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Vegeta Unavailable

Unavailable Event
This event has been completely removed from the game.

Weekly TagBonus TagStory TagDB Story TagStrike TagDokkan TagSpecial TagLimit TagPrime TagZ-Battle TagChallenge TagLimited TagLimited-Attempts Tag

Quest top banner 130
Awakening Medals
No Awakening Medals
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server unknown
Global server unknown
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
He is as grand as the ocean, as swift as lightning! Defeat Mr. Popo that appears on the map to get tons of character EXP!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Training in the Clouds
Hard Thumb
Hard Small
Blank Thumb
Card 1003440 thumb INT icon 3000 150000 1000 Awakening 1Awakening 2Awakening 3Awakening 4
Support 1Support 2Support 3Support 4
Training 1Training 2Training 3Training 4
Card 1002240 thumb AGL icon 3000 250000 1000
Card 1001170 thumb TEQ icon 3000 350000 1000

Additional Information
  • The event can only be attempted once a day.

  • Clear "Training in the Clouds" once: DS icon x1
  • Clear "Training in the Clouds" 3 times: DS icon x1
  • Clear "Training in the Clouds" 5 times: DS icon x2
  • Clear "Training in the Clouds" 7 times: DS icon x3
  • Clear "Training in the Clouds" 10 times: Supreme kai x1
  • Clear "Training in the Clouds" 15 times: Old kai x1

Bonus Events
Beginner's An Epic Showdown
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Discontinued The Winding Snaky Path to King KaiHercule's World TournamentTurtle School TrainingTraining in the Clouds