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Event omega and dragons big
Event omega and dragons big
Awakening Medals
No Awakening Medals
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 21 Feb 2019
Weakness No Weakness
Increase Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
Defeat all the Shadow Dragons to unlock a brand new Extreme Z-Battle! Clear all stages with specific requirements!
Difficulty Boss Type C.Exp R.Exp Zeni Drop Qty DS icon
Level 1: Haze Shenron
Hard 12 Thum 1006340 TEQ icon 10000 5160 4600 One of these:
Weighted clothing AGLWeighted clothing TEQWeighted clothing INTWeighted clothing STRWeighted clothing PHY
1-2 1
Level 2: Rage Shenron
Hard 12 Thum 1006370 PHY icon 10000 5160 4600 One of these:
Mr popoMaster shenMaster roshiMutaitoGrandpa gohan
1-2 1
Level 3: Oceanus Shenron
Hard 12 Card 1016590 thumb AGL icon 10000 5160 4600 One of these:
Thum 1002640 1Oolong AGLOolong TEQ
1-2 1
Level 4: Naturon Shenron
Hard 12 Card 1016600 thumb STR icon 10000 5160 4600 One of these:
Weight 2t AGLWeight 2t TEQWeight 2t INTWeight 2t STRWeight 2t PHY
1-2 1
Level 5: Nuova Shenron
Hard 12 Thum 1009910 TEQ icon 10000 5160 4600 One of these:
KamiGrand elder guruBabidiBibidiKorin
1-2 1
Level 6: Eis Shenron
Hard 12 Thum 1006350 INT icon 10000 5160 4600 One of these:
Weight 2t AGLWeight 2t TEQWeight 2t INTWeight 2t STRWeight 2t PHY
1-2 1
Level 7: Syn Shenron
Hard 12 Card 1006330 thumb STR STR icon 10000 5160 4600 Training location 08 or Training location 06 1-2 1
Additional Information
  • You can play this event only after having collected the seven Dragon Balls during the 4th Anniversary celebration.
  • Clearing all stages unlocks "Extreme Z-Battle: The True Strongest Shadow Dragon Omega Shenron".
  • There are restrictions to clear these stages:
    • Stage 1: You must have Giru in your team.
    • Stage 2: The boss nullifies all Energy attack bubble Ki Blast Super Attacks.
    • Stage 3: The boss can only be defeated with Super Attacks.
    • Stage 4: Any Pan character cannot be on the team.
    • Stage 5: Boss has a chance to evade attacks.
    • Stage 6: Boss has "Coercion", which stops the player from rearranging certain characters.
    • Stage 7: Super Saiyan 4 Goku will deal increased damage.
  • Clear all stages: DS icon x2
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