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Zero Mortals PlanSaiyan Trio Led by FateIn Search of Greater Power! God-Level Intensive TrainingA Promising Recruit?! Frieza's Army Enlistment TestBoss Rush Stage 10 • Infinite Dragon Ball History Stage 5

Quest top banner 376Quest top banner 375EN quest top banner 191Quest top banner 192Quest top banner 701BWn6ZTv

Farmable Cards

Card 1019050 thumbProjectZeroMortals medal x30Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019060 thumb

Card 1018920 thumbCard 1018940 thumb

Reward Cards

Card 1017450 thumbCard 1017870 thumbCard 1011400 thumbThumb 1014430

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Advent of Omnipotence Stage 2Blazing Blue Fusion Stage 3

Quest top banner 549 1 AQuest top banner 519 3 A

Dokkan Awakenings

Card 1018600 thumbSTR Gogeta medalx35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018610 thumb

Card 1018610 thumbSS Movie Gogetax35STR Gogeta medalx35Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1018620 thumbLR icon thumbS.STR icon thumb

Card 1019030 thumbSTR Gogeta medalx35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019040 thumb

Card 1018630 thumbTEQ Vegito medalx35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018640 thumb

Card 1018640 thumbSSG Vegito 2 x35TEQ Vegito medal x35Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1018650 thumbLR icon thumbS.TEQ icon thumb

Card 1019270 thumbTEQ Vegito medal x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019280 thumb

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Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash: 5th Anniversary Special Edition

News banner dairansen 023 large

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Zero Mortals Plan Stages 4-6Saiyan Trio Led by Fate Stages 4-5Extreme Z-Area: Saiyan Trio Led by Fate

Quest top banner 376Quest top banner 3753 Saiyans Extreme Z Area

Dokkan Awakenings

Card 1019060 thumbProjectZeroMortals medal 2 x50Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1019070 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumb

Card 1018920 thumbThreeSaiyans Broly medal x10Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018930 thumb

Card 1018940 thumbThreeSaiyans Vegeta medal x10Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018950 thumb

Extreme Z-Awakenings

Card 1018930 thumbKid Broly Bronze x15 Kid Broly Silver x40Kid Broly Gold x30Kid Broly Rainbow x30Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018930 thumb-Z

Card 1018950 thumbKid Vegeta & Raditz Bronze x15Kid Vegeta & Raditz Silver x40Kid Vegeta & Raditz Gold x30Kid Vegeta & Raditz Rainbow x30Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018950 thumb-Z

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LR Broly & Cheelai & LemoGoku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)

Dokkan Awakenings

Card 1018980 thumbSS Movie Broly x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018990 thumb

Card 1018990 thumbSS Movie Broly x35BrolyMovie broly x7BrolyMovie Goku x7BrolyMovie Vegeta x7Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR PHY thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1019000 thumbLR icon thumbE.PHY icon thumb

Card 1018860 thumbSS Rose 2 x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1018870 thumb

Card 1018870 thumbSS Rose 2 x35Awak med 05201 x35Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR INT thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1018880 thumbLR icon thumbE.INT icon thumb

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Extreme Z-Area: Zero Mortals PlanInfinite Dragon Ball History Stage 6

Z Area Zero Mortals PlanBWn6ZTv

Extreme Z-Awakenings

Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1019070 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumb
LR Zamasu (Goku) Rainbow x45Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1019070 thumbLR icon thumbE.STR icon thumbEZA icon thumb

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Unearthly Ki! Powerful Potara Fusion FighterInfinite Dragon Ball History Stage 7 & 8 • The 22nd Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash

Kefla Dokkan Event
News banner dairansen 017 large

Dokkan Awakenings

Card 1019730 thumbAwaken 05591x77Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019740 thumb

Card 1019830 thumbAwaken 05591x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019840 thumb

Card 1016260 thumbAwaken 05591x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019710 thumb

Card 1016270 thumbAwaken 05591x35Arrow3OrangeRightCard 1019720 thumb

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