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Awakening Medals
Videl flight
Recruit Cards
Card 1015580 thumb
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 22 Nov 2018
Global server 25 Apr 2019
Weakness No Weakness
Increase Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
Acting as the city's sworn hero of justice, Hercule's only daughter Videl played an active role in maintaining peace within Hercule City. One day, a new hero named Great Saiyaman appeared. He displayed an unbelievable power that allows him to fly in the air, and Videl could not help but indulge in curiosity...
Difficulty Boss Type R.Exp C.Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Hero of Hercule City
Normal 8 Thum 1009280 AGL icon 1600 4000 2500 Card 1015580 thumb or
Weighted boots AGL
Weighted boots TEQ
Weighted boots INT
Weighted boots STR
Weighted boots PHY
0-1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1009280 SAGL icon 9900 14000 6000 Card 1015580 thumb or
Weight 10t AGL
Weight 10t TEQ
Weight 10t INT
Weight 10t STR
Weight 10t PHY
0-2 1
Level 2: Intensive Training Begins!
Normal 8 Thum 1002000 1 AGL icon 1600 5500 2500 Training location 03 or Training location 05 1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1002000 1 SAGL icon 9900 18000 6000 Training location 08 or Training location 07 1-2 1
Level 3: Videl Learns to Fly
Normal 8 Thum 1003250 1 AGL icon 1600 7000 2500 Videl flight 1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1003250 1 SAGL icon 9900 22000 6000 Videl flight 1-3 1

Additional Information
  • Card 1015580 thumb can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Videl cards.

  • Clear Stage 1 on Z-Hard 3 times: Card 1015580 thumb x1
  • Clear Stage 1 on Z-Hard 7 times: Card 1015580 thumb x1
  • Clear Stage 1 on Z-Hard 15 times: Card 1015580 thumb x1
  • Clear Stage 3 on Z-Hard once: Card 1015580 thumb x1
  • Clear Stage 3 on Z-Hard 5 times: Thum 1005480 1 x1
  • Level up Super Attack of Card 1015580 thumb to Lv.3: Thumb 1013400 x1
  • Level up Super Attack of Card 1015580 thumb to Lv.5: Thumb pot orb 00013 x50
  • Level up Super Attack of Card 1015580 thumb to Lv.7: DS icon x1
  • Level up Super Attack of Card 1015580 thumb to Lv.10: DS icon x2
  • Clear all stages on Normal:
    Z sword AGL
    Z sword TEQ
    Z sword INT
    Z sword STR
    Z sword PHY
  • Clear all stages on Z-Hard:
    Platinum Turtle Shell AGL
    Platinum Turtle Shell TEQ
    Platinum Turtle Shell INT
    Platinum Turtle Shell STR
    Platinum Turtle Shell PHY
  • Unlock 1 route of Videl's Hidden Potential: Hour glass medal x1
  • Unlock 2 routes of Videl's Hidden Potential: Thumb pot orb 00013 x30
  • Unlock 3 routes of Videl's Hidden Potential: Old kai x1
  • Unlock 4 routes of Videl's Hidden Potential: DS icon x1

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Card 1015580 thumb Videl flightx20 Card 1015590 thumb
Total amount for all
Videl flightx20 Videl flightx0 Videl flight=20

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