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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1012700
Ruthless Invader Raditz
Raditz is the main leader of the Low-Class Warrior Category, and overall, he is a nice unit here. He gets a +50% ATK boost, which combined with his high ATK stat and ability to hit multiple enemy’s with his super, allows him to hit decently hard. He gets an additional +6 Ki and +30% ATK and DEF when facing 2 or more enemies, which lets him hit a bit harder and sets him up for an easy super. Raditz does possess a semi-decent link set with The Saiyan Lineage, Saiyan Warrior Race and Prepared for Battle, which is great. But what is his real flaw is his HP, being the second lowest in the game for a TUR, less then the AGL TUR Yamcha. But overall, he is the only leader for such a category and an optimal unit, giving 4 ki, 40% HP and DEF and 80% ATK.
Card_1014020_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Dazzling Life Force Bardock
Bardock is the LR lead for Super PHY types and a very powerful one. His passive gives him an unconditional +70% increase to ATK and DEF, if he launches an ultra super he gets a bonus +30% giving him a total of 121% ATK when launching an ultra super. This was done most likely to compensate losing the +50% to SA multiplier for 1 turn that he has on his regular super since he trades it for a seal. His passive also gives him Ki +4 if facing one enemy and an extra +60% DEF if facing 2 or more. His linkset is very good having Prepared for Battle, Shattering the Limit, The Saiyan Lineage, Saiyan Pride and Team Bardock. His LR stat makes him not only unique on this team but required to beat any tougher event with this team.
Thumb 1013570 Explosive Evolution Turles
Turles is the Movie Bosses Category leader and is one of the best unit in this category and is MUST-HAVE for anyone wanting to run this team. In his untransformed state, his passive supplies his allies and himself with Ki +3 and ATK +40% for all allies and debuffing Super Type enemies ATK by 15%. However, once transformed, Turles really starts to dominate the field. His transformed passive allows him to regain 15% HP at the start of the turn. He also gives himself an ATK & DEF boost of 130% and debuffs Super Type enemies DEF by 80%. When linked with his best buddy Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape), he boosts his ATK enormously. Turles also shares common links such as Prepared for Battle and Saiyan Warrior Race.
Thumb 1013680
Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape)
Great Ape Turles was in need for a good Dokkan Awakening, and he got a great one. His passive guarantees a Super Attack when at 9 Ki and gives him a 90% boost in ATK when Ki is 9 or more, which he will have no problem reaching. Great Ape Turles also serves another purpose; to be Explosive Evolution Turles' best friend. He gives Turles a 55% boost in ATK through links without Big Bad Bosses' and with it he gives Turles an 80% boost to ATK. Not to mention he possess' other common link skills with the team such as Saiyan Roar, Prepared for Battle and Transform.
URTEQBardock Low-Class, High-Octane Bardock (Giant Ape)
Bardock is a very powerful unit designed for pure offense. His passive boosts his ATK by +100% when HP is at 30% or above and gives him a 25% chance to turn into a great ape twice. He also boosts his own ATK by +50% when launching a super attack, making him one of the hardest hitters in a Low-Class Warrior category team. Like most of his Giant Ape friends he links fairly well with Shattering the Limit, Transform, Saiyan Roar, Saiyan Pride and The Saiyan Lineage.
Card 1013240 thumb Plucky Low-Class Warrior Tora (Giant Ape)
Tora's rebirth gave him a massive boost in power and placing on this tier list. He causes supreme damage and lowers ATK with his Flame Bullet. "Shattering the Limit" grants him even better linking power with his teammates on Team Bardock. But his Passive Skill has gotten the biggest improvement of all. No longer does his all allies' 3 Ki boost rely on maintaining HP at 80% or below. Alongside this boost is a useful ATK +30% for all allies. He recovers 6% HP for each "Giant Form" Category ally on your team (up to 18%), and has his Giant Ape transformation maximum increased to 2. Top it all off with his fairly good stats and the Hidden Potential system buff for "Giant Form" units, and Tora is one top-notch unit on "Low-Class Warrior".
Card 1013260 thumb Feverish Battlefield Borgos (Giant Ape)
Borgos' rebirth, combined with the Hidden Potential System buff for "Giant Form" units, has culminated into a very powerful fighter here on "Low-Class Warrior". He raises his ATK for 3 turns after firing his Angry Launcher, and the addition of "Shattering the Limit" to his linkset allots for better synergy with other members of this Category. Borgos' nuking capability has been boosted from a 7% ATK increase per Ki Sphere obtained to ATK & DEF +12%. Additionally, he gets ATK & DEF +1% per "Giant Form" ally on your team (to a maximum of 3%), and his Giant Ape transformation capability has increased to up to 2 times. Combined with a fair 140% SA Multiplier, Borgos has great potential on a "Low-Class Warrior" team.
URSTRFashaThumb Tenacious Battlefield Diva Fasha (Giant Ape)
Fasha is a pretty good unit. Her passive changes INT ki orbs into STR ki orbs which can help Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape) get some big ATK and DEF numbers and make him guarantee a super everytime. Her passive also boosts her ATK and DEF by +30%, she also raises allies ATK by +20% when supering. Fasha as a standalone unit is not S-Tier, rather, her linking with Low-Class, High-Octane Bardock (Great Ape) is crucial. She gives him an additional 40% ATK and +5 Ki, guaranteeing the hardest hitter a sizeable boost and a super. She links very well with her Giant Ape partners with Saiyan PrideSaiyan RoarTransform, and Shattering the Limit.
URSTRGiantApeRaditzThumb Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape)
This Raditz has improved a lot, and here, he is needed. His passive gives him +12% ATK and DEF per ki orb obtained (averaging +78%), and a 15% chance to turn into a great ape twice. He can act as a pseudo-wall, but he'll do most of his damage in great ape form. However, his links make him shine in this team, sharing Nightmare, Shattering the Limit, Saiyan Warrior Race, The Saiyan Lineage and Brutal Beatdown with the INT Raditz, and since he doesn't share a name with him, he gets over 20% ATK and 3 extra ki. This makes this Raditz a perfect option for this team. He also assists the Great Ape units with Saiyan Roar and Transform.
Card 1013230 thumb Intense Saiyan Impulse Bardock (Giant Ape)
Previously farmed for the sole purpose of raising other Bardocks' Super Attacks, this Bardock received a massive power boost. He can act as a "Giant Form" or AGL icon 50% leader, for starters. Bardock's Final Spirit Cannon causes supreme damage and raises his ATK for 1 turn. His Passive Skill grants him a 50% boost to ATK & DEF, with an additional 50% ATK boost if the team's up against 2 or more foes. And of course, his Giant Ape transformation is a wonderful asset (especially with the new Hidden Potential System buff to "Giant Form" units). Overall, Bardock is a powerful addition to the team if you don't have URTEQBardock. And even if you do have him, this Bardock still retains his use as Super Attack food, expanded to both regular Bardock cards and his TEQ counterpart. Quite nice.
Card 1013250 thumb Greedy Attack Mode Shugesh (Giant Ape)
Shugesh's rebirth launches him up a few places. He deals supreme damage and greatly lowers DEF with his Massive Catapult. His Passive Skill grants all allies' ATK & DEF +7000, along with an additional DEF +2000 for every "Giant Form" ally on your team (up to +6000), so even if Shugesh is the only one, allies are guaranteed a +9000 boost to DEF. He now gets to activate his Giant Ape transformation up to 2 times. Shugesh's flat boosts hold him back, but the Hidden Potential System buff to "Giant Form" units give our lord and savior some ground.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1013320
Endless Challenge Goku (Youth)
Previously a mediocre card from Ticket Summon: World Tournament, Kid Goku's rebirth does him justice. His Kamehameha hits for supreme damage, though his stats understandably hold him back a bit. Goku's Passive Skill has seen the biggest improvement, getting ATK & DEF +80%, along with an extra 80% ATK and 40% DEF when facing not 3, but 2 or more enemies. "Shattering the Limit" further allows this Goku to link with units on this Category. Overall, a fairly good rebirth!
URPHYGiantApeGokuThumb Outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
Kid Goku is a pretty standard unit his passive gives him ATK +80% and has a 25% chance to transform into a giant ape twice per battle, the ape form is good to mitigate damage but usually just slows you down. Although he has higher damage than his AGL counterpart he his slightly worse since he has no tanking capabilities and his main links are the same.
Thumb 1008640 Vile and Violent Turles
Turles is one of the most versatile support unit for this category. His passive provides +3 ki and +20% ATK to all allies when at 50% HP or above, and he also has a 50% chance to stun with each super attack, making him a great utility support. His links are good having Prepared for Battle and Shattering the Limit, unlike the TEQ Turles he doesn't have Nightmare but his passive compensates it.
AGLURKidGoku Full-On Strike Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
Goku is a unit obtained from the DB Saga banner from the World Tournament. After getting his rebirth this Goku got a massive upgrade and it lets him fit this category very well. His passive gives him ATK and DEF +70% unconditionally and a rare chance to turn into a Great Ape, making him a potent tank and hard hitter. He is far more usable here than in Super AGL mainly due to sharing more links, like Transform, Shattering the Limit and Saiyan Roar.
Thumb 1013111 Martial Mettle Goku
The rebirth for the WT Feet Kamehameha Goku has made him much better than what he was before. His supers now have a medium chance to stun which is becoming somewhat irrelevant but great all the same and he raises his ATK & DEF by 80% when performing supers. This can help him dish out more damage and take hits better. His links are much better for the Low Class Warrior Category with most of them linking with either Outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape) or Full-On Strike Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape). These include Kamehameha, Shattering the Limit, All in the Family and Shocking Speed. All this has bumped up his place to low A tier for the Low Class Warrior Category.
URTEQTurlesThumb Absolute Suppression Turles
Turles is a unit available via GSSR summons from the world tournament. His passive gives him +60% ATK and DEF and +3 ki for 7 turns, and he has a 50% chance to stun with a super attack. He's useful for earlier rounds, but his passive will run out on longer events. He is a great unit for this category but has a major drawback and that is sharing the same name as Vile and Violent Turles, meaning he can't be used with him. However he links slightly better with Nightmare, Prepared for Battle and Shattering the Limit.
Card 1013210 thumb Training and Refreshment Goku
Goku is a unit given as part of the Stamina Campaign. His passive increases his ATK and DEF by a max of 120% the lower your HP is, he also recovers all your HP when below 10% which can be clutch but hard to achieve. Even at full health you still get a boost, although smaller, so he always has a boost to rely on. His SA causes supreme damage and raises DEF for 3 turns allowing him to further take hits. He links greatly in this category sharing links like Kamehameha, Shattering the Limit and Prepared for Battle.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
URAGLBardockThumb Saiyan's Last Stand Bardock
Bardock is a mediocre support for this category. His passive provides +2 ki and +30% ATK to all AGL and STR type allies, he also raises ATK for 1 turn allowing your team to hit harder. However his passive gives him limited usability, he is by no means bad but his uses are so limited he can't really shine when compared to the other support unit available. He links very well though sharing Prepared for Battle, Saiyan Pride, The Saiyan Lineage and Shattering the Limit.

C Tier

Card Reasoning

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1009870 Braveness and Vigor in Action Goku (Youth)
Goku is a farmable unit from the Adventure of Gratitude special event. His passive gives him ATK +40% unconditionally, while the boost isn't big it helps him deal some damage, although he has a farmable super attack his extreme modifier and low ki multiplier prevent him from being a hard hitter. When SA level is 5 or above he can launch supers early, this is useful since he lacks good links, however more often than not no one would consider this unit for their team.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1008360 Journey to the World Goku (Youth)
Goku is a limited unit that was available at Baba's Coins Shop. This unit is very weak he gives all allies ATK and DEF +3000 (in the JP version he only gives ATK +3000) when he is the 1st attacker,unfortunately he is so weak and his links are so bad that he will never be in the 1st slot meaning his passive is pretty much non existent.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
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