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World Tournament

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S Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1011210 thumb
Domineering Victory Declaration Jackie Chun
Jackie Chun is the main lead for World Tournament obtained from the World Tournament Dragon Ball Saga summon, and a very competent unit on his own. He is a reliable leader, giving all World Tournament Fighter characters Ki+3 and HP, ATK, and DEF +70%. His passive increases his ATK and DEF by 70%, his super seals the opponents super attack, and his super is farmable. His only problem is his awful links, with Shattering the Limit being his best, but Chun is still a good unit. He can also survive a K.O super attack, making sure your team survives.
Card_1011640_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Budding Warrior Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid)
Trunks and Goten are quite different from other LRs. Their passive gives them between +3 and +9 Ki and ATK +120% when performing a Super Attack, which allows them to hit pretty hard. Their +12 Ki Super Attack lowers either their ATK or both their ATK & DEF, which isn't so great, however their +18 Ki Super Attack raises their DEF by 30%, and it has a 30% chance to increase both their ATK and DEF by 50% instead. However, this is all RNG, so don't rely on it too much. Their best links are The InnocentsShocking Speed, and Shattering the Limit, making them great linking partners with Unwavering Bond Tien & Chiaotzu. They're an excellent card in a World Tournament team.
Thum 1011630 Plucky Little Fighters Mighty Mask
Mighty Mask is the pre-dokkaned version of LR Trunks & Goten. He has a similar (but weaker) RNG-based passive and can activate The InnocentsShocking Speed, and Shattering the Limit with Budding Warrior Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid).
Card_1010900_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Extraordinary Friendship Hercule
Hercule is a free LR you can only obtain with friend points, zeni, and LOTS of time. Overall he's a decent unit. His passive skill has a great chance to give him Ki+7 and ATK+20000. When his passive goes off, he will always super and hit pretty hard, but when it doesn't, he becomes much weaker. Still, the great chance does give it a higher chance of activating. His links are pretty bad except for Shattering the Limit and innocent which he shares with Lr goten and trunks.
Card_1012130_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Unwavering Bond Tien & Chiaotzu
Tien & Chiaotzu are an LR acquired from the World Tournament. Their passive gives them +10000 ATK when ki reaches 8, +10000 DEF when ki reaches 11 and finally +10000 ATK and DEF when they reach 14 ki, giving them a total boost of +20000 ATK and +20000 DEF. They are fairly powerful and have common links from Z Fighters, Shocking Speed and Shattering the Limit when paired with Budding Warrior Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid). However their passive depends heavily on ki so it's hard to get their full boost without having to save orbs or have an orb changer. Their 12 and 18 ki super attacks have a rare and medium chance to stun, respectively, making them potent stunners as well.
Thum SS2 Saiya UR Furious Instincts Great Saiyaman (SS2)
Great Saiyaman is very powerful and one of the most versatile units on Super PHY. His passive boosts his ATK by +90% unconditionally, and he gains +50% ATK added to his SA modifer when launching consecutive super attacks, making him a hard hitter on this team. He links moderately with Prepared for BattleShocking Speed, and Shattering the Limit. Great Saiyaman is a must have card for any World tournament team.
Thumb 1013111 Martial Mettle Goku
Feet Kamehameha Goku was the 13 World Tournament reward, now available on the World Tournament Guaranteed SSR Summon. With his rebirth, he gains ATK & DEF +80% when performing a Super Attack. This makes him a solid unit on a Super PHY team with him being able to pseudo tank after performing a super, which also has a medium chance to stun. His main links are Shocking Speed, Kamehameha and Shattering the Limit, which are commonly found to a certain degree in this category.
Card 1015100 thumb Universe's Bravest Hercule
The first Hercule unit with Fierce Battle, and a pretty darned good one at that. He has a strong Ki Multiplier coupled with supreme damage and a medium stun chance, along with a high chance to evade the enemy's attack (including Super Attacks). Hercule's best advantage comes in the form of reducing damage, starting at 50% and kicking up to 90% the lower your HP. A surprisingly good card for a surprisingly helpful Z Fighter!

A Tier

Card Reasoning
Thumb 1013320
Endless Challenge Goku (Youth)
This Goku earned a higher spot in the tier after his Rebirth. He is now much more helpful with his passive being ATK & DEF +80% ; plus an additional ATK +80% and DEF +40% when facing 2 or more enemies and SA multiplier upgraded to supreme. He seems made for Super Battle Road or World Tournament, although his quite low stats and not the greatest links still hold him a bit.
Thumb 1013121 Demon King's Vengeance Piccolo Jr. (Giant Form)
Piccolo Jr's Rebirth has definitely made him a much better unit with lots of utility. His passive skill lowers all enemies ATK and DEF by 20% and gives him a medium chance to stun. He will be the strongest debuff on this team and will be great in letting cards able to tank more damage and hit harder. He can also turn into a Great Namek for some free turns of invincibility and damage though it will break your rotations. He shares Shattering the Limit with the team, but the true reason behind this card having a lower rank is due to his links which don't really match up in this respective team
SSRINTTienThum Unexpected Strategy Tien
Tien here is a summonable unit from the 22nd World Tournament, and a reliable card for this team. His SA provides an extra 30% ATK and DEF for 6 turns, which makes him stronger, and he does have a passive which gives him additional attacks, likely being supers, and those are his goods. He is still let down by his awful stats, but his links in a World Tournament team are quite nice, with Guidance of the Dragon Balls, The Incredible Adventure, and provides Synergy to the LR Tien and Chiaotzu with Crane School and Master and Pupil. A nice card for this team.
SSRTEQMrBuuThumb Irrepressible Impact Mr. Buu
Buu is solid as both a standalone unit for the World Tournament. His passive changes all INT ki orbs into rainbow orbs, and he recovers 5000 HP per rainbow orb obtained which helps most cards gain ki. On top of this, Buu links very well with Shocking Speed and The Innocents
URPHYGiantApeGokuThumb Outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)
Goku is a well-rounded unit. His passive gives him an unconditional +80% ATK and is able to turn into a great ape twice. Goku links well with The Innocents and Shattering the Limit, making him an optimal unit for the World Tournament team.
Card 1013130 thumb Maiden's Bombshell Chi-Chi
This new SSR Chi-Chi brings a great addition who is not bad at all. She lowers attacked enemy's ATK & DEF by 20% for 2 turns. In addition, when her HP is above 50%, she gains Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +60%. This combined with her good defense can make her tank in certain situations. She also has a rare chance to stun with her supers and has decent links such as The Innocents, Infighter and Guidance of the Dragon Balls. Overall, a welcome addition to this limited category!

B Tier

Card Reasoning
Jackiechun ssr icon Martial Artist's Pride Jackie Chun
Jackie Chun is a freely obtainable Super Strike. His passive boosts all TEQ allies ATK and DEF by +25% which isn't a lot on this team. He can also seal super ATKs which can be useful in a pinch. However his linkset is lacking which limits his usefulness. Plus he shares the same name with the leader which is the only viable leader for the World Tournament Category as of now, meaning they can't be used on the same team.

C Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1005710 1 Intensified Killing Cyborg Tao
Cyborg Tao is a farmable Super Strike unit. His passive has a high chance to grant him +70% ATK, and he has a 25% chance to stun with his super attack. He lacks good ki links, but when at SA15, he will launch his super attack beginning at only 9 ki. He's not great, but has his uses.

D Tier

Card Reasoning
Thum 1003580 1 Hero of Love and Justice Great Saiyaman
Great Saiyaman is, frankly, very weak. His passive merely grants him +2500 ATK when at 50% HP or above, he has a huge modifier, awful links, and a poor multiplier. It's not a card you can use at all.
Thumb 1005720 Peculiar Collaboration Mighty Mask
Mighty Mask is a farmable super strike unit. His passive increases his ATK by +50% when facing two or more enemies, which is fairly rare nowadays. And without his passive, he can't hit hard. His only good link is The Innocents.

F Tier

Card Reasoning
ALYamcha Absolute Loss Yamcha
An April Fools card. Bad stats, zero DEF passive, and atrocious links. Don't use him. Unless you need a TUR for a better chance to get extra Hercule Statues from Hercule's World Tournament.

Honorable Mentions Tier

Card Reasoning
Card 1011230 thumb
First Step to a Martial Artist Yamcha (B Tier)
Yamcha is the SR leader for World Tournament. His passive gives him +3 ki and +40% ATK for 7 turns, which won't last as there are more phases and health bars in newer events when you need it the most. Yamcha's only good ki link is Shocking Speed.
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