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Awakening Medals
Awak med 900001
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 21 Feb 2018
Global server 31 Jul 2018
Weakness UR icon
LR_logo_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Increase Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available

How To Play

Requirements and Restrictions

Ult Clash 1
Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash is a new battle mode (Japan server March 15, 2018 / Global server October 16, 2018) available to players ranking 150 and above. Neither Continues nor Support Items are allowed in this mode. However, challenging this mode does not consume STA.

Usable Characters

Ult Clash 2
Characters eligible for use in the Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash mode must have a rarity of UR or higher. Up to 100 characters can be selected. By tapping the "Auto" button, 100 characters will be automatically selected in the order of highest total stats. You are allowed to include multiple characters of the same name.

Enemy Selection

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Defeat the enemies to clear a stage and receive rewards. After you clear all the stages in the vicinity of the question mark, you will gain access to the boss stage. Clear the boss stage to clear the level. Conquer every level to clear the game mode!


Ult Clash 3
Ult Clash 4
You can select up to 7 characters to take into battle. Of these 7 characters, the first selected becomes the leader, while the second will become the sub-leader. Both characters can activate their Leader Skills in the battle. Identical characters cannot be brought into the same battle. However, characters with the same character name but different second names can.


Unlike regular battles, Continues and Support Items are not allowed. Characters that have participated in a battle cannot be used again as long as you do not get a Game Over. Even if you lose, the enemy's HP will be carried over into the next battle as long as you do not get a Game Over.

Game Over and Retiring

Ult Clash 5
Ult Clash 6
Once the number of remaining characters reaches 0, it's Game Over. Even if you win the battle, it will still be counted as Game Over if you do not have any remaining characters. The final boss battle is the sole exception, allowing for completion even with 0 characters left. Please refer to the bottom of the screen or "Check Progress" page to check the number of remaining characters.
Ult Clash 7
Use the "Retire" button on the main screen of the mode to instantly quit the Ultimate Clash. If you retire, or lose and get a Game Over, rewards for the incomplete stage will be forfeited.


Battlefield Memory

You can acquire the Treasure Item "Battlefield Memory" in various way, including as a reward for clearing each stage for the first time. They will remain after the event period ends, allowing you to use them in subsequent events! If you need a lot of "Battlefield Memory" to make an exchange, don't use them after an Ultimate Clash ends. Instead, try to collect the rest that you need in subsequent Ultimate Clashes!
Ult Clash 8

Mission Rewards

You can receive "Missions Rewards" by meeting certain requirements. Check details such as mission objectives and rewards via the "Mission" page on the main screen.

Baba's Shop

In addition, you can exchange "Battlefield Memory" for various characters at Baba's Shop (for a full list click the link)!

Card Available from
Thum 1009610
Card_1013100_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The 1st Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash
Thumb 1014090Thumb 1007410 The 2nd Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash
Card_1014470_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The 4th Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash
Card 1015870 thumbCard 1015880 thumb The 9th Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash
Card_1016310_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
The 12th Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash

List of Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clashes

First Generation

1st Ult Clash 2nd Ult Clash 3rd Ult Clash 4th Ult Clash 5th Ult Clash 6th Ult Clash 7th Ult Clash

Second Generation I

8th Ult Clash 9th Ult Clash 10th Ult Clash11th Ult Clash

4th Anniversary

12th Ult Clash

Second Generation II

13th Ult Clash 14th Ult Clash

Dokkan Awakenings

Medals Sum-Up
Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
UR God-han Awak med 900001 x7
Card_1010070_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Thum 1001950 1 Awak med 900001 x7 Thum evil buu dok
Thum 1001790 1 Awak med 900001 x7 Thum 1009890
Thum 1006360 Awak med 900001 x7 Thum 1009910
Thum 1004600 1 Awak med 900001 x7 Thum 1009930
Thum 1003190 1 Awak med 900001 x7 Thum 1009920
Thum 1009610 Awak med 900001 x7 Thum 1009620
Thum 1009620 Awak med 900001 x70
Card_1009630_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Thumb 1014930 Awak med 900001 x21
Card_1014940_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Thumb 1014090 Awak med 900001 x30 Card 1015870 thumb
Thumb 1007410 Awak med 900001 x30 Card 1015880 thumb
Total amount for all
Awak med 900001 x200 Awak med 900001 x0 Awak med 900001 =200 

Help with choosing good Leaders

Click any icon to be taken to all the best leaders in the game, really good for making A Tier and B Tier teams, great for finding Sub-leaders.

Ki Boost Passive AGL icon TEQ icon INT icon STR icon PHY icon All types squash Category tabTrio tabDuo tab
Events Limit
Virtual Dokkan Ultimate ClashThe Bizarre Rabbit Mob!Hero Extermination PlanHero Extermination Plan Evil Powers Strike Back