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World Tournament n°28

EN news banner ten1 028 large

Dokkan Awakenings

Thum 1003140 1Awak med 40001 x7Turtle x7 Bulma Teen x7Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1016330 thumb

World Tournament reward

Card 1016280 thumb

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Desert Rescue! Giru Saves the Day!4th Anniversary! Pan's Secret AdventureWorld Tournament! Who Will Be Hercule's Successor?

Giru Story4thAnnivPanHercule GT Special

Dokkan Awakenings

Thumb Pan bee turPanGTHoney2 x15Arrow3OrangeRight
Card_1015910_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

Farmable cards

Card 1016290 thumbGiru medal x5Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1016300 thumb

Reward cards

Card 1015850 thumb

New cards

Card 1016430 thumb

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Extreme Z-Battle: Courage Awakened Super Saiyan Goku Jr.

EZA SS Goku Jr

Extreme Z-Awakening

URINTGokuJrGokuJr Bronze x15 GokuJr Silver x40 GokuJr Gold x30 GokuJr Rainbow x30Arrow3OrangeRightURINTGokuJr-Z

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Scarlet Flames of the Ultimate Saiyan Stage 2 • Crimson Blaze of Glory! The Invincible Saiyan Stage 2


Dokkan Awakenings

Card 1015740 thumbSS4GokuMedal2x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1015750 thumb

Card 1015750 thumb SS4GokuMedal2x35 Awakening Medal SS4 Gokux35Arrow3OrangeRight
Card_1014210_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

Thum 1003030 1SS4GokuMedal2x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1016450 thumb

Card 1015760 thumbSS4VegetaMedal2x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1015770 thumb

Card 1015770 thumb SS4VegetaMedal2x35 Awakening Medal SS4 Vegetax35Arrow3OrangeRight
Card_1014220_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

Thum 1005780 1SS4VegetaMedal2x35Arrow3OrangeRight Card 1016440 thumb

Thumb 1013190Awak med 30014x7Arrow3OrangeRight Card 1016460 thumb

Thumb 1013200Vegeta elitex12Arrow3OrangeRight Card 1016490 thumb

Thumb 1013180MJVegetaMedalx7Arrow3OrangeRight Card 1015900 thumb

Thumb 1013170SS2 Goku Medalx7Arrow3OrangeRight Card 1015890 thumb

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Dragon Ball GT: 7 Shadow Dragons SagaExtreme Z-Battle: Young Saiyan Descendant Super Saiyan Vegeta Jr.Wish Upon an Eternal DragonGive it a Dokkan! Punch Machine! Level 4, 5 & 6

Shadow Dragon StoryEZA SS Vegeta JrJ9octHaEvent punch machine big

Farmable Cards

Card 1011330 thumbVegetaJr medalx5Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1011340 thumb

Card 1011340 thumbVegeta Jr Bronze Z x15 Vegeta Jr Silver Z x40 Vegeta Jr Gold Z x30 Vegeta Jr Rainbow Z x30Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1011340 thumb-Z

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Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash: GT Special Edition (10th)

News banner dairansen 012 large

Reward Card

Card_1016310_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

New Cards

Card 1016350 thumbGoku kig GT x1 Pan GT x3 Trunks GT x3 Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1016360 thumb

Card 1016360 thumbGoku kig GT x1 Pan GT x7 Trunks GT x7 Arrow3OrangeRight
Card_1016370_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

SSR AGL Baby ThumbAwak med baby gt x1 Awak med baby vegeta 1 gt x7 Arrow3OrangeRightAGL PRELR Baby Thumb

AGL PRELR Baby ThumbAwak med goten gt x12 Awak med gohan gt x12 Awak med trunks gt x12 Arrow3OrangeRight
Card_1016400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb

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The Universe Is in Peril! Birth of the Shadow DragonsExtreme Z-Battle: The Omnipotent Shadow Dragon Omega Shenron

Event omega and dragons bigEZA TEQ Omega Shenron

Reward Card

Card 1016581 thumbGoku GT BronzeGoku GT SilverGoku GT GoldGoku GT RainbowArrow3OrangeRightCard 1016581 thumb-Z

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission


Dokkan Awakenings

Card 1017270 thumb Beat Medal 10x Chronoa Medal x10Arrow Card 1017280 thumb

Card 1017290 thumb Ahms Medal 10x Sealas Medal x10Arrow Card 1017300 thumb

Thum 1007420 Chronoa Medal x20Arrow Card 1016750 thumb

SSRINTSS3GohanThum Chronoa Medal x20Arrow Card 1016770 thumb

SSRAGLSS3TrunksThum Chronoa Medal x20Arrow Card 1016740 thumb

Thum 1007710 Sealas Medal x20Arrow Card 1016730 thumb

Thum buubidi Sealas Medal x20Arrow Card 1016780 thumb

SSRAGLTowaThum Sealas Medal x20Arrow Card 1016760 thumb

Farmable cards

Card 1017250 thumb Beat Medal x10 Chronoa Medal x10Arrow Card 1017260 thumb

Card 1017360 thumb Ahms Medal x10 Sealas Medal x10Arrow Card 1017370 thumb

New cards

Dark vegeta thumbSuper chronoa thumbCard 1017400 thumbDark king thumbXenoku 3 thumbSuper mira thumbCard 1017390 thumbXenogeta 3 thumbDemigra makyouka thumb

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Extreme Z-Battle: Netherworld Demon Super Janemba

EZA Janemba

Extreme Z-Awakenings

Thum 1005050 1Janemba bronze x15 Janemba silver x40 Janemba gold x30 Janemba rainbow x30 Arrow3OrangeRightINT Janemba EZA

Thum 1006690 1Ultimate Gohan Bronze x12 Ultimate Gohan Silver x20 Ultimate Gohan Gold x12 Ultimate Gohan Rainbow x12 Arrow3OrangeRightThum 1006690 Z

Thum 1006670 1Ultimate Gohan Bronze x12 Ultimate Gohan Silver x20 Ultimate Gohan Gold x12 Ultimate Gohan Rainbow x12 Arrow3OrangeRightThum 1006670-Z

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New Enemies! Androids in Action

Quest top banner 366

Dokkan Awakenings

Thum 1007940Yardrat 18x20Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1017680 thumb

Farmable Cards

Card 1017710 thumbYardrat Gokux20Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1017720 thumb

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29th World Tournament

The 29th WT

Dokkan Awakenings

Thum 1008520Awak med 40001x7Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1015650 thumb

World Tournament rewards

Card 1014260 thumb

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