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Majin Buu Saga

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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1012380
Limitless Radiance Super Vegito
PHY Super Vegito is the proper Majin Buu Saga leader. Like his AGL counterpart, he raises allies' ATK for 1 turn upon Super Attacking (30% in this case). He also reduces damage from normal attacks and counterattacks in return, and though his damage reduction is 30% weaker than AGL Super Vegito's, he makes up for it by gaining 10% ATK per attack received (maxing at 100%). He boasts Super Saiyan, Power Bestowed by God, Golden Warrior, Prepared for Battle, Infighter and Fierce Battle, all of which will be easy to activate on this particular team.
Frame SSR INT thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1012900 thumbLR icon thumbS.INT icon thumb
Fused Super Power Super Saiyan Goku & Super Saiyan Vegeta
Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta is a newer INT LR, and an amazing leader for the Potara Category, and overall an amazing unit. Like other units, they hit like trucks with either SA they do. The 18 ki SA raises their ATK so they can hit harder than before. However, the main interest is in their passive. It gives them 120% ATK and DEF unconditionally, 2 extra ki when per rainbow ki sphere acquired, and under the right condition they can fuse into Vegito for devastating counter attacks, an extra ATK and DEF boost, as well as recovering all of your HP, with an 18 ki SA that raises allies ATK by 30%. Their links are great too, having Super Saiyan, Power Bestowed by God, Fierce Battle, Legendary Power, Prepared for Battle and Fused Fighter. Another big kicker is that even when they fuse they will still link with Limitless Radiance Super Vegito, making this card nearly unstoppable.
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1016810 thumbLR icon thumbS.TEQ icon thumb
Miracle-Calling Clash Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) & Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)
LR Bros Kamehameha Gohan and Goten are the new lead for Siblings' Bond as well as the secondary lead for Goku's Family and they're great cards to have here. Their passive skill gives them an unconditional +58% ATK & DEF boost while also giving them an additional +1 Ki (up to 5) and +10% ATK & DEF (up to 100%) for each attack performed and since they're calculated separately, their boost therefore can go as high as +216%. This itself is also backed by them launching an additional attack with a medium chance of it becoming a Super allowing them to hit really hard. In addition, when the conditions are right, you can call upon Shenron to summon Goku from the Other World to perform a free ultimate damage to the enemy which allow even more DPS to finish off the enemy. Where they falter however is their linkset. While they have Super Saiyan and Fierce Battle as common attack links, having only Golden Warrior as their sole Ki link really hurts them as it could make them and other units around him struggle for Ki.
Thumb 1006790-Z Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito
Choke this EZA down if you can! There's no denying that AGL Super Vegito, once Majin Buu Saga gets a new leader that doesn't share his name, is one of the strongest units on this Category. His 30% ATK boost to allies upon Super Attacking has been increased to 35%, and though his 80% normal attack damage reduction and counterattacking haven't changed, he boasts a few new tools he can use to his advantage. He gains 40% ATK & DEF within the turn after taking a hit, and exposes the enemy's Super Attack when HP is at 40% or less, a daunting threshold but useful all the same. These gathered abilities create a spotlight for Super Vegito in the first slot, as each counterattack before his actual attack increases his chances of a Hidden Potential System additional attack, and his potential double Super Attack will grant allies an extra 70% ATK within the turn. And though he may still take heavy damage from Super Attacks, his Super Attack exposing ability allows you to organize rotations accordingly, while Vegito himself will tank everything else. His links of Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Prepared for Battle, Shocking Speed, Fused Fighter and Fierce Battle remain stellar, and his EZA-boosted stats are nothing to scoff at.
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1010160 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb
Beyond the Ferocious Flash Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta is the LR god lead for AGL types. His passive increases his ATK by a massive 150% when performing Super Attack making him a very hard hitter on a Buu Saga team. He can also AoE at 18 Ki making him valuable for the WT. While his link set is lacking, consisting of Shattering the Limit and Over in a Flash, he can link a little more to some others with Super Saiyan. However, on "Challenge" or "Dokkan" events, his 12 ki SA is the real deal since it is able to deal Mega-Colossal damage to a single enemy, which is usually a single boss. Even with semi-decent links, on a Majin Buu Saga team, Vegeta is insane and like the other LRs, he is not to be underestimated.
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1011640 thumbLR icon thumbS.AGL icon thumb
Budding Warrior Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid)
Trunks & Goten are quite different from other LRs. Their passive gives them 3-9 Ki and ATK +120% when performing a Super Attack, which allows them to hit pretty hard. Their 12 Ki Super Attack lowers either their ATK or both their ATK & DEF, which isn't so great, however; their 18 Ki Super Attack raises their DEF by 30%, and it has a 30% chance to increase both their ATK and DEF by 50% instead. However, this is all RNG, so don't rely on it too much. Their best links are Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit, but they also share Z Fighters with Ultimate Gohan and other units in the category.
Card 1017410 thumb
Rousing Fighting Spirit Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)
This brand-new Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel) is the new lead for Otherworld Warriors as well as Super Saiyan 3 and a great unit. He starts of as a Super Saiyan 2 and has an unconditional ATK & DEF boost of 100%. On top of that, he gets extra ATK & DEF dependant on HP. The more HP, the more DEF, and the less HP, the more ATK, upto an additional 60%. On top of that he gains a 30% boost to ATK & DEF when Super Attacking if he collects 3 Ki spheres, which is very easy to do so you will see that boost a lot. That Super Attack raises his ATK for 1 turn and has an immense modifier. He really shines when transforming, which you have to have an enemy above 80% HP to do, which is quite easy in Dokkan events as there are multiple stages, but in SBR if you don't attack 1 enemy for 3 turn you can also transform him. After he transforms, he gets an unconditional 120% ATK & DEF boost, and keeps the HP dependant ATK and DEF boosts where the lower the HP the greater the ATK and also the higher the HP the more the DEF, but now they are capped out at 77% instead. As well as that, when collecting 3 Ki spheres, the Goku gains a 33% chance to evade all attacks as well as an extra 33% ATK & DEF. But when he gets 6 spheres on top of that his attacks are effective against all types for that turn. His linkset as an SSJ2 is perfect for the team, having Prepared for Battle, Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Fierce Battle & Saiyan Warrior Race. Supreme Power is also seen a lot on this team. He also has Kamehameha. As an SSJ3 he drops Prepared for Battle for Over in a Flash and Saiyan Warrior Race for Limit-Breaking Form, allowing him to link better with his fellow SSJ3s, but worse overall in the team, which is a but of an issue. However, he will be fine if you link him with a character like TEQ SSJ3 Gotenks after transformation anyway. Overall, a great card for Majin Buu Saga!
Card 1006210 thumb-Z Grim Reaper of Death's Rampage Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
TEQ SS3 Gotenks's EZA turns him into a much better unit on par, or perhaps even better than his PHY counterpart. His passive gives him a +140% ATK boost when performing a Super Attack and furthermore, when his Ki is 11 or less, he gets an additional +70% DEF which is quite easy to do on this team as while Over in a Flash and Fused Fighter are common, none of them shares both links at the same time allowing him to get his 11-Ki easily. However, even if he gets his 12-Ki, it is not the end of the world as his Extreme modifier has been upgraded to SA-15 Supreme which means that he can still hit rather hard at 12-Ki.
Thum 1003210 1-Z Mystery Super Technique Super Saiyan 3 Goku
Goku was the original AGL god lead, and the first unit to receive an Extreme Z-Awakening. With this huge awakening his passive gives him +120% ATK for 7 turns, plus 70% DEF. Even if this boost is insane, in longer events it might still run out when you need it. Goku is also brought down by his lack of ki links aside from Golden Warrior and Over in a Flash. He is, however, a good link buddy with SSJ3 Angel Goku, activating every link except The Saiyan Lineage and Revival. Despite his time limit for the ATK boost, he can still hit insanely hard, and with above average stat boosts from the hidden potential system, he hits for about the damage of LR characters, making him an amazing unit in this team, no matter the attack boost loss.
Card 1011060 thumb Naught but Rampage Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks is the main lead for Super PHY. He is a very hard hitter, having a 120% ATK boost indefinately, with an additional 60% for 7 turns but at the cost of -30% DEF for 7 turns as well. Like his TEQ counterpart, he has 3 Super Attacks, and even more similarly, due to his ki links, he'll use his 12 Ki Super Attack majority of the time. However, the 12 Ki Super does immense damage instead of supreme damage. On a Majin Buu Saga team, he can link well with Super Vegito with Fierce Battle, Fused Fighter and Super Saiyan for 2 Ki and 25% extra attack. He is extremely potent on a Buu Saga Team.
Card 1009860 thumb-Z Devastating Fusion Power Super Saiyan Gotenks
Gotenks combines defense and massive damage in one perfect package, moreso now thanks to his EZA. Ever the capable Super Attack sealer, his modifier is now immense which allows him to hit quite hard. He gets 120% ATK upon Super Attacking and raises Ki by 1 and DEF by 30% for every Super Attack performed, maxing out at 3 Ki and 120% DEF. His links are great here, featuring Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle, Fused Fighter and Fierce Battle.
Thum 1003310 1-Z
Heartless Destruction Buu (Kid)
What was originally an excellent support unit that had a restriction too steep, Kid Buu been drastically improved so his restriction has been loosened up. His passive which originally gives +50% ATK and DEF to all allies when your HP is 80% or above now gives +2 Ki in addition and even if your HP falls below the threshold, he still gives a +30% ATK and DEF boost to his allies which is also the threshold when Big Bad Bosses is triggered which means that your allies can hit and tank far better. His Super has now been upgraded to immense and when you couple it with his S-Rank potential, it allows him to hit exceptionally hard even for a support. Overall, Kid Buu has received among the best Z-Awakenings and now ranks among the top supports in the game.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1010260 Astounding Transformation Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel)
SS3 Angel Goku is the main lead for Super TEQ. This SS3 Goku is all about offensive prowess, with the potential of having up to a 220% ATK buff. Goku does offer a stun chance but it's rare. Goku can link well in a Majin Buu Saga team with Golden Warrior, Super Saiyan and Fierce Battle, all links with Super Vegito. With good links and strong power, he can be extremely viable on a Buu Saga Team.
Card 1011800 thumb Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan is the main leader for units in the Hybrid Saiyans category, and he is amazing on a Buu Saga team. His Super Attack raises his ATK every time he uses it, allowing for his ATK to reach insane amounts, and he provides a 50% DEF buff to all Super type allies, which isn't exactly everybody. He also has a medium chance to guard against all attacks and a 12 ki multiplier of 150%. His links are pretty decent on a Majin Buu Saga team, with Fierce Battle, Infighter and Power Bestowed by God to link with Super Vegito. However, he his drastically hampered by his lack of Prepared for Battle, not helping over the fact that his INT counterpart's EZA only requires 1 Ki to land a Super Attack.
Card 1007190 thumb-Z Heroic Victory Declaration Super Saiyan Gotenks
STR EZA Gotenks is a useful unit to have. He raises his ATK & DEF for 1 turn when Super Attacking, plus his stun chance is now medium for added potential. No longer does his 80% ATK buff rely on a single enemy to activate, along with an additional DEF boost of the same percentage. His PHY counterpart may generally outshine him, but this Gotenks surpasses him when facing multiple enemies, at which point he becomes a prominent supporter of 1 Ki and 40% ATK & DEF to all allies, putting him on par with units like Turles and Bulla. In addition, he and PHY Gotenks have the exact same links, so no matter who you use you will have a great linking partner for most of Majin Buu Saga.
Thum 1009890-Z Everything At Stake Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta
Hail to the prince. One of 7 Ultimate Clash Warriors who got monstrous Extreme Z-Awakenings, Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta acts as a colossal defender. He raises ATK & DEF by 30% for 6 turns upon Super Attacking, allowing him to pseudo-stack. He has 90% ATK & DEF at the start of turn and will raise his DEF by an additional 15% (up to 60%) per attack received, making him an amazing tank. With Super Saiyan, Revival, Golden Warrior, Prepared for Battle and Shattering the Limit, he'll have no linking problems on Majin Buu Saga.
Thum 1006700 1-Z Ultimate Power Surge Ultimate Gohan
Prior to his EZA, Ultimate Gohan wasn't that great with his best quality being that he only needed 1 Ki to super which bridged the gap for his lack of good ki links. Now, his EZA has made him a strong unit overall on this category. His super attack now greatly raises ATK and causes immense damage. (This means that he'll do more damage over time making him dish out loads of damage.) His passive is similar to his old passive in the fact when he gets to 7 Ki, he gets an additional 5 Ki. Now he also gains ATK +80% and DEF +40% when getting to 7 Ki making him tank better and hit harder. All this combined with his link set that works well with Super Vegito including Infighter, Power Bestowed by God and Fierce Battle makes him an excellent choice for the team. The fact that he really only needs 1 Ki allows him to make room for other units on the team to get Ki which Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate Gohan could never achieve. To top it all off, he also has S-tier Potential Buffs, which means he gets a solid +7000 stats across the board making him a versatile unit.
Card 1009900 thumb-Z Silent Executioner Majin Buu (Pure Evil)
Holy yeesh, is this guy good. One of 7 Ultimate Clash Warriors who got monstrous Extreme Z-Awakenings, Evil Buu brings quite a lot to the lineup. He stacks ATK for 6 turns upon Super Attacking, has a 90% ATK & DEF buff, and reduces enemies' ATK & DEF by 20%, which would be impressive enough on its own on a Majin Buu Saga team, but when an enemy of the same Category is present, Evil Buu gains a high chance to evade attacks and a guaranteed second Super Attack, making him perfect for dealing with the Super Vegito boss at the end of that Category Super Battle Road. His stats have been buffed nicely, and his great Majin-centered links of Majin, Brutal Beatdown, Infinite Regeneration, Nightmare, The Wall Standing Tall and Shattering the Limit remain constant, along with Kamehameha to share with other non-Majin units.
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1012360 thumbLR icon thumbS.STR icon thumb

Thousandfold Plea Goku
Thousandfold Plea Goku is the LR Rainbow God Leader, plus an addition to the Majin Buu Saga team. Acting as a nuker and a tank, he gains a 77% attack boost unconditionally as well as a 7% offensive as well as defensive boost per ki orb obtained, allowing him to hit especially hard, even more on a Buu Saga Team. Furthermore, he gains a tremendous 7777 HP per orb, acting as a massive form of regeneration. His links are not the best, his main useful one being Prepared for Battle in this team, and potentially The Saiyan Lineage. This can be rainbowed easily and because of it he is easily one of the hardest hitters on the team.
Card 1015050 thumb Shocking Absorption Ability Buu (Super)
Super Buu is the leader for the "Transformation Boost" Category. In all his forms, Majin, Metamorphosis, Fear and Faith, The Wall Standing Tall, and Fierce Battle are constant Link Skills. As good ol' Super Buu, he lowers the enemy's ATK & DEF by 20% when firing a Super Attack. His transformations seem to have fair conditions (all available after the 5th turn from the battle's beginning), as he will assimilate Piccolo when HP isn't looking too hot (49% or below), to gain the most out of regeneration by recovering 15% HP at the start of turn, boosting allies' Ki by 3 and DEF by 30%, and greatly raising his DEF for 1 turn when firing his Super. With Gotenks absorbed (HP is between 50% and 79%), Buu becomes a Super Attack sealer and gains an additional ATK +30% when the enemy's ATK is lowered (reminiscent of LR Goku & Frieza). When HP isn't much of a problem (considering the many Buu units on this team, it shouldn't really be one), Super Buu will assimilate Ultimate Gohan and gain a simple yet strong passive in the form of an ATK & DEF boost of 120% and recovering 10% HP at the start of turn. Buu will also greatly raise ATK & DEF for 1 turn before firing his Super Attack. Buu is one unit you definitely want to "assimilate" into your team!
Card 1008090 thumb-Z Countdown to Despair Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)
EZA Buu (Gohan) is a stellar option for Majin Buu Saga. He greatly lowers ATK & DEF on both Super Attacks for maximum debuff power. For every Ki Sphere obtained, Buu (Gohan) gains 17% ATK, 10% DEF and 10000 HP, making him a great offensive, defensive and healing unit all in one. If he defeats an enemy/enemy phase, he will additionally recover 15% HP at that turn's end. With Majin, The Wall Standing Tall, Kamehameha, Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle, Buu (Gohan) can link well with everyone.
Card 1015110 thumb Wrathful Eruption Majin Buu (Good)
At long last, this Majin Buu receives his Dokkan Awakening. He retains his powerful ability to change INT icon Ki to STR icon Ki, along with gaining a decent ATK & DEF +50% boost. Additionally, Buu receives ATK & DEF +10% per STR icon Ki Sphere obtained - great when coupled with his 150% Ki Multiplier, and especially with his Super Attack that causes supreme damage to all enemies, boasting a rare chance to stun those hit. And of course, many of Buu's Link Skills are shared throughout the team with other Buu units, with Majin, The Wall Standing Tall and Fierce Battle being staples. A well-deserved upgrade for Buu!
Card 1009640 thumb Transcendent Majin Buu (Kid)
Kid Buu is the main leader for Extreme INT teams. His passive grants him a large attack boost unconditionally, as well as an even greater boost when above 30% HP. To help support this, Buu also regenerates 12% max HP when launching a super attack, which is ideal in this team. In a Buu Saga team, he can link mainly with Majin to link with Buuhan, and Fierce Battle to link with the rest, including SV. Overall, Kid Buu is an awesome unit for the Buu Saga team. The only thing holding him back from S Tier is, however, his lack of Ki links, which makes it harder for him to super attack than other units.
Card 1015100 thumb Universe's Bravest Hercule

The first Hercule unit with Fierce Battle, and a pretty darned good one at that. Though that Link Skill and Supreme Power might be his only good links, Hercule has insane utility. He has a strong Ki Multiplier coupled with supreme damage and a medium stun chance, along with a high chance to evade the enemy's attack (including Super Attacks). Hercule's best advantage comes in the form of reducing damage, starting at 50% and kicking up to 90% the lower your HP. A surprisingly good card for a surprisingly helpful Z Fighter (a shame he doesn't have that Link Skill)!

Thum 1008930-Z
Unyielding Kamehameha Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen)
Gohan is a rebirth unit dokkaned from the Defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan event. His passive increases his ATK by +90% when launching a super attack, which makes him a very hard hitter. He is unfortunately brought down by his lack of Prepared for Battle or Fierce Battle, but he otherwise links decently with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Kamehameha, and Shattering the Limit. Recently he got an EZA, which makes his SA level to raise up to 15 and gives him an additional 40% DEF when launching a SA, so he'll be able to tank and hit harder than before. He also raises his ATK at super, so he'll be able to get high numbers even if his EZA was a small upgrade. However since his links didn't change at all, he can't get to S tier.
Thum 1008940-Z Furious Kamehameha Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)
The EZA for Super Saiyan Goten has made an already decent support unit a much better unit. His supers now also raises his DEF by 30% for 3 turns which stacks with the new part of his passive, ATK & DEF +70% instead of his original ATK +30% meaning he can tank decently. His Ki changing is still the same and he also has the disable rampage part of his passive which can be good for new players trying to beat Broly's event. Not to mention that his stats have been boosted, he now can have a level 15 SA and become level 140, but he also has a okay nuke leader skill which can be good for those who like nuking. His links while the same, are still great with his best ones including: Golden Warrior, Saiyan Warrior Race, Super Saiyan, Kamehameha and Shattering the Limit. Overall, this EZA for Goten is definitely the best out of the Family Kamehameha trio.
Thum 1008920-Z Miraculous Kamehameha Super Saiyan Goku
A once dead unit, SSJ Goku's EZA has reeled him out of his grave and has made him skyrocket into A tier. His passive now no longer has a flat boost but instead, he gets ATK & DEF +80% along with his original Ki+3, Disable rampage and the 30%> hp restriction which while it does sound bad, you're most likely going to heal at that restriction anyway. His Supers now also raises all allies' ATK by 25% for 1 turn which is usually only good when he is in the first slot. Luckily, his passive will help him tank those hits and make your team hit harder. His EZA stats have improved him slightly but his passive more than makes up for it. To top it all off, he still has his original links which are still good especially if linked with Goten in a Super STR team. His best include: Golden Warrior, Saiyan Warrior Race, Super Saiyan, Kamehameha, Shattering the Limit.
Card 1015890 thumb Desperate Showdown Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)
Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel) is one of the stronger ki changers and better rebirths. His Super Attack greatly raises his DEF for 1 turn to defend better. Like before, he changes STR ki to AGL ki. For every Ki Sphere he obtains, Goku will gain 17% ATK, 7% DEF and 7777 HP, making him a valuable healer alongside being a good defender and attacker, even more so when he's up against a "Vegeta's Family" Category enemy, in which case his nuke boost will be increased by an additional 3% ATK & DEF. He links great with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Shattering the Limit and Prepared for Battle.
Thum 1005030 1-Z
Clutching Victory Super Saiyan 3 Goku
Goku has aged possibly the best of any unit in the game, and now with his new Extreme Z-Awakening, he's far more powerful than ever before. His previous passive boosted his ATK by +80% when at 30% HP or above. Now, on top of that, he gains an extra 30% to his ATK when your HP is 50% and up, AND another additional 30% ATK when at 80% or above, totaling to a 140% ATK boost when at full health. While he doesn't hit quite as hard as his AGL counterpart due to having normal stat boosts from the Hidden Potential system and retaining a Supreme Modifier, he still hits extremely hard with this newfound boosts, even gaining the ability to greatly reduce the opponent's DEF with his Super. Over in a Flash and Golden Warrior are his only ki links, which in a Buu Saga team is good enough and he has Super Saiyan and Fierce Battle to link for damage.
URSTRGotenksThumb Victory at Hand Gotenks
Gotenks is an unusual unit with incredible offensive power, but a somewhat restrictive passive. He gains +77% ATK unconditionally, and an additional +23% ATK when placed in the first slot. He also gives +20% ATK to all allies when launching a super attack. In a Buu Saga team, his best links are Shocking Speed, Fused Fighter and Fierce Battle. He is a nice unit and is a solid choice for a Buu Saga team.
Card 1015900 thumb Non-Negotiable Resolve Majin Vegeta
Ki changer Majin Vegeta is a good alternative to LR Majin Vegeta. He supports STR allies by changing AGL ki to STR ki. For every Ki Sphere obtained he'll gain 17% ATK & DEF, plus an additional 3% to both stats if you're up against a "Goku's Family" Category enemy. He also greatly raises ATK before Super Attacking to boost damage output further. Why he might only find use for Saiyan Pride by linking with the INT nuker Vegeta, he'll almost always have Super Saiyan, Over in a Flash and Shattering the Limit active.
Thum 1006670-Z
Hero's Return Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan's Extreme Z-Awakening boosts his ranking by a ton. His stats have been greatly improved, which pairs well with a stronger Super Attack at max level 15. Upon launching his Super Kamehameha, Gohan's ATK boost now extends to 6 turns instead of just 3. Previously, he gained an 80% ATK boost when HP is at or above 30%. Now Gohan maintains +3 Ki and ATK +100%, and boasts a 120% DEF boost when HP is 80% or above. When HP hits 79% or below, Gohan loses his massive DEF buff for a simple 40% one, but guarantees a one-time critical hit in exchange. His links remain great with All in the Family, Shocking Speed, Kamehameha, Power Bestowed by God and Fierce Battle. A great improvement for Ultimate Gohan!
Thum 1006690 Z Exceptional Potential Ultimate Gohan
Like his PHY counterpart above, Ultimate Gohan shoots higher up on the tier list thanks to his Extreme Z-Awakening. His rare stun chance on his Super Attack has been ramped up to a medium chance, and his 80% ATK buff when Ki is 6 or more has been increased to 100%. Gohan also boasts a 120% DEF boost when HP is 80% or above. When HP hits 79% or below, Gohan loses his massive DEF buff for a simple 40% one, but guarantees a one-time critical hit in exchange. He has strong links, including The Saiyan Lineage, Shocking Speed and Fierce Battle. And of course, Gohan's stats have been boosted greatly. Very, very good!
Thumb 1008420 True Value of the Potara Vegito
Vegito was the strongest support unit for a long time, and he still holds his own today. His passive gives +30% ATK and DEF to all allies, and he boosts the ATK of all allies by an additional +25% when launching a super attack. His best asset in a Buu Saga team however is his links, with Super Vegito alone he links with Fused Fighter, Fierce Battle, Prepared for Battle and Power Bestowed by God, for even more attack and 2 extra ki. This makes him an amazing option for support on a Buu Saga team.
Frame SSR PHY thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1013390 thumbLR icon thumbS.PHY icon thumb
Blazing Love and Burning Justice Great Saiyaman 1 & 2
The LR Great Saiyamans that are obtained from Friend Summons are good support units in this team particularly given their free-to-play status. Their passive ability gives all super type allies of +4 Ki and +50% DEF which makes them especially useful in this category given that Majin Buu Saga units as a whole struggle for Ki and also allows the team to tank more successfully. His 12-Ki Super Attack seals the enemy while his 18-Ki Super gives all his allies ATK +30% for 2 turns so you do not need place him on the first rotation to benefit from this as the next rotation will still benefit from it. His links aren't exactly great in the team, with only Shattering the Limit and Legendary Power being the consistent ones but his support more than makes up for it.
URPHYSS2Gohan Vanguard Warrior's True Value Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Teen)
Bandai really has a habit of turning near-useless SSRs into optimal Dokkan Awakened units, and this Gohan is no exception. His passive provides an ATK and DEF buff of 35% to all allies unconditionally, and even though he does not provide ki, this team has enough to compensate. His Super also greatly raises his ATK and has a supreme modifier. This, coupled with his 145% 12 ki multiplier, can allow him to hit pretty hard. Topping it all off as a great link set, and in the Buu Saga team that includes Super Saiyan, Shocking Speed, Shattering the Limit and Golden Warrior, linking to many S Tier allies.
Thumb 1014270 Shining-Gold Justice Great Saiyaman (SS2)
The WT reward for the 25th tournament, Great Saiyaman SS2 is an excellent support unit for the team and ranks among the best WT cards in the game. His passive gives Ki +2 and 30% ATK & DEF to all Super Class allies which works particularly well if your team is Super-inclined. He also links excellently with the team, featuring Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Shocking Speed, and Prepared for Battle.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum SS2 Saiya UR Furious Instincts Great Saiyaman (SS2)
SSJ2 Great Saiyaman is a great addition to the team. He gets a +90% ATK boost from his passive, causes supreme damage and raises his ATK for 3 turns, and he also has very good links such as Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle, Golden Warrior, Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit. So not only he'll hit hard, but he'll also link very well with the rest of the team, including the LRs of this category.
Thum 1008890 Heading for a Showdown Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel)
Goku is a farmable unit that comes from a long line of Dokkan awakenings, all dating back to the An Epic Showdown event. His passive has a high chance to increase his ATK by +180%, and he links well in a Buu Saga team with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior and Fierce Battle. If you don't have the Astounding Transformation Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Angel), this card is an excellent replacement, but still not as hard hitting.
Card 1015870 thumb Unstoppable Battle Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)
The Battlefield counterpart of his AGL self above, Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel) is surprisingly amazing, having a Leader Skill that outshines LR Vegito Blue's for a start, making him good for, well, Battlefield. Like his AGL self, he greatly raises DEF before Super Attacking to tank. He gets ATK & DEF +40% at the start of the turn for 4 turns. To compensate for this short-lived boost, Goku will gain 30% DEF for every attack performed (maxing at 120%) and 30% ATK for every hit taken (up to 180%). His Link Skills are pretty nice here, having Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Shattering the Limit and Prepared for Battle.
Card 1015880 thumb Fight for Pride Majin Vegeta
If you don't have LR Majin Vegeta, this Battlefield-acquired Majin Vegeta and his STR counterpart can be great substitutes. He greatly raises ATK before Super Attacking and gets 40% to ATK & DEF for 4 turns from the start of the turn. For every attack performed he'll get 30% DEF (up to 180%), and for every attack received he'll get 30% ATK (up to 120%). Pretty good, especially taking his Leader Skill and linkset into consideration, the latter of which has great links including Super Saiyan, Over in a Flash, Shattering the Limit and Royal Lineage.
URPHYBuutenks Love of the Throne Majin Buu (Gotenks)
Buutenks is a pretty strong unit that, like some others on this team, combines offense and defense. His passive gives him +100% ATK and lowers the DEF of Super type enemies by -50%. Even still, with this he can deal tons of damage, and he provides defense by sealing supers with his super attack. On top of this he links pretty well, and in a Buu Saga team he has Metamorphosis to link with Buuhan for regen, Majin linking to Kid Buu for attack buffs, and Fierce Battle to link with most of the rest for ki.
URPHYBrolyTrunksThumb Glorious Battle Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid)
Trunks was a great unit who was in requirement of a rebirth. He now gets +100% ATK when launching his Super Attack, and he also gets +50% ATK added to his SA modifer when launching consecutive super attacks. He has an incredible link set that allows him to greatly boost SSJ & SSJ3 Gotenks, with links such as Budding Warrior, The Innocents and Super Saiyan. He's a great unit that can fit in a Majin Buu saga team.
URAGLBrolyGotenThumb Struggle Beyond All Expectations Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)
Goten's been a good unit for a while, but he needed a rebirth to really shine. His passive grants him +90% ATK unconditionally, and he also gets +50% ATK added to his SA multiplier when launching consecutive super attacks. He also has plenty of great links, and for the Buu Saga Team that would be Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior and Prepared for Battle, all of which would link to Super Vegito. He would be a solid unit for Buu Saga, but not exceptional.
URSTR18Thumb Clever Tactics Android #18
Android #18 is a unit that balances defense with great offensive power. Her passive gives her +50% ATK unconditionally, and an additional +50% ATK and DEF when at 50% HP or above, and she gets +50% ATK added to her SA modifier for 6 turns when launching a super attack, up to +100% if she supers every turn. Therefore it is important that she super attacks every turn, though unfortunately her main links are Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit.
A New Destination Ultimate Gohan
Gohan's rebirth has given him the skills he needs to ramp his way up the tier list. His stun chance has been boosted from rare to medium, which helps his case (although stunning may not be as relevant as it once was). His previous passive granted him Ki +2 and ATK +70% when HP is 50% or above. Now, this ATK boost is coupled with a DEF boost, and both are not restricted by the team's health. When HP is 50% or above, Gohan now gains Ki +3 and an additional ATK & DEF +30%. The addition of both Shattering the Limit for Ki and Z Fighters as a strong attack link bolsters Gohan's usefulness. And he still has Power Bestowed by God, Infighter, Shocking Speed and The Saiyan Lineage to link with. A strong replacement for his STR and INT counterparts if you don't have them on hand.
SSRTEQBrolyTrunksThumb Inborn Pride Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid)
Trunks is very similar to Goten, receiving a nice ATK boost of 80%, as well as the chance to reduce incoming damage by 40%. The only negative is that the damage is only reduced when Trunks' guard is activated, rather than at all times. Other than this, he packs a good punch with a nice link set, which matches Goten's exactly. Again however, the only thing holding him back from A Tier is his Ki multiplier.
SSRINTBrolyGotenThumb Inborn Fearlessness Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)
Goten is a balanced unit with both good ATK and DEF capability. He can hit hard for an SSR with a nice 80% boost, and also has the capability to tank well with a high change for a 40% reduction to attacks. He even has a nice link set to complement this, with Super Saiyan and Prepared for Battle. The only thing holding him back from A Tier is his Ki Multiplier.
Thum 1010270 Returning from the Otherworld Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)
Goku is a solid unit that is useful in a Majin Buu Saga team. His passive grants him +12000 ATK and +5 ki when placed in the 3rd slot, meaning you can focus on giving ki to other units. He also links incredibly well, with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Kamehameha, Prepared for Battle, and Fierce Battle. He is barely out of A Tier due to him not being as important as some others, as he is easily outclassed by their uses compared to his, but is still a very solid unit due to such.
URAGLSSGotenksThumb Reckless Strength Super Saiyan Gotenks
This Gotenks is a fairly useful in this team. His passive boosts his ATK by +15% per ki orb obtained; averaging +97.5%. He has a stellar link set, with Fused Fighter, Prepared for Battle, Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior and Fierce Battle, all of which syngerise with Super Vegito. Even without an orb changer, Gotenks is very strong in his own right. Unfortunately, he has a very bad 12 Ki multiplier which slides him down a list a few places.
Thumb 1008430 Fusion Fighter's Attack Vegito
Vegito is a good unit that is very under utilized. His passive skill gives him +12% for each Ki sphere, giving him great damage output. His Super ATK can increase allies ATK by 30%, and he links very well with Prepared for Battle, Fused Fighter, and Fierce Battle, and can activate Power Bestowed by God for Super Vegito.
Thum TURgokussjAGI Strike of Gratitude and Respect Super Saiyan Goku
Goku is a free unit that was distributed during the 1st anniversary campaign and the 200M downloads campaign. His passive grants him +10% ATK and DEF per ki orb obtained (averaging +65% total), and his super attack gives +20% ATK to all allies. He may seem a bit underwhelming, but the extra defense is very good for this team. He also links well in a Buu Saga team, linking with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Shattering the Limit and Supreme Power, making him very reliable for this team.
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1010900 thumbLR icon thumbS.TEQ icon thumb
Extraordinary Friendship Hercule
Hercule is a free LR that you can get only with time, Friend Points and lots of Zeni. His only useful links are Supreme Power, Shattering the Limit and The Innocents. His passive has a great chance of ATK +20000 and Ki +7, making him strong, but unreliable. He's not bad, but he doesn't fit in a Buu Saga team.
Card 1009490 thumb The Spirited Golden Warrior Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen)
Gohan was the 14th World Tournament reward. His passive grants +2 Ki and +25% ATK & DEF to all Super Type allies, and he has a rare chance to stun with his super attack. This makes him an incredibly powerful support unit, and while his only good links are Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior and The Saiyan Lineage, due to his passive he doesn't need many ki links. He also shares Z Fighters with LR Trunks & Goten, LR Spirit Bomb Goku and Ultimate Gohan, for an additional +15% ATK.
Thum 1008580 Shattering Strike Super Saiyan 2 Goku
One of the first really good rebirths. SS2 Goku's passive grants +2 ki and +20% ATK to all allies. He also links quite well for a support unit, with Prepared for Battle, Super Saiyan and Golden Warrior as his main ones for the Buu Saga. However, he doesn't give a DEF boost and he may overload SS3 Gotenks with ki, but still a great unit for a Buu Saga team.
AGLSSRVegito Overwhelming Combat Strength Vegito
Vegito was the 18th World Tournament reward. His passive gives ATK +30% to Super Type allies, making him a solid support unit. He also gains DEF +100% after attacking in the first slot, and his super attack gives an additional ATK +20% to all allies' SA multiplier. However, being a support unit, he's more deserving of the third slot, which is why he can't really be used at his full potential, in most cases he'll just provide the +30% ATK increase to the team. Still, that can be good enough if you don't have better support units, and he does have Prepared for Battle, Fused Fighter and Power Bestowed by God. This makes Vegito a solid unit on a Buu Saga team.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1008110 Tactics Evolved Majin Buu (Gotenks)
This Super Buu is the one of the only sealers for a Buu Saga team, but while sealing is his game, his lack of good ki links make him very inconsistent, though still has Majin and Metamorphosis. His passive boosts his ATK by +12% for each STR ki orb obtained, which can give a small boost, but it won't mean much due to his extreme modifier. He is useful if you really need a sealer, but is more of a filler in this team.
Thumb ssgotenksteq True Child Prodigy Super Saiyan Gotenks
Gotenks is a really good filler, as well as one of the only orb changers for the team. His passive changes all AGL type orbs into rainbow orbs (which here, is not really that useful), and boosts his ATK by +20%. He's not great for damage, but he has decent synergy in this team. This is especially true with his linkset, which in a Buu Saga team includes Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Fused Fighter, Prepared for Battle. He is a great filler, but barely out the B Tier due to many more great attackers, especially with extreme damage on his SA, plus his orb changing that will not be viable in this team.
MajinVegetaDokkan Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta
TEQ Majin Vegeta is an All-Target Super Attack unit. His passive increases his ATK by +50% unconditionally, and he has a 15% chance to stun each enemy with a super attack. Vegeta is slightly brought down by his links in a Buu Saga aside from Super Saiyan, Shattering the Limit, and Golden Warrior, plus he has an extreme modifier on his super attack. If you don't have his AGL counterpart, use this until you have it, but he isn't the greatest.
Thum 1008120 Strategic Extermination Majin Buu (Piccolo)
Buucolo is very useful. His ability to heal is very useful for Majin Buu Saga, making it very hard to kill. He doesn't link very well with the Saiyans, but links like Majin, The Wall Standing Tall, and Nightmare help him link with the Majins on the team, overall making him very good for this team.
URAGLSaiyamanThumb Passion for Peace Great Saiyaman
Great Saiyaman can be purchased from the Baba Shop for 30,000 points (100,000 on JP). His passive gives +2 ki to AGL types and has a great chance to give +30% ATK & DEF to AGL types. While he's not as consistent as other supports, He gives big boosts and also links well with Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit. His support is very limited but he can provide ki to LR Majin Vegeta which is a big plus for getting that 17 ki super attack.
Card 1007610 thumb Whirlwind Strike Super Saiyan 2 Goku
Goku is an unusually strong support unit, giving +3 ki to TEQ and STR types and dealing immense damage with his supers. However, immense damage with no ATK boost isn't nearly enough to match a with the strong damage dealers. Goku links well in the Buu Saga team with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Prepared for Battle and Infighter, but he's only a filler and only good if you really need the ki.
URINTDaburaThumb Strike From on High Dabura
Dabura is the dokkaned version of the psuedo-demigod for INT types bought from the Baba Shop for 30,000 trade points (100,000 in JP), and he's a nice support unit. His passive gives INT types an unconditional 2 ki, and also has a great chance to give INT types + 30% ATK and DEF. The ATK and DEF buffs are not guaranteed for all units, but the great chance means it will activate most of the time, meaning it's good for the INT types. He also links nicely in a Buu Saga team with Fear and Faith, Nightmare and Shattering the Limit, and can launch supers early at SA lvl 10. Not a great unit, but a decent filler if you need it.
Thum 1008560 Long-awaited Serious Duel Super Saiyan 2 Goku
SS2 Goku provides lots of ki for the team, and nothing else. His passive gives all allies +3 ki when at 99% HP or below. Thankfully, his passive is almost always active. His only really good links in a Buu Saga team are Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, and potentially Shattering the Limit, and is not really much in such a team like this.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1009960 Birth of a Hero Gohan (Teen)
Gohan is available via GSSR summons from the World Tournament. His passive grants him +3 ki and +15000 ATK when facing two or more enemies, and he has a 25% chance to stun with his super attack. He is unfortunately very situational and you should only ever use him for events that have 2 or more enemies for a majority of the time since his aren't too bad for this team having The Saiyan Lineage, Shattering the Limit, Revival and Power Bestowed by God.
Thumb gotenksint True Child Prodigy Super Saiyan Gotenks
The black sheep of the two True Child Prodigies. While his passive is neat, it's nothing impressive, unless your team is starved for ki, and he has an Extreme modifier on his super. His only saving grace is his pretty good linkset, the moost important ones being Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Fused Fighter, Prepared for Battle, which all link to SV. While this is good, there are plenty more characters that support the Buu Saga team and he is barely out of C due to such.
Thum 1005000 1 Uncontrollable Instinct Buu (Kid)
A poor Dokkan, Kid Buu lost purpose as a result of meta. Even though he is better in this team, he still has terrible DEF, low multiplier and a passive that has lost meaning. His links only improve in a Buu Saga team, getting Infinite Regeneration, Fierce Battle and Majin, but regardless, he is awful on this team.
Card 1007120 thumb Majin on the Loose Majin Buu (Good)
Majin Buu here is a prime example of a failed rebirth. His passive recovers 25% of your max HP if it drops below 40%. It can be useful in a pinch, but he doesn't heal much, so it would be in your best interest to heal with an item anyway. His links in a Buu Saga team are Revival, Shattering the Limit, Infinite Regeneration and Majin which is pretty decent, but still makes him unreliable. And to top it off, he has an extreme modifier on his super attack. Not a good unit to play with in this team.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1005080 thumb Return from the Dark Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel)
Vegeta is a farmable unit from the Power at the Pinnacle dokkan event. His passive grants him +50% ATK and DEF when at 50% HP or below, which is hard to achieve due to this teams massive healthpool and great defensive capabilities. And though he is meant to deal damage, evident as Golden Warrior, Royal Lineage, and Super Saiyan are his only good links, he is held back greatly by his extreme modifier and weak ki multiplier.
Thum 1003580 1 Hero of Love and Justice Great Saiyaman
Great Saiyaman is, frankly, very weak. His passive merely grants him +2500 ATK when at 50% HP or above, he has a huge modifier, awful links, and a poor multiplier. However, he can greatly lower ATK, which can be useful in certain scenarios. Events in general are getting immunities to status lowering so that brings is usage down even further plus with such a defensive team you will rarely take much damage anyways.
Thum 1004410 1 Murderous Designs Buu (Super)
Super Buu is very old, and weak as a result. His passive gives him +2 ki when at HP is 50% or above, which will have its uses but gives no merit in battle. And though he has a farmable super attack, he has an extreme modifier on his super attack, so he still can't hit very hard. His links are OK in this team, having Majin, Metamorphosis and Infinite Regeneration, but his uses on this team are still extremely low.
Thum 1003590 1 Goddess of Peace Great Saiyaman 2
Bad passive, low stats, no good links and a huge super multiplier are all reasons why this card is bad. The only good thing she does have is she's able to greatly lower DEF, which can be useful, although it rarely is. And her links are not good either, only having Infighter at best. No uses for this on a Buu Saga team.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
Overflowing Power Vegito (B tier)
This Vegito is dropped from the 1st Stage of Supreme Fusion! Blazing Potara and drops already Z-Awakened. He is a great support unit and can be a leader for the Majin Buu Saga Category if you don't have Super Vegito. His Passive raises his own ATK & DEF by +40% and he gives all of his allies +2 Ki. He also causes extreme damage to the enemy and raises his allies ATK by +20% for 1 turn whenever he Super Attacks. He links well with Prepared for Battle, Supreme Power, and Saiyan Warrior Race.
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