Universe Survival Saga

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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1015670 thumb
Assassin's Ultimate Technique Hit
Hit is Dokkan's first dual Category Leader, the main leader for his "Universe 6" Category (170%) and an alternative leader for the "Universe Survival Saga" Category (150%). Like other Hit cards, this one excels in stunning, with a medium chance to do so on his Super Attack and a high chance to do so for 1 turn from his Passive Skill, making him a great partner with Jiren. The enemy Hit attacks gets ATK -20% and DEF -80%, making the assassin a strong debuffer particularly in triggering LR Goku and Frieza's 3rd ATK boost. He also gets ATK +120% when launching his Super Attack, along with an 80% ATK buff and the Gogeta effect when the enemy is stunned (attacks effective against all Types). Tournament of Power grant Hit a lot of ki, and he shares Shocking Speed, Cold Judgment, Infighter, and Fierce Battle with with Jiren. He also has Experienced Fighters with Miraculous Outcome Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel). This Hit is an insanely good card that is definitely worth summoning for.
Thumb 1013940
Absolute Power Jiren
Jiren is the original leader for Universe Survival Saga, and is still an incredibly powerful unit. His passive gives him an unconditional ATK & DEF +130%, which allows him to hit incredibly hard, as well as tank really well. He also has a medium chance to stun all enemies, which is really helpful for difficult events while at the same time allow the other leader Hit to activate the second part of his ATK boost passive as well. His passive also lets him deal guaranteed crits when attacking a stunned enemy. He has some pretty good links like Shocking Speed, Godly PowerFierce Battle, and Tournament of Power. He also links very well with Toppo and Dyspo but especially the latter whom he can link for a +50% ATK boost and +5 Ki.
Card_1014970_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Miraculous Outcome Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)
LR Goku & Frieza are extremely good, even by LR standards, and are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their passive boosts their ATK & DEF by 77% when attacking, plus an additional ATK +77% when launching their Ultra Super Attack. Not only that, but Goku & Frieza gain another ATK +77% boost when the enemy is in a state of lowered ATK. These boosts are all under single calculation, making a maximum ATK boost of a godly +231%! The addition of more units that have ATK-lowering abilities makes it a lot easier for the astounding duo to activate the third offensive boost from their Passive Skill. With an incredible Link Skill set of Over in a Flash, Shocking Speed, Tournament of Power and Fierce Battle, along with absolutely devastating stats, Goku & Frieza are undoubtedly among the best in Dokkan.
Card_1016840_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The Strongest Pair in the Universe Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale
Caulifla & Kale are one of the strongest new units to arrive to Dokkan. They stack DEF on both Super Attacks, which is really nice when coupled with their guaranteed additional attack and 66% ATK & DEF boost. The two also get an additional Super Attack should the opponent be in either the "Universe Survival Saga" or "Pure Saiyans" Category. What really ramps up their offensive power is a 10% ATK boost per ally in the three aforementioned Categories (a requirement that will almost always be met here), allowing them to reach astounding levels of power. In addition, they are self-supportive in terms of ki, raising it by 1 (up to 6) and their chance to evade incoming attacks & Super Attacks by 6% (up to 66%) with every launched attack of their own, which again couples well with the additional attacks they already have built in. Even without a Kefla mechanic, Caulifla & Kale are extremely good, and all of their Link Skills, especially Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6 and Fierce Battle are commonly found on the team. Witness the power of sisterly Saiyans in action!
Thumb 1014910 Last-Ditch Battle Android #17
Android #17, the main leader for the Androids category is an outstanding choice for this team. His passive gives him a +120% ATK boost when performing a Super Attack allows him to hit hard while also giving all his allies +3 Ki and +60% DEF along with reducing incoming damage when his HP is 77% or below making also serving as an excellent support and tank. But what makes him stand out among the rest is that he gives LR Goku and Frieza a total of +8 Ki and +25% ATK through his passive and links while also lowering the enemies ATK with his Super Attack to trigger their third passive which makes him among the partner for the LR. Aside from them, he links really well in this category with Shocking Speed, Fierce Battle, and Tournament of Power.
Thumb 1013540 Transdimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)
Ultra Instinct Goku is an extraordinary addition to any team, and is currently the main leader for the Realm of Gods category. He boosts his ATK and DEF by 100% unconditionally, gets 30% added to his SA modifier with consecutive supers, and possess a great link set thanks to Prepared for Battle, Over in a Flash, Fierce Battle, Tournament of Power, and Godly Power which allows him to link well with Jiren. What makes him incredibly powerful, however, is his ability to "Awaken" when his HP is at or under 50%. When awakened, he boosts his ATK by 150% and gets +3 Ki unconditionally. In addition, he has a great chance to dodge all enemy attacks (to compensate for losing his DEF boost), and disables the enemy's guard, so he can deal incredible damage, even to PHY types. Best of all, this awakening is permanent for the rest of the battle, making Goku an outstanding unit, practically mandatory on a Universe Survival Saga team.
Thumb 1013830 Observance of Pride Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta
Vegeta is an incredible unit and the leader of the Pure Saiyans category. His passive gives him an unconditional +120% ATK, which lets him hit hard, and +60% DEF, which combined with the fact that he gets an additional +7% DEF per attack he makes (up to 70%). As the second boost is calculated separately, it gives him a total DEF boost of +172% after ten attacks, which lets him tank incredibly well. But his real potential is when he transforms. As SSBE, Vegeta now gets an unconditional +130% ATK and DEF boost, allowing him to hit even harder and tank well without build up. He also launches a guaranteed 2 additional normal attacks, which makes his damage output even higher. On top of all of this, he also gets a +10% chance to critical hit each time he attacks, maxing out at a whopping 70% chance to crit, which makes his already massive damage output even more colossal. And just like Goku, Vegeta’s transformation is permanent, lasting until the end of the battle. His links are also fantastic, with Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle, Tournament of Power, and Fierce Battle.
Card 1016830 thumb Oath of Growth Super Saiyan Caulifla & Super Saiyan Kale
Since the TUR versions have a different name than their awakened LR, therefore Super Saiyan Caulifla and Kale can be used in the same team as their LRs and even mid-awakening, these cards are still excellent beyond their ability to link with their awakened counterpart. Their lesser passive gives them an unconditional +60% ATK and DEF boost and they also get an additional +7% ATK for each Universe 6", Joined Forces or Pure Saiyans and in this category, they will easily a lot of boost here. They also get an additional +1 Ki (up to 5) as well as a 5% evade chance (up to 50%) every time you attack which is backed by them launching an additional attack and if you are facing either a Pure Saiyans or Universe Survival Saga enemy, then you launch another additional Super Attack which makes them hit incredibly hard against this category which is also helped by the fact that each super raises their DEF which makes them mighty tanks just from a couple of supers. But what makes them even better is that they can activate all of the LRs links except Legendary Power, giving each other +9 Ki and +25% ATK through links alone.
Thumb 1013880
Power Beyond Right and Wrong Toppo (God of Destruction Mode)
Toppo is an incredible support unit who helps a lot on any team, especially on a Universe Survival Saga team. He increases all allies ATK & DEF by 35%, and lowers all enemies DEF by 50%, making him incredible useful. On top of these boosts, his Super Attack boosts all allies' SA multiplier by 25%, letting his allies deal more damage on their Supers if Toppo Supers before them, which can set up for some major damage if he’s paired with hard hitting units. All of this makes Toppo one of if not the best support in the game, and a perfect pick for any team. His links are good too, with Shocking Speed, Tournament of Power, and Fierce Battle. He links well with Jiren, however, he loses the Hero of Justice link upon Dokkan awakening which means he won't be able to link as well with him compared to his SSR counterpart, but since he gains Godly Power in its place he links extremely well with Transdimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-).
Thumb 1013660 Well-Honed Body and Mind Super Saiyan 2 Kale
Kale is an incredible support for this category. She provides 2 Ki and 30% ATK & DEF to anyone in the category. She also has some good links like Super Saiyan, Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6 and Prepared for Battle. She also links pretty well with LR Caulifla & Kale.

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1013430 Dreadful Super Fusion Super Saiyan 2 Kefla
SSJ2 Kefla is a self sufficient nuker, tanker, and orb changer all in one unit. Being the other main category lead for Potara, naturally Kefla is pretty strong. She turns all INT orbs into PHY orbs, making her overall a better unit the more PHY types and less INT types you have. She gains 12% ATK and DEF for every ki orb obtained. With enough orbs, combined with an immense multiplier on her super and a great 12 ki multiplier of 145% makes Kefla hit like a truck and shrug off even the strongest attacks. Plus, she gets a guaranteed additional attack (high chance for super) and a medium chance to dodge. This is the icing on the cake that makes Kefla even better at what she does. She also has good links like Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6, and Shattering the Limit.
Thumb 1013420 Awakened Berserker Kale (Berserk)
Kale hits really hard with her immense super attack multiplier as well as a whopping +120% ATK boost at start of turn. Her passive also guarantees an additional attack, which has a great chance of becoming a super attack. So, she'll constantly be harassing enemies with high damage. Her DEF stat is a little low, but her TUR form no longer lowers her own DEF, but the enemy's instead, reversing her major bane into a boon. Since she has a high chance of a super attack with her additional, she can reduce enemy DEF even more. Her best friend on a Universe Survival Arc team is Boundless Potential Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla, sharing every link except Berserker and The Saiyan Lineage. More generally, she has Tournament of Power, Prepared for Battle, Warriors of Universe 6, and Shattering the Limit for other team members.
Thumb 1013410
Boundless Potential Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla
Caulifla is a great unit to add to a Universe Survival Arc team. Her passive is extremely versatile, giving her a +90% ATK boost at start of turn, and a high chance to dodge any attack, while having a medium chance to counter when dodging a super attack. This makes her a decent hitter who is extremely slippery and punishes enemies for Super Attacks. Of course, she may fail you in terms of dodging when you need it most, but regardless she is a great unit, with good links like Tournament of Power, Prepared for Battle, Warriors of Universe 6, and Shattering the Limit making her good to link with units like Kefla, Kale, Cabba, and Hit.
Thumb 1013910 Onslaught of Fire and Fury Dyspo (Super Speed Mode)
Dyspo is a great unit and a good addition to a Universe Survival Saga team. His passive gives him a +20% ATK boost every time he appears on the field, (which stacks infinitely) and a 15% chance to evade enemies’ attacks as well (which can stack to a maximum of 60%.) This lets him do amazing damage over time and dodge incoming damage, which can be really helpful. His Super Attack also raises his ATK for 6 turns, which he can stack to deal even more damage. He also has some good links such as Shocking Speed, Tournament of Power, and Fierce Battle. He also links pretty well with the other Pride Troopers, sharing Hero of Justice and Infighter with Jiren for a whopping 5 ki and 50% attack plus 10% defense down on the enemy .
Card 1015790 thumb Demonstration of True Strength Frost (Full Power)
The new Frost is an amazing unit and a fantastic edition to this category. He gets 3 ki for 6 turns, whoch lets him get super attacks more easily. He also gets an unconditional ATK +120% and DEF +60%, which, combined with his SA that greatly raises his ATK (50%) for one turn, lets him hit very hard, as well as tank decently well. Not only that, but he also comes with a medium (25%) chance to stun with his super attack. His links are decent, with Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6, and Fierce Battle as his best ones. He also shares Universe's Most Malevolent and Brutal Beatdown with Emperor's True Splendor Golden Frieza (Angel). Overall a very good unit and a good choice for any Universe Survival Saga team.
Thumb android 18 tur teq top Unlimited Android Assault Android #18
Android #18 is a great unit for Universe Survival Saga, and really just a good unit overall. She gets an unconditional +70% ATK & DEF, as well as an additional +12% ATK and +7% DEF per ki orb she obtains, which can let her hit pretty hard and take hits better;and with her super attack giving her an additional 30% DEF boost for 6 turns, which combined with the additional +7% DEF she gets from ki orbs, she can stack up and tank damage really well. She also is an orb changer, changing PHY orbs to TEQ orbs, which can help her and other units get an easy super attack. Her main links are The Innocents, Infinite Energy, and Tournament of Power, and Shattering the Limit. She links really well with Quietly Burning Fighting Spirit Android #17, and with her orb changing and his passive, the two make an extremely powerful combo.
Thumb a17 teq tur top Quietly Burning Fighting Spirit Android #17
Android #17 is a very capable unit combining ATK and DEF with a 70% boost to both, while having potentially devastating attack power with his ATK +15% and DEF +10% for every TEQ ki sphere. Plus, his super attack raises ATK by 50% for 6 turns for a whopping 100% ATK boost extra. His main links are Twin Terrors, Infinite Energy, Tournament of Power, and Shattering the Limit. He also links really well with Emotional Struggle Android #18, and with her orb changing, #17 really shines. His only problem is that in order to be really effective, you basically have to run #18 along with him. But other than that, he’s a great addition to the team.
Card 1015810 thumb Overcoming Mental Weakness Bota Magetta
Surprisingly, INT Bota Magetta is a actually a very good unit and the best of the 3 Bota Magetta units. They get 3 ki and 100% ATK & DEF unconditionally, which lets them hit pretty hard and tank pretty well. They also activate guard against all attacks when their HP falls below 80%, which lets them tank even better, as well as an additional 30% DEF for 6 turns from their SA. This turns the duo into an absolute tanking monster, which can be extremely useful on events that do a ton of damage like Super Battle Road or late EZA stages. Their links are also good, with Tournament of Power, Cold Judgment, Rival Duo, Warriors of Universe 6, Infighter and Fierce Battle being their most notable ones.
Thumb 1013590 Flaring Battle Impulse Super Saiyan God Goku
AGL Godku's Dokkan Awakening added him to Universal Survival Saga and also gave the upgrades he needed to be an outstanding unit. His passive skill boosts his ATK and DEF by +80% when performing a Super ATK which paired with his good ATK stat means he'll hit hard, and he gets +30% added to his SA modifier every time he launches a Super. He has a versatile link set including Super Saiyan, Shocking Speed, Over in a Flash, and Fierce Battle, though his lack of Tournament of Power could hurt him. Regardless, he is a very strong unit, for sure.
Thumb 1013530 Power of Pride and Bonds Super Saiyan 2 Cabba
Originally a mediocre drop card, Cabba's rebirth has given him new life. His passive skill boosts his ATK by 80% when launching a super attack, and he has a supreme modifier. In addition, his passive skill gives him a 7% chance to land a Critical Hit for every Universe Survival Saga ally on the team, up to a whopping 49%. On this team, 49% is practically guaranteed. He also has Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, The Saiyan Lineage and Shattering the Limit for linking purposes.
Thumb GFA UR int Emperor's True Splendor Golden Frieza (Angel)
Golden Frieza (Angel) is the category leader for Resurrected Warriors. With his farmable Super attack and his 150% ATK boost, he naturally hits really hard. Alongside the 150% ATK boost, he also gets a 50% DEF boost, giving him some tanking potential as well. Unfortunately, Universe Survival Arc mostly has Super type units with hardly any Extreme units, and that’s where the second part of his passive comes in. Frieza lowers the attack of Super type allies and enemies by 15%, which is good when you are fighting Super type enemies, but in a category almost completely composed of Super types, this can be a real hindrance to your team as well. Pretty much his only other drawback is that he has essentially no links able to be activated other than Tournament of Power unless you link him with Demonstration of True Strength Frost (Full Power) who shares Universe's Most Malevolent and Brutal Beatdown with him. However the Tournament of Power link does gives a great amount of ki, and in this team, it will activate no matter who Frieza is paired up with.
Thumb ssr toppo str
Warrior of Freedom Toppo
While obviously outclassed by his TUR counterpart, SSR Toppo shares a different name so the two can be paired together in this team for further support. He gives all Super types a 30% ATK and DEF boost which encompasses nearly everyone in this category (but unfortunately not Hit) allowing the other characters to hit harder. He also gives a 25% ATK boost to all Super Types with his super attack for a further ATK boos. He links great with Jiren since they share Hero of Justice while also sharing Shocking Speed and Tournament of Power to link with the rest of the team.

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1013640 Battle Lust Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla
Caulifla is a very good unit for this category. She gets a 20% ATK boost for every character on the team that’s in the Universe Survival Saga category (max of 80%) as well as 15% chance to evade for each team member in the category (max of 60%). On this team, the maximum percentages are guaranteed. She also has some good link skills like Super Saiyan, Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6, and Prepared for Battle. She also links very well with INT Kale.
Thumb 1013950 Infinite Love Ribrianne (Giant Form)
Ribrianne is a decent unit. She gets an 80% ATK and DEF boost when she performs a Super Attack, which makes her hit quite decently and also makes her a decent tank. She also gains an additional 1 Ki per Ki orb, which makes it easier for her to get off her Super Attack. Her SA also increases her ATK for 6 turns, which lets her stack up for some pretty good damage. She can also transform into her giant form up to twice per battle. However, her links aren’t all that great, her only notable ones being Tournament of Power and Shattering the Limit.
New Form on the Horizon Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)
Ultra Instinct Goku is a farmable unit from the event Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Saga. If you don't have Jiren, Goku is the only other leader for only the Universe Survival Saga category. His leader skill gives all cards in the category +2 Ki and HP, ATK & DEF 30%, although AGL Caulifla has a better leader skill,and his passive gives the category another +3 Ki, plus +80% to his own attack. To top it off, he has useful links with his category, such as Prepared for Battle, The Saiyan Lineage and Tournament of Power, making him a very good unit to run on the Universe Survival Arc team. The only downfall to this unit is that he cannot be used with his INT counter part.
URINTHitThumb Expanding Possibility Hit
With the new Dokkan Festival Hit far and away outclassing this one, he's not as useful as he once was, but is still a good unit to have if you lack the TEQ Hit. His passive allows him to gain an 80% ATK boost at start of turn, a high chance to stun as well as the ability to disable enemy guard. With this, he's able to do decent damage alongside his well-known ability to stun. As for the disable guard, it lets stronger units like Frieza, Kale, or Ultra Instinct Goku hit types they are disadvantaged against. His main downside is his lack of good links for this team, although he does have Warriors of Universe 6 to link with his fellow Saiyans and Shocking Speed to link with the likes of Goku & Frieza, Jiren, MVP 17, and Dyspo. With all that said, while this Hit is still severely outclassed by his new TEQ counterpart, he's still a decent unit to fill a spot on your team.
Card 1015820 thumb STR Ingenious Scheme on a Grand Scale Bota Magetta
Magetta was a potentially good unit who unfortunately got put down with his SR rarity and very restricted potential, however that has changed drastically with the help of Botamo, becoming Bota Magetta. Now with links like Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6, Fierce Battle and Infighter he not only links amazingly but with his updated passive can dish pretty high damage. Their passive gives them an uncoditional Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +70% plus an additional Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +30% if facing 2 enemies, meaning they can potentially get Ki +4 and ATK & DEF +100%, allowing them to hit pretty hard. They can also lower ATK as an SA effect allowing your team to recieve hits better for 3 turns. From what was originally an SR that was just kinda there they have risen and become a very good unit that is fairly easy to obtain.
Thumb ssr buu fit agl Thirst for the Spotlight Majin Buu (Shape-Up)
Fit Buu is a nice card to join your Universe Survival Arc team; he gets an unconditional +80% ATK boost and +40% ATK and DEF for 7 turns, and has a rare chance to stun in his SA. His only problem is that his only good link is Shocking Speed, but he's an overall good unit.
Card 1014250 thumb Perfect Assassination Hit
AGL Hit is a decent unit. He gets ATK & DEF +60% when launching a super attack, which is decent for damage and tanking. He also has a chance to stun the enemy if he's the first attacker, and his Super Attack also has a chance to stun. However, Hit does have some problems. He only gets his buff if he supers, which isn't always guaranteed. He also only stuns if hes the first attacker, which can ruin you rotations. His links also aren't the best either, his only real notable one being Shocking Speed.
Thumb 1013890
Warrior's Duty Android #17
#17 is a decent farmable unit. He gets a 10% ATK boost per Ki orb he obtains, and also has a high chance to seal the enemy’s SA for two turns, which is really nice, but isn’t always guaranteed. He also lowers attack with his super making a debuffer/sealer. Of course this effect is limited in some dokkan events but still good for events like LR frieza and goku. He has decent links like Shocking Speed and Tournament of Power.
Thumb phy ssr bergomo Limitless Power Bergamo (Giant Form)
Bergamo is a very good tank and hitter who deals increased damage every turn. His passive increases his own ATK by 20% for each hit he takes(up to 120%) which means that he can hit very hard later on in battles. His Super Attack raises his own DEF by 30% for 6 turns, which means that by constantly supering he becomes a very good tank. In addition to all of this he also has a giant form which activates when HP is below 80% which is a very lenient condition and can come in clutch in difficult battles. His main issue, however, is his linkset sharing only Tournament of Power with most of the team and Infighter with a few others. However he is still a very good addition to this category.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1012710 thumb
Grey Warrior Jiren
TEQ Jiren is an ok card. His passive reduces the damage he takes by 50% when his Ki is 10 or above, which lets him tank heavy hits, but he doesn’t really do anything else, and you have to have 10 Ki to activate it, which isn’t always guaranteed. His links are alright, having Shocking Speed, Hero of Justice, and Tournament of Power. But because STR Jiren is usually going to be your leader, he can’t be on the same team as him due to them having the same name.
Thumb android 18 agl ssr top
Love Warrior of Universe Android #18
#18 is a decent farmable unit. She gets a 10% DEF boost per Ki orb she obtains, and also has a high chance to stun the enemy for two turns on top of lowering attack with her super, which is nice, but most high difficulty events prevents stun and debuffs, and her passive isn’t always guaranteed. Her links aren’t that great, her only notable one being Tournament of Power.
Thumb 1014110 Mission Complete Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid) & Marron
This trio is an odd unit, with an odd Link Skill set. Trunks, Goten and Marron do share Hero of Justice with Jiren...but that's about it. They're easy to rainbow as a free unit, and can fire their Super Attack early once you've gotten their Super Attack maxed out. And while they do gain ATK & DEF +100%, they eventually lose half of it in increments of 5% every turn. Some of their Link Skills are shared with other units - Prodigies with Angel Golden Frieza and The Innocents with Android #18...but that's about it. Nothing special.
Card 1015820 thumb Ingenious Scheme on a Grand Scale Bota Magetta
PHY Bota Magetta is a somewhat lackluster unit. They get 80% DEF, which allows them to tank decently, as well as a 50% chance to activate guard on all attacks, which is useful, but heavily RNG based. They can only really defend, and that defense is also a 50/50, which holds them back a lot. Their links are decent however, with Tournament of Power, Warriors of Universe 6, Infighter and Fierce Battle being their most notable ones. Although a good upgrade from the old Botamo card, it's very weak when compared to the dokkan awakening the old Magetta recieved
Card 1013470 thumb Advent of Beautiful Love Super Ribrianne
Ribrianne is the Peppy Gals leader and a farmable unit from Spread Love! Magical Girl Fighters!. She gets a 15% ATK & DEF for each Peppy Gals unit in your team. In a full team of Peppy Gals is a 105% boost, which is pretty good, but unfortunately in this team you will usually have two or three of them at most, so getting a 30%-45% boost isn't too much. She links decently with Tournament of Power and Battlefield Diva.
SSRSTRCabbaThumb Honest Admiration Super Saiyan Cabba
Cabba is the Super STR support unit, who somewhat lost his shine on the team as the only other Super STR units in the category are Toppo and Magetta. (Who you would not want to use) Despite that he can still hit hard unlike the Extreme STR support Hit because his links are good with Caulifla and Kale, and somewhat Kefla. Of course, he lacks Tournament of Power, which lowers his offensive power somewhat in terms of ki. His Super also raises ATK and DEF by 30% and does supreme damage, making him pretty useful for tanking when you need it. A support unit doesn't need its respective team to be good.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
SSRSTRHitThumb Growing Through Battle Hit
Hit is the Extreme STR support unit who honestly doesn't shine in this team as much as other units, sharing the same fate as the Super STR support Cabba. Hit is meant to support Extreme STR units with a very strong boost, but the only other unit who can be supported is the F2P Golden Frieza, who is one unit out of other units losing out. He can still hit decently because the boost supports him, but if you use this unit on the team then you cannot use the TUR INT Hit, who is much more viable. Of course, if you don't have Hit, then it still is a good idea. In the end, Hit doesn't really help the team as much as INT Hit.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
SSRTEQYurinThumb Vengeful Witchcraft Yurin
As a unit, Yurin is meh, but on this specific team, she is awful. She has almost no links to share with the other category units, and despite her supreme multiplier, she doesn't hit hard in the first place. Her main role is with her passive, which debuffs enemy ATK and DEF by 15% and having a rare chance to stun when attacking, while supplying herself 3 ki. Her passive isn't bad, but you wouldn't want to lose out on links when there are better units because Hit steals her stun potential and Golden Frieza already debuffs Super type enemies with the same buff without attacking. Essentially you can use her as filler in case you lack Hit or Frieza, but other than that she is just awful.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1009430 Ultimate Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Goku (S Tier)*
SS4 Goku is the top leader for Super STR teams. His passive allows him a massive yet unconditional attack boost, letting him blitz through most events. He also gains additional defense with each Super attack and possesses an outstanding link set of Fierce Battle, Super Saiyan, Shocking Speed, and Prepared for Battle.
URSTRUGohan Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate Gohan (S Tier)*
Ultimate Gohan is the main leader for units in the Hybrid Saiyans category, and he is amazing on Universal Survival Saga. His Super Attack raises his ATK every time he uses it, allowing for his ATK to reach insane amounts, and he provides an unconditional +120% ATK for himself and+50% DEF to all Super Type allies (which should be most of his allies). He also has a medium chance to guard against all attacks, has a 12 ki multiplier of 150%, and he links surprisingly well with Jiren with Shocking Speed, Infighter, and Fierce Battle.
STR SS3 Vegeta EZA Warrior's True Value Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta (S Tier)*
SSJ3 Vegeta is one of the best blockers in the game who gains above average stat boosts from the Hidden Potential System. His Extreme Z-Awakening unfortunately is a bit of a letdown as he only gets his +120% ATK boost if the enemy is stunned. Despite this, his stunning works well with Jiren and Vegeta himself has a greater chance of getting the second part of his passive if Jiren stuns the field via his passive, making a powerful combination. Aside from that, his 80% damage reduction for 7 turns is now extended to 10 turns which makes tanking a bit more reliable, and his Galick Blazer now dishes out immense damage and retains its high chance to stun and his above average stats means that he remains a decent blocker, helped by being one of the few SS3 Vegetas to have Over in a Flash, allowing him to link with UI Goku and Miraculous Outcome Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel), along with having Golden Warrior and Super Saiyan.
URSTRVegeta&BulmaThum Outburst of Emotions Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta & Bulma (S Tier)*
Vegeta and Bulma are a fantastic card. Their passive gives them ATK & DEF +100% unconditionally meaning they can dish out high damage and tank well too. They can also counter normal attacks similarly to Super Vegito and, like the TEQ Beerus, Vegeta can also go rage mode when HP is 30% or below making him invincible and allowing him to deal extra damage for one turn. Their links are pretty nice featuring Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle, Golden Warrior, and Shattering the Limit. While their ki support is very nice, they lack attack links but a farmable super and a strong passive coupled with good stats and greatly raising ATK while launching an SA make them well worth the loss of a better attack link.
Card_1013770_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Global Harmony Through Destruction Beerus & Whis (S Tier)*
LR Beerus & Whis are the Super STR LR leaders and they're a great addition to the team. Their passive gives them an unconditional +80% ATK boost, and after receiving a hit they also gain an additional +60% ATK & DEF boost for five turns, for a total of about +188% ATK (1.8 * 1.6 = 2.88 = +188%), which allows them to hit pretty hard. Their Super Attack also allows them to regenerate health, which gives your team greater sustainability. They link very well with Jiren, sharing Shocking Speed, Fierce Battle, and Godly Power.
Thumb Rose TUR STR Furious Punishment Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) (S Tier)*
Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is an incredible addition to Universal Survival Saga. His Super raises all extreme type allies' ATK by +30% for one turn, and his passive allows him to recieve +120% ATK for himself and +50% DEF & +3 Ki for Extreme type allies. On top of that, he lowers Super type enemies' ATK and DEF by -20% and with a powerful 160% ki multiplier he'll hit hard. Goku Black possesses a very versatile link set, having links such as Fierce Battle, Prepared for Battle, and Super Saiyan.
Card_1010440_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (S Tier)*
Broly is the LR god leader for STR types. His passive launches an additional super attack, and increases his ATK by +80000 but lowers his DEF by -20000 when launching a super attack. Needless to say, Broly is a very strong damage dealer. Though he doesn't link well with Jiren, he shares links with Vegeta, Caulifla, and Kale such as Super Saiyan, Prepared for Battle, The Saiyan Lineage, and Berserker.
Card_1011680_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
All or Nothing Super Saiyan God SS Vegito (S Tier)*
The long awaited winner of the Legendary Election, SSGSS Vegito is an amazing free LR. His passive skill boosts his ATK and DEF by 80% unconditionally and he can raise his ATK with both of his supers. He can stack up for massive damage with his 12-17 ki super, and can even tank as well since it also raises his DEF. He also raises his own ki, with the amount he gets depending on how low your HP is. He can raise it up to 10, letting him consistently launch supers and even get ultra super attacks easily. One thing that should not be overlooked is the relative ease to rainbow star him as a free LR, compared to the gasha LRs (and even among other free LRs with low drop rates). This allows him to acquire high Critical Hit and Combo Attack levels from the get-go. As an LR, he naturally has very high stats and links very well with Prepared for Battle, Super Saiyan, and Shattering the Limit. Vegito will fit very well in a Universal Survival Saga team.
Thumb 1014660 Predatory Urge Android #21 (Transformed) (A Tier)*
Android #21 is another leader for the Androids category and a very good unit in general. Her passive gives her Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +90% unconditionally along with being able to reduce attacked enemies ATK & DEF by -20%, which is very good and helps the team take hits better and hit slightly harder. Her super attack along causing immense damage can also recover 10% which works in tandem with her debuffing passive. She can also transform (30% chance) into her evil Cell absorbed form after 4 turns if her HP is 50% or above. When transformed her passive becomes Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +130% and able to recover 13% HP everytime she appears. She also gets the added benefit of disabling enemy guard when launching a super attack, which can lower both ATK and DEF, meaning she will hit any type very hard. Her biggest issue is her lack of links with the team outside of Battlefield Diva and Fierce Battle, but it isn't a main issue since she's self-sufficient.
Thum janemba ur str Evil Incursion Super Janemba (A Tier)*
Super Janemba is the current main lead for Extreme STR. While he does have a +80% ATK Boost, Janemba's main purpose is to tank, much like his INT counterpart. However, not only is his guard always active, meaning damage is reduced, he also has a good chance to dodge, making him arguably the best tank in the game.
Xenoku 3 thumb Super Warrior on a Whole Other Level Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Xeno) (A Tier)*
Xeno Goku is an amazing alternative choice. He boasts an 80% ATK & DEF buff, plus an additional 30% ATK buff when performing his immense-level Super Attack, which has a medium chance to stun the enemy, which benefits Jiren. Goku also has his guard activated against all attacks, which makes him a great defender, even with his SSR stats. His Link Skills are okay here, having Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, and Over in a Flash.
Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33 Inklings of Ultimate Power Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT) (Golden Giant Ape) (A Tier)*
SS3 Great Ape Goku is one of the nuke leaders and SS4 Goku's best friend. His passive gives all allies a +33% ATK boost. But be careful! He has a 15% chance to transform into a Giant Ape. He has okay links with Super Saiyan, Over in a Flash, and Fierce Battle.
Thumb 1014270 Shining-Gold Justice Great Saiyaman (SS2) (A Tier)*
Great Saiyaman SS2 is a new WT reward who is an excellent support unit. His passive gives Ki +2 and 30% ATK & DEF to all Super Class allies and lowers Extreme Type's DEF -50%. He also has the Hero of Justice link that allows him to link well with Absolute Power Jiren for ATK +25% along with Shocking Speed, Prepared for Battle, and Super Saiyan.

(*) Only when Thumb 1013940 is the leader.

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