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Welcome! This is a list of amazing people who help the wikia! Feel free to message any of them, they'll definitely help you. We want to thank all the contributors!


Bureaucrat thumb NegativeSymptom: Has great knowledge of the Japanese version, helps other users
Nononyan: He is the person who created this wikia. Thanks to him!
Tigrouille: Dictator, the boss in the wikia


Admin thumb HorusDB: Helps with new cards and damage calculations
Mazdafreak: Pro-Nuker
ThisUserLikesOreo: Doesn't actually eat oreos

Content Moderators

Content Mod thumb HowlingWolf83: Creates high quality LR thumbnails and artworks
Loekman3: Tier List moderator
Matt2905: Awesome helper, infinite knowledge about code
Taro2345: Campaign moderator

Courtesy Squad

Courtesy Squad thumb Coolconnor995: Texas Lightning, yee-haw
Gilaad: Professional team builder and Squad Leader
Haf1 X: Just an average Dragon Ball artist

Special Thanks

Special Thanks thumb Adog781: Login rewards
AsfaltaCristi: Addition of HD card artworks
Colrot: Origin arts
Comrade SS: Former admin, adds new information when it comes out
Dokkan Master: Former admin
Dragenser: Former admin/discussion mod, retired.
Enderverse: Former Content Mod (Retired); Helps quite a lot with pages
GROSJUNG: Former Admin, creator of many thumbs, medals and other important images
Khaesho: Mathematical algorithm genius, progress tracker
Makakou: The first Admin and former Admin
Namekiankai: Former Admin
NMBRHNTR64: Former Courtesy Squad Leader
PixelKnight4866: Former Courtesy Squad member
RenanRoppongiHouse: HD card artworks
RoxasNº13: Adds things that are missing from pages
SecretSynergy: Former Courtesy Squad member
ShuntsJD: Former Courtesy Squad member
Son19: Disambiguation pages and categories champion
Super Saiyan Kolra: Creates images for the Tier List
SaiyajinTurles: Former Special Attack Quotes Guy and former Courtesy Squad
TTeglas: Link skill updates
XCpwner1337: SA Animations
Xikhuang: Former Courtesy Squad, grammatical error checker
XYZexal: Former creator of images for the Tier List
Yaronos: Bulk category adding

Helpful Websites

  • DBZ Space - Early Global translations, especially for the Japanese updates. Art assets and card data.
  • Dokkan Battle Sub Reddit - Provides information on the Japanese version and other useful information.
  • Dokkan Info - Statistics on drop rates.
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