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"Oh Boi prepare your buttocks because we got a bunch of slap diddly stiff for you. Wow look at all these guys (bwassshh boooom) (pew pew pew pew) woagh it's that one dude! R F vjj c tj f h da h f ycrf&#%&!%&$gdyb/|t%\$-gheji holy cow its those two red guys remember them from 6 months ago? Woagh boom pwoosh feeeeeew pow kapooie! Buy our stuff." :) - A true Poet who touched my heart.

I might be the best Dokkan-Player there is.

6 summonable LRs, 16 F2P LRs, 255 TURs, 160 URs and few special Cards! There are a few SRs... FOR REASONS!

Hey Guys, I´m here for the FUN! Just playing Global.

Don't take everything too serious! Got a question? Ask! Playing 930+ days in a row and counting. Learned why there are Transfer Codes the hard way. Make them! Don't keep them on the phone. Hard Reset gives zero sexual intercores! (Swearing is an issue, here...)

Since Bamco is adding new stuff every week, you can't beat this game. POWER CREEP IS GETTIN' OUTTA HAND...


(Most badass fighter there is. Period!)

11th 30800 - 12th 26640 - 13th 14279 - 14th 9753 - 15th 8516 - 16th 37536 - 17th 3810 - 18th 10783 - 19th 3765

Berserker of Destruction

Go Mono STR!

Get a STR-Team with 2-3 Cards, which SAs "lower DEF". After 2 Hits with that kind of SA you will do regular damage, next round. You´ll need Items to give you KI, so you get your SAs launched and Baba or Pilaf, to survive the 2nd fight. If STR Brolys SA hits you, you are done! Z-Hard last STR, Super PHY Enemy.

The Evil Emperor of the Universe

Go Mono STR!

STR Team with Cards to block and to seal. Like Omega, SSJ 3 Vegeta, Majin Buu Gotenks absorbed, Instant Transmission Goku, Cosmic Dawdler Pan, so on. Take Usher, when the Countdown reaches one, Frieza should get stunned or seal his Super. He will do just a regular Attack and you will be safe. Stunning prevents his Super and delays the Countdown. First fight TEQ, second AGL, last PHY Enemy.

A Fiend Possessed

Just takes SSJs... 1 or 2 AGL to block first fight, rest PHY. No big Deal.

Terrifying Transforming Majin

Try to seal his Supers, use Baba and/or Pilaf if necessary. Sit the first fight out. Second you will do damage! Third, try to pair "Power bestowed by God" Cards, so he doesn´t heal that much. If you only got 2, use Usher. After that round, if you haven´t finished him, you need hard hitters... least one serious and not INT! After that fight, good luck! INT, STR, INT (heals up), PHY, TEQ, TEQ Enemy.

Ultimate Awakened Power

Seriously, just do it. Last one is INT. PHY hard hitters and go... Or SSJ Vegito, Omega, Broly... no Problem. No Godlead? No Problem! Just hit hard, maybe stun few times. STR, PHY, INT Enemy.

Supreme Fusion! Blazing Potara

I think one of the trickiest... If you haven´t got "Fierce Battle"-skilled Cards, you will pay in DS. A lot. Second fight can be tough, too. I learned it the hard way. Had to do it several times with DS to get my TEQ Vegito awakened, after that, SSJ Vegito lead, Friend SSJ Dokkan Vegito lead. Tried to get my TEQ Dokkan Vegito next to Friend Vegito. Vegito blocked. Fierce Battle SA and his Blocks did serious damage to the Enemy and didn´t take much time after that. Prefered Items are Dende, Senzu, some KI-Boost for SA´s and Baba, so Enemy triggers Friend Vegitos Passive. Will work with INT Vegito, too. STR&INT, INT, AGL Enemy.

More short Tactics will follow.

This is a bit like FAQs... Questions I had myself or stumbled on in the Forum. It´s supposed to be a short version of crowdknowledge. If you think something should be added, let me know!

You might have noticed, that people post links to "Boxes". They are made on this page:

DBZ Space

It helps other users to see, which cards you got and they can see, what the cards are capable of. So if you ask for help, make it easier for others. Just posting screenshots is a lot of work, to recognize cards, look them up and so on.

Create an account by linking to FB, Google, whatever... choose "Global" or "Japan", click on "Cards" and on the padlock of every card you own. It will appear in your Box! All you got to do is, set it on "public" and copy the link from your browser. Mine is, for example.

Also are the latest news, the cards available on the banners and other useful stuff on that website.


21-1, "After Awakening" is a Level to farm gems.
Screenshot 20170407-070701
On a lucky day you can get more then 25 Gems per round on super. The Level gives you about 18k XP and decent Items. Baba, Usher, Senzu, Dende, every good Item, not from special Events. So don´t expect a Fruit of the Tree of might. But as you can see, Kai-Medalls are available, too. Good way to start for New Players.

All you need to manage, is to land on the position of Pilaf (AGL) and/or Launch (STR). Pilaf drops 10, Launch 15. Sounds easy? Yeah, no. You often get 5s and 6s to move, Pilaf is often on the upper track and 2 6s might get you behind him. If you have to choose, take Launch. Boss is Phy Broly, the "Drop" one from the Event. Sometimes starts with an SA. If you got Omega or Vegito, you can do the quest in like a minute, but it´s not a must.

This Video is mady by GokuGod87, a fellow user of this website.

(How to..

(How to...) Best way to farm incredible gems

EDIT 16.07.2017: The Rate for Pilaf and Launch seems to be lower, now. So I use 20-8. Still low, less items, but higher then 21-1, IMO. And I got to level up my Cards, since there are many easy enemies.
EDIT 07.01.2018: Since a few more Quest-Stages are available, they seem to have adjusted the rates for Pilaf and Launch. So 26-6 works pretty well, atm. But it's not the same :/ The rates vary, when 3x or 4x XP is on. This advice is just based on personal Experience.
EDIT: 11.09.2018: The most XP and a Chance to get Gems is on 27-3. You go straight ahead at the crossing and take that clound. Pilaf and/or Lunch will appear inbetween 1 and 6 steps, so keep the small numbers, use the high ones to get to the cloud! 24-4 is still my favorite, since they seem to appear there often, steps are easy to make and they do often appear both! 24-8 is works, too!

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