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Cake01 SBR2 Potara
The 2 LRs tanks so much. The 2 counterers tank and damage so much. Black lowering atk helped a bit. Rose was good when critical hitting. Not impressed with rainbow Zamasus damage reduction even when with Roses DEF +50%.

Cake02 SBR2 Majion Buu

LR Saiyaman and Gohan both +50% DEF boosts take this team to tank town, +100% DEF so keep them together, when Rainbowed Goten is in the round with them he has over 100k def like an LR.  Then have LR Vegito in the second round and rotate all other characters. 

Cake03 SBR2 Realm of gods

Keep Jiren and Goku together for max DEF plus more chance for Jirens passive to stun all. Rotate the rest.

Cake04 SBR2 Resurected

taipion carried me through some rounds, his Transformation lets you take out one charcter by himself which helps so much, plus he keeps his leader skill boosts from Frieza unlike if on a super led team where he will lose all boosts because he changes class. Friezas are also great here. 

Cake05 SBR2 Hybrid

Keep LR Gohan and PHY Gohan in the first fight together due to type disadvantage problems, then at least they are sealed for the next round. Pray for stuns with GT Bee.

Cake06 SBR2 Salty guys

Quite hard to get right, just had to keep rotating cards to suite the round and hope for enough healing to stay in the fight. 

Cake07 SBR2 Shadow demons

This was hard. 

Cake08 SBR2 Fusion

Took ages, but finally wiggled my way in to beat those 2 Buus at the end, saving x2 snake items for the first 2 rounds of battle with them hoping for stuns and seals to pay off. Got rid of fat buu first then worked on the AGL till the end using all my items. 

Cake09 SBR2 Extreme types

Can't beat it. Now I can and did, my final fight finally beaten. All I had to do was level up Turles sa to 10 (I was waiting for the event but got bored). And bring Janemba and TEQ Frieza. The "plan" is to keep the blockers Janemba and Frieza in seperate rounds so they are always with 2 ATK lowerers, this allows them to block the best they can. This worked well in the first round, your luck will depend on item use there. Round 2 I had to rearrange the whole time so the "plan" was discarded, even keeping 2 Roses in the round one time so that the DEF was +100% for them. The final round I KOd the TEQ first then concentrated on the STR, I didn;t even get a Turles stun to work either!

Cake10 SBR2 Super types

Team tank. When Taipion transforms he is useless so don't rely on him with this leader. Survivng is the key, lasting long enough for Vegito to transform and fully heal then counter every one to death. I had Taipion and Vegito AGL together at all times and rotated the rest, usually keeping the LR saiyaman and Vegeta together for stuns and sealing.



SA20 and Rainbowed, really really useful as a rotational card, boosting ki +2 and ATK and DEF +30% is the most you can expect from most good link partners and his passive covers that. I gave him 9 8 9 in the potential system for balance and variety of his special skills. Comparing him to the other Goku LR with the same leader skill you could say this guy is better, if he is in the round he boost +30% with his passive which if you look at it kind of makes him a 130% leader instead of just a 100%.


Thum janemba ur strThum 1008710Thum 1003800 1-ZThumb Rose TUR STRThumb cell strURLRfriezaThum janemba ur str
Rose tipped the scales for me here, I was winning with him not even awakened. I even won win LR Broly friends multiple times and Shenron friend once. Shenron, Broly and Frieza were rainbow. 

Thum 1009430Thum 1005280 17556Thumb Pan bee turThum 1002930 1STR LR VegitoBlueLR STRGokuJP

Had the 2 LR's together all the time and Gogeta and Vegeta together all the time, Gogeta is rainbowed so he defended better than Goku. 

Thum 1009090Thum 1006330Thum TURomegashenronPHYThumb 1007460Thum 1008850glbSSR King Cold PhyThum 1009090

Having Broly in the team actually won it for me, all the extra additionals really beat down the enemy faster. Black is rainbowed with max additionals too. Cold must have +15 type defense. 

Thum goget ur intThumb 1013540Thum 1009590INTTURGodkuThumbINTTURWhisThumbLRpiccoloThumb 1013540

Got lucky with some evading and beat it first time I tried with this team. 

URPHYSS3GotenksThumbLR Goku and Vegeta FusionThumb 1012380Thum 1009860Thum 1004380 1Thum 1009330LR Goku and Vegeta Fusion

No contest. I thought I would test run with out awakening Bardock and won. 

Thum 1010260SSRTEQCandyVegitoThumbThumb VB TUR TEQThum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQGotenksSSJ3 baseCard 1011430 thumbThum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ

This took a few trys, then the luck of evading and actually countering super attacks finally worked. 

Thum 1009830Thumb 1006790Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441Thum 1003210 1Thum 1003040Thumb 1013410Thum 1009830

Found a rainbow friend and managed to win some how, I didn't think I would do it. I kept Caulifa in one round with Vegeta and Vegito and Vegeta in the other for max counters and evades. 

TURINT13ThumbBase Buu Ultimate intThum 1005050 1Thum int ur A18Thumb 1006580Thum 1007980TURINT13Thumb

This took about 3 hours. Buuhan and Janemba are rainbowed, they stayed together so Buu could deal all the damage and collect all the orbs, Android 16 and Piccolo stayed together for max defense while the orbs got changed for the Buu round. 

Thumb 1014820Thumb FORGFThum 1004650 1TEQ LR GinyuThumb Guldo TEQ TURURTEQTurlesThumbThumb 1014820

Golden Frieza and Frieza were together as much as possible, LR Ginyu and Guldo are always together no matter what because with out links they are no good. Guldo stuns and lowers is great, Turles stuns are great, get lucky with blocks and criticals.

Thum agl ur S17Thum agl ur A17LRandroidsThumb 1013680Thumb 1013570Thum 1009350Thum agl ur S17

Super 17 must have one path unlocked and filled at least! Even with Turles -15% atk his def is not amazing, but keep them 2 together for max def. Rainbow friend and LR Androids stay together, and the rest rotate. In the final round I had S17 Turles(sa1) and Rose so I attacked SS3 Goku first as I thought Rose would finish him off but he didn't, the next round Turles Ape turned Giant Ape and I got rid of SS3 Goku in invincible mode which was major lucky, but I had enough items left so I think I could have still done it. 

LR Kid Gohan


SA20 and Rainbowed. He has been useful in Ultimate Clash and some events for category requirements. 

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