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  • I live in Yeehaw Land
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is writing a script and comic outline
  • I am male

I'm really addicted to this game, but I haven't spent anything, and now probably never will. I've been playing for over two years now and I still haven't completed the Quests. I mainly play JP now, I rarely play Global. As such, the Global tab on my page hasn't been updated for awhile.

If you wish to add me as a friend in Dokkan, specify the version and leave your ID on my wall!

My JP Character box (UR and up)

Card_1018490_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1011640_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1017630_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1016230_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1008800_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1014970_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1013100_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1014500_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012900_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1009230_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1017900_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1015030_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1014470_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1011680_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1013770_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1015910_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1017320_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1010440_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1009380_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1011720_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1013390_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012930_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1009630_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Thumb 1014680-ZThum 1008930-ZThum 1003210 1-ZThum 1005540 1Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 1863Thumb 1006790Card 1018220 thumbCard 1017430 thumbThumb 1013830Card 1015970 thumbThum 1008560Thum 1008570Card 1016100 thumbThumb 1014760Thumb 1014040Thumb 1013590Card 1014160 thumbCard 1015890 thumbCard 1016740 thumbURAGLBrolyGotenThumbThum TURgokussjAGIThum 1009720Thumb ssgssgoku 1861Thum 1009000Thum agl SS2 GHThum 1006660Thum 1009830Thum 1006740Thum 1006690 1Thumb 1012610Thum 1007330 1Thum 1001790 1Thum 1004890 1Thumb ssr buu fit aglThum 1001510 1Thumb android 18 agl ssr topCard 1018000 thumbToraSSRAGLCard 1017540 thumbThum 1004100Card 1015190 thumbThum 1009280Thum 1005780 1Card 1012410 thumbThum 1002400 1Thum 1003040Thum 1008690Thum 1004990 1Thumb 1008190Thumb 1013570Card 1017370 thumbCard 1017120 thumbCard 1016200 thumbThumb 1013680URAGLGreatApeVegetaThumbThumb Burter AGL TURCard 1016730 thumbThum agl ur S17Thum 1009350Thum 1005000 1Card 1017560 thumbCard 1017210 thumbCard 1016720 thumbDark vegeta thumbSSRAGLAngelFriezaThumbCard 1017870 thumbCard 1015320 thumbCard 1015680 thumb AGLThum 1004940 1Card 1010680 thumbThumb A17 GT ssr aglThum agl ssr A17Card 1011500 thumbThum 1004090 1Thum ssr zangyaCard 1017740 thumb-ZGotenksSSJ3 baseVegetaSSGSSTecCard 1016030 thumbCard 1017080 thumbCard 1017280 thumbCard 1014460 thumbThumb SSGokuteq 1761Card 1016120 thumbCard 7018360 thumbTEQTURWhisThumbCard 1015200 thumbThumb VB TUR TEQCard 1014130 thumbThumb a17 teq tur topCard 1012460 thumbThum 1010270Card 1016460 thumbURTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumbCard 1018500 thumbThum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQThum 1010260Thumb 1013530Thum 1007320 1URTEQSatanThumbThum 1008530Thum 1009880Thumb 1013920Thumb brokuThum 1012040Card 1015300 thumbThum 1002390 1Card 1011420 thumbThum 1003240 1Thum 1003500 1SSRTEQYurinThumbThum 1002810SSRTEQMrBuuThumbCard 1016640 thumbThum 1005500 1Thumb 1005630Thum 1008860Thumb 1014730SSRTEQSSJ2VegetaThumbCard 1008260 thumbSSRTEQBrolyTrunksThumbThumb 1005360Thum 1003720 1Thum 1004040 1Card 1007380 thumbThumb ssgotenksteqThum 1005070japThum 1004700 1Thum 1004650 1-ZCard 1007390 thumb-ZCard 1018300 thumbCard 1017930 thumbCard 1014170 thumbURTEQSSJ3BrolyThumbCard 1017340 thumbThumb 1014820MajinVegetaDokkanThumb Guldo TEQ TURThum 1005550 1Thum 1007970Thum 1010290Card 1018070 thumbThumb cell tournamentThum 1008140SSRTEQBioBrolyThumbSSRTEQFriezaThumb 1005110Card 1016950 thumbCard 1015680 thumb TEQThum 1003610 1Thum 1007170Card 1016581 thumb-ZURINTGokuJr-ZCard 1011190 thumb-ZThum 1006700 1-ZCard 1017720 thumbURINTClonePiccoloThumbCard 1014140 thumbThumb 1011780Card 1015590 thumbCard 1018410 thumbThumb 1013540Thumb 1014640Thum 1008540INTTURWhisThumbThum 1005400 1Thum 1005390 1Thum 1009250INTTURGodkuThumbTURTrunksThum goget ur intThum 1009590Thumb 1008430Thumb 1010630Card 1007860 thumbCard 1016290 thumbThumb 1013660Thumb 1013890Thum 1004740 1SSRINTBeerusThumCard 1012850 thumbSSRINTBrolyGotenThumbSSRINTSaiyamanThumThum 1008880INT Janemba EZAThum 1003760 1Card 1016780 thumbCard 1018320 thumbCard 1014980 thumbCard 1015470 thumbURINTHitThumbThumb zamasu TUR INTThumb GFA UR intURINTDaburaThumbThumb Ginyu INT TURThumb 1012700Thumb Super Baby 33Base Buu ultimate pre dokk intCard 1015350 thumbThum 1002480 1Thumb 1006580Card 1015680 thumb INTThum 1004600 1SSRINTKidBuuThum 1004980 1Thum 1004910 1Thum 1006320intThum 1004420 1Thum 1006350SSRINTTienThumThum 1002100 1Card 1017660 thumb-ZThum 1005030 1-ZCard 1013160 thumb-ZThum 1008920-ZThum 1008940-ZThum 1005280 1-ZCard 1005730 thumbCard 1014150 thumbCard 1017260 thumbCard 1014180 thumbCard 1017240 thumbCard 7018330 thumbThumb goku kid gt UR STRThum 1011380Thum 1008550Thumb 1013940Card 1015420 thumbDBHeroines ThumbThumb 1013880Card 1017550 thumbThumb SS3 Goku GT 33Thum 1009430Thumb ss3 tur vegeta gt strTURSTRGokuThum 1008980Thum 1005750Thum 1009740Card 1018350 thumbCard 1017170 thumbThum 1005160 1SSRSTRSS2VegetaThumSSRSTRUGohanSSRSTR18ThumbThum 1005410 1Thumb 1657Thumb 1013640Thum 1001800 1Thumb 1006480Card 1016960 thumbCard 1016210 thumbThum 1009530Card 1008150 thumbSSR SSJ2 Trunks STRThum 1005220 1Card 1010650 thumbThumb goku kk str dropThumb 1014090Thum 1009310Thum 1008520Thum 1002250 1Thum 1009560Thum evil buu dok-ZThum 1003800 1Card 1018560 thumbCard 1018400 thumbCard 1017950 thumbThumb 1014660Card 1017300 thumbURSTRGiantApeRaditzThumbThumb Jeice STR TURCard 1015900 thumbCard 1017680 thumbThumb celll strSSRBrolySTRIconSabimenlolSSRSTRJanembaThum 1008650Card 1015450 thumbCard 1015680 thumb STRSSRSTRAngelGFThumbCard 1011400 thumbCard 1005170 thumbThum 1009920-ZCard 1009700 thumb 1-ZCard 1011340 thumbURPHYSS2GohanCard 1016900 thumbURPHYBrolyTrunksThumbCard 1014190 thumbThumb 1014910Thum 1005580 1Card 1010660 thumbThumb 1013420Thum 1008580Card 1013210 thumbThumb 1013430Thumb 1012380TURPHYTrunksURPHYSS3GotenksThumbThum 1009330Thum 1009860Thum SS2 Saiya URThum 1010310Thumb 1013850Card 1017010 thumbSSRPHYKaflaThumCard 1016710 thumbCard 1015160 thumbThumb 1014100Card 1018160 thumbSSRPHYLimitGokuThumbThum 1009990Thumb 1006500Card 1017530 thumbCard 1015850 thumbThum 1004080 1Thumb 1014360Thum 2000170 1Thumb PHY WhisSSRThum 1005180Thumb A18 SSR PHYSSRPHYTapionThumSSRPHYSaiyawomanThumThum 1004950 1Thum 1003670 1Card 1011740 thumbThum 1003030 1Thumb phyFGThum 1003340 1Thum 1003350 1Thum 1003310 1-ZThum 1004250 1-ZCard 1008850 thumb-ZCard 1018520 thumbCard 1018460 thumbThum TURomegashenronPHYCard 1016150 thumbThumb reecoombe PHY TURURPHYBuutenksCard 1015840 thumbThum 1009090Thumb vegeta UR PhyThum 1006330Card 1017150 thumbPHY Super Buu Thumnail Real 2Thumb 1013700Thumb frieza hell gt ssr phyThumb phy ssr bergomoThum 1003380 1Card 1015680 thumb PHYThumb 1014430Thumb 1013200Thumb cell gt phy ssrThum 1010820Thum 2000240 1

SSRs to Z-Awaken: 41

Events Completed on JP

EN news banner event 517 small EN news banner event 532 small EN news banner event 531 small News banner event 533 small News banner event 537 small News banner event 536 small News banner event 542 small Event Yamcha Dokkan small EN news banner event 521 small Event Z ss3 goku awaken small Event Z Broly str small News banner event zbattle 003 small News banner event zbattle 005 small En news banner event zbattle 009 small EN News banner event zbattle 004 small News banner event zbattle 016 small News banner event zbattle 021 small News banner event zbattle 017 small News banner event zbattle 018 small News banner event zbattle 014 small News banner event zbattle 024 small News banner event zbattle 025 small News banner event zbattle 023 small News banner event zbattle 022 small News banner event zbattle 027 small News banner event zbattle 031 small En news banner event zbattle 010 small News banner event zbattle 019 small EN news banner event zbattle 029 small Event Goku Strike small News banner event 177 small Event Android16 Strike small News banner event 348 small News banner event 352 small News banner event 353 small News banner event 354 small News banner event 339 small News banner event 346 small 1 News banner event 371 small News banner event 373 small News banner event 366 small News banner event 372 small News banner event 368 small News banner event 349 small News banner event 369 small News banner event 340 small News banner event 351 small News banner event 365 small Event Taipion story small Event battle of gods small Event Champa's Fighters small News banner event 361 small Event future trunks dokk small News banner event 355 A3 small News banner event 357 small News banner event 332 small News banner event 189 small EN news banner event 188 small News banner event 181 small News banner event 182 small News banner event 183 small News banner event 172 small News banner event 173 small News banner event 178 small News banner event 179 small News banner event 160 small News banner event 171 small News banner event 162 small EN news banner event 163 small News banner event 153 small News banner event 154 small News banner event 155 small Event Jeice thursday small News banner event 157 small News banner event 158 small News banner event 159 small Event majin buus candy mischief Event 2 year aniv small Event gratitude and hope Event arale dokkan small Event arale special small Event Baseball small Event evil powers strike back Event LRFrieza small News banner event 604 small News banner event 715 small News banner event 714 small Event Boss Rush Fierce Battle small Event speed battle small News banner event 801 small

My Global Character Box (UR and up)

Card_1011640_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1008800_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1007470_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1013100_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012900_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1009230_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012360_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1009380_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Thumb 1014680-ZThum 1003210 1-ZThumb 1014760Thum 1008930Thumb 1013410Thum 1009830Thum 1009000Thum 1009970Thum 1009260Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 1863Thum 1007340 1URAGLBrolyGotenThumbThum 1005540 1Thumb 1006790Thum 1008570Thumb ssgssgoku 1861Thum 1006690 1URAGLSaiyamanThumbThum TURgokussjAGIThum 1003600 1Thum 1002700 1Thum 1009190Thumb 1008380Thum 1002910 1Thum 1001790 1Thum 1003580 1Thum 1004890 1Thum 1002350 1Thum 1004370 1ToraSSRAGLThumb android 18 agl ssr topSSRAGLVegeta&BulmaThumThumb Tien SSRCard 1012410 thumbThum 1003040Thum 1001480 1Thum 1001400 1Thumb 1013170Thum 1004100Thum 1003020 1Thumb Tarble SSR aglThum 1008910Thumb Burter AGL TURURAGLGreatApeVegetaThumbThum 1005000 1Thum 1006020Thum 1009340Thum agl ssr S17Thum 1005680 1Thum 2000250 1Thum 1004400 1SSRAGLCellThumbThum 1004940 1Thum agl ssr A17Thum 1004090 1Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQThum 1009240Thum 1007320 1Thumb 1013530TEQDokkanSSJ3AGotenksSSJ3 baseThumb SSGokuteq 1761Thum 1008890Card 1011430 thumbThum 1008870Thum 1009880URTEQGTVegetaThumbThum 1009940Thumb 1005300Thum 1005770 1Jackiechun ssr iconThum 1003720 1Thum 1005500 1Thumb 1005720Thumb 1005840Thum 1004010 1Thumb ssr teq android 17SSRTEQCandyVegitoThumbSuper Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailThum 1004700 1Thum 1010240SSRTEQSSJ2VegetaThumbThum 1010140Thum 1002990 1Thum 1004070 1SSRTEQYurinThumbSSRTEQBrolyTrunksThumbCard 1008590 thumbThum 1004530Thum 1002810SSRTEQSatanThumbThumb 1008360Thum 1002920 1Thum 1008480Thumb 1014820Thumb Guldo TEQ TURThum 1004650 1URTEQTurlesThumbThumb FORGFThum 1009910Thum 1007970Thum 1001930 1SSRZamasuThum 1001580 1Thum 1003610 1SSRTEQBioBrolyThumbThum 1000020 1Thum 1008140Thum 1006300Thum 1010110SSRTEQFriezaThumb 1011780Thumb 1014640URINTBeerusThumURINTSSGokuThumbThumb 1013540Thum goget ur intThum 1009590Thum 1006700 1URINTBuffkuThumbThum 1009250Thumb 1008430INTTURWhisThumbThumb Arale INTDokThum 1005350SSRINTGokuJrThum 1004740 1Thum 1005620 1Thumb baseball YamSpook tenks thumbSSRINTBrolyGotenThumbThum 1003260 1Card 1012850 thumbThum 1001390 1Thumb gotenks ssr intSSRINTSSJAngelGokuThumbThumb 1008370Thum 1008490Base Buu Ultimate intThumb 1008640Thum 1003760 1Thum int ur A18Thumb GFA ssr intThum 1004600 1Thumb Ginyu INT SSRSSRINTKidBuuCard 1005130 thumbThumb 1006580Thumb 1006640KVegetaThum 1006350Thum 1006320intCard 1007090 thumbThum 1009300Thum 1004910 1Thum 1002800 1Thum 1006030Thum int ssr A17Thumb Zamasu SSR INTThumb 1009140Thum rabbit intThum 1008120Card 1013160 thumb-ZURSTRPikkonThumbURSTRUGohanThum 1009430DBHeroines ThumbURSTRVegeta&BulmaThumURSTRVegitoThumThumb SS3 Goku GT 33Thum 1005280 1Thum 1008940Thum 1010020Thum 1008920Card 1011850 thumbThumb dokkangotenksstrThumb 1004880Thumb 1013600Thum 1005030 1Thum 1009740URSTRGTGokuThumbThumb FTrunks SSR STRThum 1003590 1Pan (GT) (Bee) baseThum 1002930 1Thum 1009310Thum 1003830 1Thum 1001700 1Thum 1009560Thum 1003990Thum 1004510Thumb 1014400Thum 1008760Thum 1005640 1Card 1003070 thumbSSR SSJ2 Trunks STRThum 1001490 1Thum 1008520Thum 1002450 1Card 1011410 thumbThum 1009530Thum 1004690 1Thum 1009020Thumb Videl STRSSRThumb 1006480Thum janemba ur strThumb 1013121Thum 1008710Thum 1009510Thum 1003800 1Thum 1010450Thumb Jeice STR SSRIconSabimenlolThum 1005930 1Thum 1005710 1Thumb 1014380Thum 1001950 1SSRSTRAngelGFThumbThum 1006710Card 1013210 thumbThumb 1013430URPHYSS3GotenksThumbThumb 1013420URPHYSuperKaiokenThumbThum 1009330Thum 1010250Thum 1005580 1Card 1011100 thumbThum 1010310Thum 1006670 1PHYTURGodkuThumbThum 1008580Thumb bulma 11033SuperTrunksPHYThum 1008080Thumb Arale DokPHYThumb 1014900Card 1015400 thumbThum 1004720 1GokuKidApeThum 1009990Card 1008390 thumbSSRPHYLimitGokuThumbThum 1003270 1Thumb 1014360Thumb A18 SSR PHYThum 1004080 1Card 1007370 thumbThum 1003030 1Thum 1008900Thum 1009870Thumb reecoombe PHY TURThum 1003310 1Thum TURomegashenronPHYThum 1006330Thumb 1007460Thum 1008850glbThum 1009080Thum 1003320 1PHY Super Buu Thumnail Real 2Thum 1003380 1Thum 1006310Thum 2000630 1Thumb 1013200Thum 1000840 1Card 1007950 thumbThum 1009290CaptureMechFreizaThum 1001940 1SSR King Cold Phy

SSRs to Z-Awaken: 22

Events Completed on Global

EN news banner event 508 small News banner event 537 small Event Yamcha Dokkan small EN news banner event 521 small News banner event zbattle 003 small En news banner event zbattle 009 small EN En news banner event zbattle 010 small Event Goku Strike small Event Vegeta Strike small Event M Mask Strike small Event Jackie Strike small Event Android16 Strike small Event King Vegeta Strike small EN news banner event 413 small Event Tao Strike small Event Piccolo Evil Strike small Event mysterious alien warrior Event saiyan warrior race EN news banner event 315 4 small News banner event 339 small News banner event 340 small En news banner event 334 small Event DBGT2 small BabySagaEnd News banner event 171 small News banner event 162 small EN news banner event 163 small News banner event 153 small News banner event 154 small News banner event 157 small News banner event 159 small Event fusion super18 small Event majin buus candy mischief EN news banner event 150 small Event 2 year aniv small Event arale dokkan small Event gratitude and hope Event crossover new small Event Rabbit Dokkan small Event LR Goku small Event Boss Rush Fierce Battle small Event speed battle small

My Fake Cards

MorihuiturthumbMorihuissrthumb//Thumbnail request Pt2Csdgoku

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