gets a 30% DEF for 6 turns, making it a 90% if you keep him in rotation, allowing him to act as a tank. He can link with Transform and Brutal Beatdown.
URPHYGiantApeGokuThumb Outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
An overall average unit, this Goku is well rounded with a decent 80% ATK up with his passive and the ability to transform twice, allowing him to hit relatively hard and links well with other great ape saiyans (who would likely make a Giant Category team) with Saiyan Roar and Transform.
Card 1013250 thumb Greedy Attack Mode Shugesh (Giant Ape)
Shugesh was a unit in desperate need of a rebirth and now that he's got one he's become considerably more useful. His passive gives all allies +7000 ATK and DEF and for every Giant Form ally in the team he gives an extra +2000 (Up to +6000), in this category he will give ATK +7000 and DEF +13000 to all allies, although most people where expecting a percentage boost upgrade he is one of the only, if not the only flat boost support passive that actually gives a significant enough buff to be viable in today's meta. Unfortunately he is more of defensive support and this team is already very strong defensively. His linkset here is pretty good having Saiyan Roar, Transform, Shattering the Limit and The Saiyan Lineage. He can transform into a great ape twice where most of his damage will come from.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
AGLURKidGoku Full-On Strike Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
Goku is a pretty good addition to the Giant Form Category team. He gains ATK & DEF +70% at the start of the turn which is pretty good. He's only somewhat brought down by his rare chance of transforming, unlike most other Giant Ape characters which have an increased chance. He does come with great links though, such as Transform, Shattering the Limit, and Saiyan Roar.
Card 1013230 thumb
Intense Saiyan Impulse Bardock (Giant Ape)
Bardock is an farmable unit from the renewed A Lone Warrior's Last Battle like with Devastating Carnage Nappa who awakens into Giant Ape, Bardock's renewed form can be awakened into Bardock(Giant Ape) whom is an amazing unit. Of course, like all units it isn't perfect nor the best. Bardock's passives gives him a decent ATK, and DEF boost of 50%, along with and additional +50% ATK going to 100% ATK in total if your "lucky", Bardock's passive is really good for something like a Super Battle Road like event. Otherwise, Bardock Super Attack gives him a +30% ATK increase for 1 turn which is a decent boost for a unit of his kind. Along with this Bardock can also become a decent AGL and Giant Form Category leader! He also has some decent links such as Saiyan Warrior Race, Transform, The Saiyan Lineage, and Saiyan Roar which gives him the ability to link up very well. Overall, Bardock is a fairly useful unit if needed and can get the job done, he is very ampered by being inferior to his TEQ counterpart who has a much more reliable passive and better stats.
URAGLGreatApeVegetaThumb Power for the Death-Match Vegeta (Giant Ape)
Basically the same as the Goku (Youth) above but with one flaw. Vegeta does gain the same boost, ATK & DEF Up by 70%, but with a shafted HP restriction. Although it isn't that bad of a restriction, being when HP is 80% or below. The one benefit he has over the Goku above is that he has a better chance of transforming into a Giant Ape but he HP restriction can still hurt. He does link well though with Transform, Shattering the Limit, and Saiyan Roar.
Thumb 1013121 Demon King's Vengeance Piccolo Jr. (Giant Form)
Piccolo Jr's Rebirth has definitely made him a much better unit with lots of utility. His passive skill lowers all enemies ATK and DEF by 20%, and gives him a medium chance to stun. He increases your team's survivability however in a team where all units have an invincible form its value isn't as great. His links are ok having Big Bad Bosses, Transform and Shattering the Limit.

C Tier

Card Reasoning

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 6356 Unquestionable Cruelty Nappa (Giant Ape)
Nappa is a farmable unit from the A New Threat!!! The Saiyan Warrior Race event, that unfortunately is very bad, at least in this team. His passive gives INT type 25% ATK and DEF and gives a Super Rare Chance to turn into a Great Ape. There are many flaws with this. First off, there are very little INT units in the Giant category as there is, so his support is essentially a very weak self boost. His chance for turning into a Great Ape is SEVEN percent, so most of the time he won't even turn into one. To make things even worse, his links are mediocre, able to link with some units with Saiyan Roar and Saiyan Warrior Race, but that's about it. His ki multiplier is OK, but the extreme damage isn't. He can be decent filler, but there are better choices.

F Tier

Card Reasoning

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
Card_1014940_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The Deadly Cell Games Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr. (S Tier)*
As the first summonable LR of this type, Cell is an excellent addition to this team. His passive unconditionally gives a +90% ATK and DEF boost and he also gains an additional +1 Ki and +10% ATK for each enemy on the field so he gets a guaranteed +100% ATK in total if he fights at least one enemy. His Super Attack regenerates health for your team for further sustainability and also affects all enemies which makes him a godsend for World Tournaments and Super Battle Road while his Ultra Super Attack greatly raises his attack for one turn which allow him to hit exceptionally hard. He links ok with his team with Shocking Speed, Big Bad Bosses, and Fierce Battle and can link with his TUR form for a total of +6 Ki, +40% & +500 ATK, and +25% DEF. All this combined makes Cell a very good addition to this team.
Thum 1009090 Open The Gates of Hell Coora (Final Form) (S Tier)*
Coora is currently the main leader for Extreme PHY teams. He possesses a powerful passive that grants him a massive boost to both his attack and defense, while also earning him an additional attack. There is also a medium chance that this additional attack will become a super attack, piling on even more damage. His links aren't the greatest as he can struggle for ki since he only has Shocking Speed which isn't very common here, but he has strong attack links such as Fierce Battle, Thirst for Conquest and Big Bad Bosses.
Thum TURomegashenronPHY Crashing Maelstrom Omega Shenron (S Tier)*
Omega Shenron is the main lead for Shadow Dragon Saga teams. His passive grants him a guaranteed additional attack and a 120% attack boost, while also lowering all enemies ATK and DEF by 20%, and he has nice links like Fierce Battle, Shocking Speed, Brutal Beatdown and Big Bad Bosses.
Thum 1004250 1 Emperor's Devotion Frieza (Full Power) (S Tier)*
Full Power Frieza was the original mono PHY leader. His passive grants him a +120% attack boost when launching a super attack, and he has an immense modifier on his supers. Additionally, he gains above-average stat boosts in the potential system. His new Extreme Z-Awakening gives him the +3 Ki and DEF +30% as the first attacker and he also gets an additional +30% DEF for 3 turns when launching a Super Attack which allows him to tank pretty decently, but more importantly is that his max SA of 15 and his LR-like stats allow him to easily surpass units who get the full boost of the leader. There is only 1 downside to him at that's the fact that he only gains the 3 ki and 30% defense AFTER he's actually attacked which can lead him to his downfall. If he tanks it however, then Big Bad Bosses will activate further enhancing his damage output early on in the game. He also can share Nightmare and Fierce Battle with other units.
Thumb 1014930 The Final Battle Begins Cell (Perfect Form) (S Tier)*
This Perfect Form Cell is his LR counterpart best linking partner and a very good unit to add to this team, if you are lucky enough to pull a dupe. His passive is just like the LR but weaker, supplying him with ATK & DEF +70% and Ki +1 and ATK +8% for every enemy he is fighting, meaning that at least he will be getting ATK +78% and DEF +70% alongside 1 extra Ki and his Super Attack can affect all enemies. This can make him fairly powerful and coupled with his healing abilities he can be a great addition. Not to mention he activates all of his LR counterpart links aside from Legendary Power.
Card_1009630_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The Ultimate Fighting Squadron Captain Ginyu (Ginyu Force) (S Tier)*
The Ginyu Force has a lot to offer in terms of support. Their passive provides +3 ki and +7777 ATK to all allies, and their 18 ki super attack boosts the DEF of all allies by 30% for the rest of the turn. Along with both Fear and Faith and Shocking Speed, they will often launch their 18 ki super attack, and their allies will often super attack as well.

(*) Only when Thumb 1013710 is the leader.

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